Choosing Your Very First Bong
Choosing Your Very First Bong

If you’re looking for a smoking tool that’s affordable, convenient, and gives you some of the most incredible hits, then you’ll want to invest in a Bong. A Bong looks something like a large vase, albeit with a bowl for your dry herbs, a stem, a water chamber, and a mouthpiece for inhaling. You can set up your Bong and start smoking within minutes, making it one of the best options for those who want a quick hit.

With that said, choosing your very first Bong can be tricky if you’re not sure what to look for. While all Bongs can give you a great smoking session, each one offers something different. Some Bongs are small and portable, designed to be easy to carry and travel with. Others are much taller, designed to give you huge, potent hits. Some also have extra features to make your hits smoother and more satisfying.

Bongs are also available in different styles, materials, and price points. Some users might prefer to grab an affordable Silicone Bong for durability whereas others will prefer a large and majestic Glass Bong. Whichever way, there’s a suitable Bong for every user and you can find a massive range here in our online store. Here’s a guide to choosing your very first Bong.

What Exactly Is A Bong?

A Bong is one of the most popular types of smoking devices out there. Some users simply smoke by rolling joints and some prefer to use an accessory like a Glass Pipe to make smoking sessions easier. However, a Bong is arguably better than both as it’s convenient to use while also offering huge hits and even filtering your smoke through water.

When you smoke through a Bong, your smoke is filtered via a water chamber. As such, your hits will be cooler and smoother by the time they hit your mouth. What’s more, filtering your smoke through water is said to help remove many of the toxins and impurities that you might inhale if you smoke via a joint or Pipe.

Aside from the added benefit of filtering your smoke, many users prefer to use a Bong for its convenience. Instead of having to buy rolling papers and carefully rolling your weed, you can simply add your desired strain to the bowl, light, and inhale. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can take as many hits as you need until you’re satisfied.

Usually, a Bong consists of a bowl (often detachable), a downstem leading to the water chamber, a long neck that carries the smoke, and a wide mouthpiece. However, there are various shapes and styles of Bongs and, as such, they can differ significantly.

Why Should I Buy A Bong

Why Should I Buy A Bong?

If you don’t already have a Bong, it’s well worth buying one. It offers one of the quickest and easiest ways to smoke and even filters your smoke to make it purer and smoother. This leads to more enjoyable smoking sessions and you can pull it out and start using it within minutes whenever you need it.

Even if you’re used to rolling joints or using a Glass Pipe, a Bong can feel like a big upgrade. It’ll save you a lot of time as, instead of having to roll a joint whenever you want to smoke, you can pack it with your weed and start smoking within minutes. What’s more, while Glass Pipes offer more portability, Bongs generally offer bigger, smoother hits.

You might even find that you need to use less weed when you use a Bong. Since the hits are particularly powerful, you won’t need many to feel satisfied. Plus, since the smoke is filtered through water, it’s not as harsh on your lungs and you can easily take big hits without it feeling too unpleasant.

Plus, due to the sheer variety of Bongs available, there’s one to suit every user. Some users might want to grab a portable Bong for travel purposes whereas others might want a Scientific Bong with extra features to enhance all their smoking sessions. No matter what your budget, you can find a suitable Bong.

Mini Bongs

Bongs come in various styles, but it helps to categorize them by types. For instance, users who want a Bong that’s conveniently portable yet still powerful enough to give them a stellar high will want to buy a Mini Bong. These Bongs are usually around 4 to 10 inches in height, making them ideal for stashing away or packing into a backpack.

These Bongs can feel very satisfying to smoke from as they’re small and light enough to hold while you’re lighting them. They still offer the same perks of larger Bongs, such as filtering your smoke through water and giving you potent hits, but the hits will reach your mouth quicker due to their smaller necks.

Some Mini Bongs look just like bigger Bongs but smaller, whereas some come in cool themes or styles which can add to their appeal, like the Noodle Rig Bong. Some even have added features such as percolators to enhance your smoking sessions.

Mini Bongs are a good first choice if you want something small yet powerful. You might want a Bong that’s small enough to hide in a drawer or a Bong that you can take with you when you go on a camping trip. Either way, a Mini Bong is a good fit. Popular options include the Silver Fumed Mini Bong, Mini Puck Bong, and Mini Traveler Bong.

Big Bongs

Big Bongs

Mini Bongs are a good first choice for those who want something small and affordable yet powerful. But if you want your Bong to give you the biggest hit possible, you’ll want to look into our range of Big Bongs. Also known as Big Hitter Bongs, these devices are sure to give you some of the most powerful hits.

Big Bongs are usually around 14 to 21 inches tall and can carry a ton of smoke in their necks. As such, you can let a huge hit build up in one of these things before inhaling. You might even find that just one hit is enough to give you a good high.

Many of these Bongs look like huge beakers and some also come with added features like percolators and ice catchers to make your hits even better. While they might not necessarily be the best choice for beginners, those who simply want massive hits will love using one of these devices.

Big Bongs require more space and you’ll most likely need to set them on the table or even the floor to use them. However, if your main concern is power, a Big Bong is a good choice for you. Keep in mind that most of these Bongs will also cost more than the average Mini Bong, but it’s worth it if you want enormous hits. Popular choices include the Bend Bong, Quadruple Beaker Bong, and the Double Tree Perc Bong.

Scientific Bongs

Size isn’t the only factor that matters when it comes to picking a Bong. Sometimes it’s more about the features the Bong includes to enhance your hits. Scientific Bongs are Bongs that include extra technical features that are designed to make your smoke cooler, smoother, and purer before it reaches your lungs.

These Bongs often feature various types of percolators, which diffuse your smoke to make it a little smoother to inhale. Ice catchers can keep your smoke nice and cold so it’s even more satisfying when it reaches your mouth. Recyclers are tubes that draw the water upwards as you inhale, keeping your hits smooth for as long as possible.

While percolators, ice catchers, and recyclers are some of the common features you might see in a Scientific Bong, they can also differ in other ways. Some offer unique designs, such as bent necks to make smoking out of them easier. Some offer unique and quirky styles that make them look cooler while also enhancing your hits.

Scientific Bongs are usually good for beginners and experienced users alike. They come in many shapes and styles but they all offer something to make your smoking sessions a little bit better. What’s more, they’re constructed with high-quality glass to make them durable and reliable. Popular options include the Tinted Recycler Bong, Triple Shower Perc Bong, and Sure-Grip Mini Bong.

Colorful Bongs

Colorful Bongs

While some types of Bongs are focused more on size or functionality, others are designed to look amazing. If you want a Bong that stands out and catches people’s eyes, you’ll be impressed by our range of Colorful Bongs. These Bongs are stylish, colorful, and still perfectly functional.

Whether you’re looking for a Bong that’s bursting with color or a Bong that comes with a unique theme, these Bongs will fit the bill. Some look like regular Bongs but with spruced-up exteriors, such as the Aquarius Bong. Others are designed with particularly unique styles, such as the Giraffe Bong.

These Bongs aren’t just designed to look novel. They can still work just as well as any other Bong. What’s more, you can find colorful Mini Bongs, Big Bongs, or even themed Scientific Bongs with awesome features to give you the optimal smoking experience. They’re also available at many price ranges, although the fanciest themed Bongs will likely cost more.

If you want a Bong that looks cool and still gives you a great smoking expeience, a Colorful Bong is worth it. Colorful Bongs are also good choices if you want to grab a gift for one of your stoner friends. Some popular choices include the Iridescent Mini Bong, The Sunset Bong, and the Pokémon Nightmare Bong.

Silicone Bongs

Most high-quality Bongs are made out of borosilicate glass. This makes them durable, reliable, and also enhances the flavor of your hits. With that said, you might also want to consider other materials. For example, there are many types of Plastic Bongs that might be useful for beginner users.

When it comes to Glass vs. Plastic Bongs, glass is the clear winner. It offers nicer-tasting hits and can still be relatively durable. Most kinds of plastic can ruin the flavor of your hits and feel tacky. With that said, Silicone Bongs are an excellent option if you want an alternative to Glass Bongs.

Silicone is a type of plastic that’s safe, durable, and long-lasting. If you’re prone to dropping or mishandling things, a Silicone Bong is a great choice as it won’t crack or break even if you drop it onto a hard surface. You can even put Silicone Bongs in the washing machine to clean them, which would be a death sentence for your average Glass Bong.

Silicone Bongs also come in cool, colorful styles and incredibly cheap prices. Although the taste won’t be quite as great as what you’d get from a Glass Bong, it still isn’t bad. If you need an affordable, colorful, and durable beginner Bong, then a Silicone Bong is an excellent choice. Some popular options include the Silicone Perc Bong, Silicone Hybrid Bong, and Silicone Straight Tube Bong.

Which Type Of Bong Is Best For You

Which Type Of Bong Is Best For You?

When it comes to choosing your very first Bong, there are a few things to consider. Would you rather have extra portability or extra functionality? Are you more concerned with aesthetics or performance? Whichever way, there’s a suitable Bong for you and many devices combine more than one of these features.

Mini Bongs are ideal for portability and convenience. These are especially useful if you need to hide your Bong or you need to travel with it to friends’ houses or even trips. Big Bongs are better for those who want their hits to be as big and powerful as possible.

Scientific Bongs are often the best choices as they offer extra features for enhanced performance, although some are a little expensive. Colorful Bongs are worth looking into if you want your Bong to look as cool as possible.

Silicone Bongs are also well worth considering. They look good, perform well, and are practically impossible to break, making them great for beginner users. With that said, you might miss out on the enhanced flavor that Glass Bongs generally give you.


If you’re choosing your very first Bong, you can find a suitable device right here at Fat Buddha Glass. We offer Bongs in various materials, shapes, sizes, and styles so you can find whatever suits you. If you want something different, you can also check out a huge range of Pipes, Bubblers, and Dab Rigs.


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