8 Funniest Themed Pipes
8 Funniest Themed Pipes

Every smoker should have at least one Glass Pipe. These smoking devices are portable, powerful, and handy for getting a hit whenever and wherever you want. And while you can find plenty of useful Spoon Pipes and Sherlock Pipes, those who want something particularly unique might want to check out some of the funniest Themed Pipes.

Themed Pipes are Pipes that come in all kinds of novel designs. For instance, some are shaped like food items whereas others are based around popular TV and film characters. They’re colorful, creative, and make for great pieces to show off to your smoking buddies. Plus, despite their quirky designs, they’re still perfectly functional and can give you an excellent high. Here are eight of the funniest Themed Pipes to consider buying.

1. Empire Glassworks UV Galacticat Pipe

If you want an awesome Themed Pipe that’s sure to impress your friends, check out the UV Galacticat Pipe from Empire Glassworks. This handy little Pipe features a bowl in the back and a mouthpiece in the head, but it’s even more fun to look at from the front.

On top of having a cool cartoonish design, the UV Galacticat Pipe glows in the dark. This makes it one of the best devices to have for a late-night smoking session. Plus, at 3.5 inches long, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.

Buy Empire Glassworks UV Galacticat Pipe

2. Chameleon Glass Saw Pipe

This quirky Themed Pipe is one of the best devices for anyone who’s a horror movie fan. It’s sturdy thanks to its high-quality borosilicate glass construction. But more importantly, the end is shaped like Jigsaw from the Saw franchise.

While it might freak out your friends, this Pipe is definitely a unique piece to have in your collection and will give you many great smoking sessions.

Buy Chameleon Glass Saw Pipe

Chameleon Glass Saw Pipe

3. Jimi Hendrix Sherlock Pipe

If you’re a big music fan, you might prefer the Jimi Hendrix Sherlock Pipe. This device is shaped like a regular Sherlock Pipe, meaning it’s particularly satisfying to hold and smoke from. However, the design on the front pays homage to the rock legend.

At just $19.99, this is a cool piece to add to your collection. Plus, as well as making for a good personal purchase, you could also buy it as a gift for anyone in your life who loves Jimi Hendrix as much as they love cannabis.

Buy Jimi Hendrix Sherlock Pipe

4. Shrimp Handroll Pipe

Some Themed Pipes are so committed to their theme that they take on a completely unique shape. Take, for example, the Shrimp Handroll Pipe. This device looks like a small piece of sushi made out of glass. Despite that, it still works surprisingly well.

Thanks to a generous bowl and a well-crafted mouthpiece you’ll be impressed at the quality of the hits you’ll get from this little device. Just keep in mind that after a few good hits you might be tempted to order sushi to tackle the munchies.

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5. Chameleon Glass Bone Head Dia De Los Muertos Pipe

Whether you want to celebrate the start of November or celebrate Latin American culture in general, you’ll love the Dia De Los Muertos Pipe from Chameleon Glass. The sleek, black design and colorful skull make it one of the most unique and well-crafted smoking Pipes you can find.

Aside from its eye-catching design, this Pipe is also very well-shaped to give you a satisfying smoking session. It’s also available in either white or black, both featuring colorful details that add to the aesthetic.

Buy Chameleon Glass Bone Head Dia De Los Muertos Pipe

6. Pineapple Glass Pipe

Another one of the funniest Themed Pipes available is the Pineapple Glass Pipe. This steamroller-style Pipe consists of a tropical orange bowl and a small green stem leading to the mouthpiece, making it look like a little glass pineapple.

It’s perfect for enjoying strains like Pineapple Express. But realistically, you can enjoy all kinds of strains with this handy device despite its small size. It also makes for a nifty piece of glass art, giving you plenty of value for your money at $39.99.

Buy Pineapple Glass Pipe

Avocadope Pipe

7. Avocadope Pipe

Looking for another awesome food-themed Pipe? Check out the Avocadope Pipe. This device is shaped like a glass Avocado complete with a bowl, mouthpiece, and carb hole. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket yet powerful enough to give you potent effects.

With life-like details and high-quality construction, this Themed Pipe is sure to impress any stoner. Much like other devices from Empire Glassworks, it’s handy, reliable, and sure to give you smooth and satisfying hits.

Buy Avocadope Pipe

8. Chameleon Glass Baby Yoda Pipe

Last but not least, this Baby Yoda Pipe from Chameleon Glass is one of the coolest designs out there. If you need a portable Pipe that’s handy and surprisingly functional or even just a cool piece that shows off your fandom for the Star Wars franchise, this is the perfect smoking Pipe for all your needs.

The Baby Yoda Pipe features a generously sized bowl just under the head and a mouthpiece at the end. You’ll get nice, rewarding hits from this Pipe and can enjoy the fine details it features when you’re high. This device can also make for a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone in your life who’s a big Star Wars fan.

Buy Chameleon Glass Baby Yoda Pipe 


If you want a uniquely designed Pipe that’s sure to get a reaction from your friends, these are eight of the funniest Themed Pipes available right now. Of course, there are also plenty of others to choose from and you might want to check out our range of Themed Pipes in our online store.

Alternatively, you might want to check out some other high-quality smoking devices. Whether you’re looking for a Spoon Pipe, Sherlock Pipe, a powerful Bong, or even a Bubbler or Dab Rig, you can find all of these and more available for free U.S. shipping from Fat Buddha Glass.


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