How to Roll a Cone Joint with Filter Tip

How to Roll a Cone Joint with Filter Tip

One of the most popular methods of rolling a joint is to create a cone joint. When you finish it, it should look almost like a baseball bat since one end will be slimmer than the other. You will smoke out of the thin end and light up the larger end. There are several advantages to using this type of design. Knowing the right way to create a cone joint with a filter tip will give you one more fun method of smoking. 

Why You Should Use Cone Joints

You might be wondering if there are any advantages of using cone joints instead of rolling them as cigarettes. The first advantage is that there is not as much weed the closer you get to the end of the joint. That means there will be less waste when using a roach clip. Plus, because of the smaller mouthpiece, it is not as ways for bits of cannabis to get into your mouth. 

This means that you will now have the option of using a filter tip or not using one. The advantage is that they can prevent even more cannabis from entering your mouth. But some people believe they add a harsh taste to the joint. 

The end is wider, as well, which means it is easier for you to pack a lot of cannabis into your joint’s tip. That way, you can get high as soon as possible. Because the joint burns from large to small, the first puffs you take will be highly potent. That means if you will be sharing your cone joint, you might want to only take one puff each before passing it, instead of two. That way, the cannabis can be evenly distributed among everyone who is sharing it.

How Do You Roll a Cone Joint?

To begin with, you will need to have cannabis and your favorite type of rolling papers. Remember that cones are not always huge pieces that have large amounts of fancy cannabis in them. You can find them in nearly any size, so start off by using the same amount of weed that you would put in a regular joint. You can easily adjust your preferences. The shape of the joint is what makes it a cone, not its size.

Rolling the Joint

Rolling the Joint 

Once you have ground the cannabis, you can take a rolling paper from your package and begin. First, spread the cannabis in the center of your paper and make sure it is shaped like a slice of pizza. Now is the time to add a filter tip if you are using one. Add this to the end that does not have as much marijuana. As you go from this mouthpiece to the other end, the size should increase gradually. Roll the paper around your cannabis until it is shaped like a cone.

Fold the extra paper over your filter tip and your bud using gentle pressure with your thumbs. With a motion similar to slowly snapping your fingers, carefully tuck in the paper to your cannabis as the joint forms.

Once the once has taken shape, you can lick the paper and roll it closed tightly. Make sure that there are no gaps between the bud and the paper, so you have the best smoking experience possible. Using the back of a pen or another item, you can begin to pack the cannabis starting at the tip and working your way down.

There will be some empty spaces after doing this process, but it is easy for you to add more cannabis there. You can twist the paper’s end closed if you think there is enough cannabis there. Just make sure that before you begin to inhale smoke, you allow the twist to burn off. 

Once you have finished this step, you have just rolled your first cone joint, and it is time for you to smoke. Rolling this type of joint could take a bit of practice. However, once you have done it a few times, it will be easy for you to roll cone joints with or without filters in five minutes or even less.

Tips for Rolling the Joint

If your fingers are usually even placed on the paper when you roll, then it is helpful to put them closer to the edges to get the perfect cone shape. You could also create an angled crease in your paper to make a guide for rolling it. Then, you can maintain a tighter wrap on the paper’s bottom, allowing for a looser arrangement on the top.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the tension at the top of the paper. As with any kind of joint, it is good to have it tight. But if it is too tight, it will not burn well. This is because air needs to be able to circulate in the joint freely. On the other hand, if you pack it too loosely, the joint will be floppy and unreliable.

Tips for Rolling the Joint

Using a Premade Cone

First, you will create a funnel for the cannabis using a sheet of paper or a business card. Depending on the shape and size of the cone, you will need around three-quarters of a gram to 2 grams of the material to fill it. You can use the funnel to add a bit of the flower each time to your cone. 

Next, you will use a toothpick or a pen to push the material down gently; do not use too much force. Keep packing and adding the bud until you have gotten to the tip. Now, fold or twist the last bit of the cone in on itself to make some kindling for when you light that end. 

Closing Thoughts

Using a regular joint with uniform thickness and smoking a cone offer different experiences, and what you prefer is up to you. One does not burn better than the other. Rolling a cone joint is just one more marijuana-related skill to have. It is fun to smoke cone joints in groups, or if you want to get a strong high, you can use one by yourself.


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