What is Craft Cannabis?

Today increasing numbers of states have made movements towards legalizing cannabis. Whether for medical purposes or recreational ones, more states than ever before are opening their minds to the possibilities that marijuana can provide and are finally acknowledging the potential benefits. With this change, the consumer profile of people who want to buy cannabis is changing too. There is greater demand for a higher quality product. With this rising demand, cannabis producers are moving into the craft cannabis sphere. So, what exactly is craft cannabis, and how is it different from any other varieties which are available?

Craft Cannabis – An Overview

It’s helpful to think of craft cannabis as being similar to organic farming, boutique wineries or specialist breweries. When it comes to marijuana, craft cannabis isn’t precisely a definition – it’s an ideal.

The concept of what craft cannabis actually is will vary between individuals, however, similar to craft beers, craft cannabis will usually be handcrafted, traditionally produced and natural, being produced by an independent grower.

If we were to sum up craft cannabis in brief it would be good quality cannabis grown by experts who are passionate about their art without any pesticides, industrial equipment or growing lights. Each plant will be carefully and personally tended by its grower using only organic growing methods and natural sunlight.

Whether you smoke cannabis, vape it from a cartridge, or consume it as an edible, if you haven’t tried craft cannabis yet you could be missing out on the next big thing.

The Thriving Niche Of Craft Cannabis

The Thriving Niche Of Craft Cannabis

In general, growers who specialize in craft cannabis have plenty of time to pay close attention to detail when growing their crop. They tend to only grow in small batches, so they’re able to do things which large-scale growers simply can’t. Also, since they’re involved personally with every part of the production and growing process, the result is truly unique. It is precisely this individuality and hands-on approach that makes craft cannabis so appealing to such a wide range of consumers.

One of the reasons why craft cannabis is such a thriving niche is the increasing legalization of marijuana. As it is becoming more acceptable socially to use cannabis, the landscape of users is also changing. At one time, users simply accepted anything they were able to get, whether it was poor quality or not. Nowadays, however, there is a much more discerning attitude towards quality. Consumers today demand a lot more from their products. Craft cannabis can fill the niche, appealing to Millennials who long for identity and ethos, while also meeting the demands of middle aged medicinal users who demand premium products..

Why Is Craft Cannabis So Popular?

There are a number of reasons why craft cannabis has become so popular over the last few years. Some of the main ones include:

  • Variety and quality – when someone farms and produces in small batches, whatever the product, the result is usually a much higher quality product. This is just as true for cannabis as it is for organic tomatoes or boutique wines. Since the grower also puts a lot of personal input and care into tending their crop, the variety and choice of the types of produce they’re able to deliver is much greater. In some cases, this allow for unique medicinal solutions to be delivered which large-scale industrial growers are simply unable to provide.
  • The processes of manufacturing – a different manufacturing process is required to produce craft cannabis when compared to industrial-scale production. Large commercial cannabis growers have operations which are becoming increasingly mechanized in order to streamline processes and make them more profitable. This means that hand trimming is left by the wayside in favor of machine trimming. However, it’s believed that hand trimming can preserve a larger number of trichomes, so the plant can keep more botanical properties and inherent characteristics. Craft cannabis growers are able to hand trim their flower, and so the quality is naturally better.

Variety and quality of Cannabis

  • Environmental impacts – since small-scale growers use the organic soil and sunlight method of growing their crop, their environmental footprint is exponentially smaller when compared to large-scale commercial growers. By avoiding indoor methods of growing with artificial sources of light, craft cannabis growers will generate less waste and use considerably less electricity for a lower carbon footprint.
  • Social Responsibility – small-scale growers who only produce small batches of a specialized product have a greater personal involvement in the process. This allows them to forge stronger connections between their customers, their products and themselves. Since they operate locally, they can also aid in the stimulation of local economic and social activity, whether through taxation or by increasing the number of opportunities for local employment.
  • Packaging and branding – as they are trying to legitimize and solidify their brand like craft beers and estate wines do, craft growers of cannabis are beginning to change how their products are branded. Opting for attractive labelling and exceptional packaging makes their products appealing to consumers.
  • The coolness factor – at the end of the day, craft and artisan-style products are very fashionable and popular at the moment across all genres of product. This has extended too to cannabis consumers. Many users find the exclusivity and uniqueness of craft cannabis very attractive, while others find the identity and ethics of craft growers compatible with their own ethos and are keen to encourage and support their way of doing things. For some others, simply supporting local businesses is paramount, and this makes craft growers an attractive choice too.

Craft Cannabis – An Increasingly Popular Choice

Craft Cannabis – An Increasingly Popular Choice

At the end of the day, we all appreciate choice no matter what we’re buying, and that’s no different when it comes to cannabis. We all enjoy having variety and selection at our fingertips and we all like to have a connection to the products we consume. This, inevitably, is why craft cannabis growing is becoming so popular and why it’s likely to continue thriving, even though commercial large-scale operations seem to be taking over the industry.


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