Is Dabbing Better for You Than Smoking
Is Dabbing Better for You Than Smoking

Dabbing is where you place a small quantity of concentrated cannabidiol onto a heated surface. The hot surface vaporizes the concentrate, which you inhale for the effects. Dabs are cannabinoid and THC extracts from cannabis in concentrated form. The extraction involves the use of solvents like carbon dioxide or butane. This produces sticky oils known as shatter, wax, butane hash oil, and budder. This oil is what you heat and inhale via a dab rig.

Consumption of dabs in this method has been around for almost a decade now. Due to advancements in extraction methods, dabbing is becoming more popular among users. Non-intoxicant compounds like CBD are also available, though most prefer THC. This is because THC is what produces the high in marijuana wax.

Smoking Versus Dabbing

Smoking marijuana is the traditional way of consuming marijuana. This has been the norm for very many decades. Despite this history, most people view dabbing as a cleaner way of consuming the drug. From a chemical point of view, the concentrate in a dab does not have unnecessary plant material. Dabs are void of carcinogens. They are a byproduct of smoking the plant fibers in marijuana.

Due to the pure form of cannabidiol in dabs, they have stronger flavors. This makes you experience a more intense high than smoking a joint. If you are taking it for medical purposes, like chronic pain, a dab is a better bet. This is because it works faster and at a higher dose than smoking. If your purpose for taking the drug is recreational, the results are the same. Dabbing can give you an immediate and exciting option of consuming marijuana. To try this out, you can pick up some dab rigs and dab tools.

Which Is the Safer Option?

Many users of marijuana view dabbing as being healthier than smoking. Marketers of the product in the industry say that dabbing poses less danger to your lungs than smoking. 

Research shows that smoking marijuana is as dangerous as smoking tobacco. This is because combustion releases many harmful gases and particles that damage your lungs. Despite the claim by marketers, there is no scientific proof that dabbing is safer than smoking marijuana. There is very little research on the subject for anyone to state concrete scientific evidence.

To answer the question as to which is safer, in some ways dabbing is the lesser evil of the two. Some clinicians recommend dabbing instead of smoking if you are in a desperate situation. The potency of dabs can throw you since it is difficult to consume. You must know how to use it since it is not for first-timers. Dabbing is ideal for users with experience.

Risks of Dabbing

Risks of Dabbing

Although dabbing is a safer alternative to smoking, some risks come along with it. These include:

  • You could possibly inhale harmful chemicals – Recent studies show that dabs may contain very harmful chemicals. One of these is benzene, which can cause cancer. Benzene is not harmful at room temperature. But at high temperatures, which you need to consume dabs, it becomes poisonous to you. This dangerous temperature is around 700 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, it is best to heat the dabs to between 315 to 440 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • You can easily become too high – Due to the potency of dabs, it is very easy to ingest more than you want. Dabs can contain up to 95 percent THC. These high levels of THC in dabs are a concern of many health professionals. You cannot overdose on it, but the effects can be scary. If your tolerance of marijuana is low or moderate, you can experience some weird reactions. You may experience paranoia, hallucinations, or a sensation of paralysis. Dabs also pose a great potential for marijuana dependency.   
  • They have artificial terpenes – One harmful practice in this industry is the addition of terpenes in cannabis products. They aim to enhance aroma and add flavor. Research shows that the terpenes are put in via artificial methods. They show that terpenes are safe in edible products but harmful when exposed to heat through dabbing. With this in mind, always buy your terpenes from legit, reputable sellers.
  • The extraction process is dangerous – The extraction process of dabs is dangerous, and you can easily burn down your house or yourself. Avoid performing the exercise yourself if you are not sure. There have been several fires and explosions that can be linked to unsafe dab creations. You may be lucky if you live in a country or state where marijuana is legal. This is because it is easy for you to get dabs instead of making them yourself.


The difference in the discretion of consuming marijuana in the two methods is one major factor. Smoking the product produces an overwhelming amount of odor and smoke. This negates your discretion when consuming the product. Vaporizing the drug, on the other hand, may offer some form of discretion. You can also discreetly use a dab pen for dabbing.

Efficiency and Cost

Efficiency and Cost

The financial cost of dubbing and smoking is different, especially when it comes to the type of product and quality. The flower buds that you smoke, by weight, may contain up to 20 percent cannabinoids. Dabs in comparison can contain up to 80 percent cannabinoids. Their prices vary from region to region. A gram of dabs can cost up to three times the price of a gram of marijuana flowers. This is not the case everywhere, however.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that neither dabbing nor smoking marijuana is safe or healthy. There are still other safer methods of ingesting the drug that does not require heat or inhalation. These include:

  • Topicals – These are ideal for those seeking therapeutic qualities of cannabis without the psychological effects. Cannabis topicals, which come in patches, creams, and balms, can relieve pain and inflammation when you apply them to your skin. There is also cannabis lubricant for copulation purposes.
  • Edibles – These are ideal as they do not interfere with the health of your lungs. Their effects last longer, though they may also take longer to kick in.
  • Tinctures – These come in bottles that have droppers. You can mix them in a drink or put some drops under your tongue for a better effect.
  • Sublinguals – These include dissolvable tablets, films, and tinctures.

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