How To Hide The Smell Of Weed Like A Pro

How To Hide The Smell Of Weed Like A Pro

Everyone loves a good smoke session. But whether you’re smoking a joint with friends, testing out a brand new Pipe, or even hitting a Bong, you should learn how to hide the smell of weed like a pro. In some cases, you might be trying to keep your smoking habit discreet. In others, you might simply want to mask the smell so as not to offend any guests or housemates. Whichever way, you should take measures to reduce your home smelling like weed.

Everything from the area you choose to use marijuana to the method of consumption you choose can affect how much of a scent you leave behind. Some methods can help you dissipate the scent fast whereas others will ensure you don’t leave any smells behind at all. Whichever way, you’ll want to know these tips and tricks in case you ever need them. Here’s a crash course on how to hide the smell of weed like a pro.

Choose The Right Place To Smoke

The first step to hiding the smell of weed like a pro is to choose the right place to smoke. Whether you’re going to be sparking up a joint or using a Pipe to enjoy your favorite strains, you’ll want to make sure you choose an area that’s not enclosed with plenty of ventilation so the smell of weed dissipates as quickly as possible.

Of course, the best option is always to smoke outdoors. When you smoke outside, the smoke goes right into the air where it’ll quickly fade away. Although you may still catch the smell of weed while you’re outdoors, you can avoid the smoke filling up your home and causing further problems.

If you don’t have a back garden, balcony, or a good outdoor smoking area, then there are ways to smoke indoors while still reducing the smell. It’s best to pick an area with enough air to get rid of the smell. Smoking next to a window will help, as will turning on a fan or even using the extractor fan in the bathroom. However, avoid smoking indoors if possible.

Mask The Smell With Stronger Scents

Mask The Smell With Stronger Scents

Weed can be particularly pungent. Whether you’ve chosen to smoke indoors or the smell has simply clung to you after an outdoor smoking session, you might want to take measures to mask the smell. Fortunately, there are plenty of other strong scents that can overpower the smell of weed.

One of the best ways to hide the smell of weed in your house is to use other strongly-scented products. Spraying some air freshener around the home can work well, but you might even want to use perfume or cologne. That way, you’ll be left with a much nicer scent. It also helps to spray yourself, especially as the smell of weed can cling to your hair and clothes.

Another great way to mask the smell of weed with something nice is to burn some incense or scented candles. You can quickly fill up your room with amazing scents while simultaneously ensuring that the smell of weed goes away. Once you’re satisfied, simply air out the room to get rid of all the smells.

Cleanse Yourself After Using Weed

While there are many great ways to hide the smell of weed in your house, you might still end up catching the smell of weed on yourself. When you smoke weed, the smell often clings to your hair, your clothes, and your skin. As such, you might want to take some time to cleanse yourself of the smell after smoking.

A quick wash in the sink can help. Scrub your skin with a nicely-scented body wash and spray some perfume or cologne if you want to mask the smell quickly. It can also help to change your clothes after smoking if you’re trying to be extra discreet. However, you might still catch the faint smell of weed.

If you want to ensure you’re completely clear of the scent, then you might even want to shower, wash your hair, and put on some fresh clothes while putting your old clothes in the laundry. You don’t have to do this every time you smoke, but it can help if you’re trying to eliminate the smell.

Stash Your Weed Away Safely

If you haven’t used weed recently but you still catch the odd whiff of marijuana around your house, then it might simply be due to poor storage habits. Maybe you left a baggie open or you opened a pack of marijuana edibles. Whichever way, it helps to focus on proper weed storage.

You should always put your marijuana in a sealed container when you’re not using it. Not only will this reduce the smell getting out, but it also helps maintain the potency and freshness of your products for a much longer time. 

Glass Mason jars work well for this, but other types of containers work well too. You should also then store the container in a cool, dry place. While this tip is especially important for weed, you should also store your Edibles, Concentrates, and other marijuana products properly.

Replace Joints With Other Methods Of Consumption

Replace Joints With Other Methods Of Consumption

Instead of trying to hide the smell of weed after using it, you can sometimes avoid leaving behind a scent completely depending on how you choose to use marijuana. There are now many methods of consumption and some are much more discreet than others.

Smoking a joint is the worst choice if you’re trying to reduce the smell. It’ll produce a ton of pungent smoke that can be harder to get rid of. Using a Pipe or Bong will reduce lasting scents to some extent, but using a Vaporizer is the best way to inhale weed without leaving behind a strong smell.

Some marijuana-infused products won’t leave a smell whatsoever. Edibles usually stop smelling as soon as you’ve finished eating them whereas THC Tinctures are even more discreet. You can even use THC Capsules nowadays. All of these products will still get you very high, they’re just much less smelly.


If you want to hide the smell of weed like a pro, there are plenty of good options. Smoking outside or in a well-ventilated area will help, as will masking the smell with stronger scents. You should also store your products in sealed containers and quickly wash if you smell of weed. 

The best way to reduce the smell of weed is by choosing the right method of consumption. Whether you’d prefer to use a Bong, Pipe, Vaporizer, or pick up some other useful accessories, you can find what you need at FatBuddhaGlass.

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