How to Choose the Right Rolling Papers

How to Choose the Right Rolling Papers

Rolling a joint is a valuable skill for any marijuana smoker, especially since it’s handy for pretty much any situation. You could be out with friends or at your home looking to get high. Either way, it takes just a few minutes to roll a joint and start enjoying the fruits of your labor. But before you roll, you’ll need to pick up some essentials. Along with a grinder and lighter, you should also know how to choose the right Rolling Papers.

Rolling Papers are the light, thin papers used to pack your weed into a satisfying joint. However, there’s not just one type of rolling paper. Rolling papers come in various sizes, so you’ll have to pick the right one based on how much weed you’re looking to smoke. They also come in different materials- some are easier to roll and some provide slower and smoother burning. Here’s a guide on how to choose the right rolling papers and where to buy them.

What Kinds Of Rolling Papers Are There?

Whether you enjoy rolling joints, making spliffs, or simply rolling cigarettes, there are tons of different types of rolling papers out there to choose from. For instance, you might want some that make for longer joints or some that are easy to roll. Some users look for rolling papers made of natural and organic materials. Whichever way, there are plenty of choices.

One of the most important distinctions between different rolling papers is size. 1 ¼ Rolling Papers are the most common choice- these are about 3.1”x1.8” and give you satisfying joints without being too long or thick. However, users who prefer smaller joints will prefer Single Wide papers whereas those who want something longer or thicker will want to use 1 ½, Double Wide, or even King Size Papers.

Rolling papers can also come in various materials. Wood pulp papers are particularly common, but some users prefer materials such as Hemp, Rice, or Flax. Some materials are thinner than others and this can affect how easy they are to roll with. Some users also choose rolling papers on whether they’re unbleached and if they use organic materials.

Which Size Of Rolling Papers Is Best

Which Size Of Rolling Papers Is Best?

When it comes to choosing the right rolling papers, size matters. There’s no right size for everyone- it all depends on the kind of joints you want. Some users prefer longer joints, some users prefer thicker joints, and some users just want a regular size that suits all purposes. Here’s a quick breakdown of Rolling Paper sizes.

Single Wide (2.75”x1.4”) - Single Wide papers are small and slim, making them ideal for beginner users or those who aren’t looking to get too high. They aren’t as commonly used as other sizes but can be useful for some situations.

1 ¼ (3.1”x1.8”) - 1 ¼ Rolling Papers are the most commonly used size of Rolling Papers. They’re called 1 ¼ Paper as they give you about 25% more space than Single Wide papers. These papers are easy to find and are ideal for packing around 0.5-1 gram of weed.

1 ½ (3.1”x2.4”) - 1 ½ Rolling Papers are just as long as 1 ¼ Rolling Papers but slightly wider. If you’re looking to pack a little extra weed and get a fatter joint, these papers are a perfect size.

Double Wide (3.1”x3.5”) - Double Wide Papers are also as long as 1 ¼ and 1 ½ size papers, but they’re much wider. If you want to take in extra strong hits with every puff you take, these papers are perfect for you.

King Slim (4.3”x1.8”) - King Slim Papers are as wide as 1 ¼ Rolling Papers but significantly longer. As such, they won’t necessarily give you bigger puffs but you can make them last much longer. If you like to smoke a lot or want to share with friends, these are a good choice.

King Size (4.3”x2.4”) - King Size Papers are one of the most popular choices along with 1 ¼ Rolling Papers, but they’re both wider and longer. If you want to pack plenty of weed in each joint, these are for you.

Which Materials Are Best?

Another determining factor when it comes to choosing the right rolling papers is the material. Rolling papers can come in various materials, including wood pulp, rice, hemp, and flax. Each material feels slightly different and you might want to try out a few to see which you like best.

Thinner papers are harder to roll and generally burn faster. However, thinner papers will also give you smoother hits as the paper burns easier and you’ll get less ash. If you’re looking for cleaner hits and don’t mind a challenge, you might want to use ultra-thin leaves or rice papers.

Most rolling papers are made with hemp or wood-pulp. Both these materials are slightly thicker and easier to roll with, especially for beginners. They also burn nice and smoothly, so you won’t need to worry about losing too much weed. Hemp papers are usually the best choice for those who want thick and organic papers.

You can even get flavored rolling papers. These can come in various materials, the only difference is that they’re infused with flavors such as Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Chocolate, and many others. These are a good choice for users who want an extra kick of flavor with every puff they take from their joints.

Which Materials Are Best


Choosing the right rolling papers will be different for everyone. Some users will want thin, light, and organic papers whereas others might want something longer and thicker. Some users might want something plain and simple whereas some might enjoy flavored rolling papers.

Fortunately, whichever kind of rolling papers you’re looking for, we have you covered. You can buy rolling papers online in many forms. You might want to try some of our most popular choices such as Raw Organic 1 ¼ Papers, Bob Marley King Size Papers, or Juicy Hemp Wraps. You can also find plenty of other smoking accessories and supplies at Fat Buddha Glass.

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