Joints vs. Bongs

Joints vs. Bongs: Which is the Better Way to Smoke Weed?

When it comes to using weed, users have more options than ever before. Some users like to pack blunts or use portable and convenient Pipes for smoking weed. Some users prefer to avoid smoking altogether and use Vaporizers or even cannabis-infused products such as Edibles and Tinctures. However, two of the most popular and enjoyable ways to smoke weed are with joints and bongs. So Joints vs. Bongs: which is the better way to smoke weed?

Both of these methods of consumption have pros and cons. For instance, rolling a joint is often perfect for when you’re out with friends and want a quick and easy way to share some weed. Bongs offer more power and even filter your smoke, resulting in some of the smoothest and most potent hits you can get from your favorite strains of marijuana.

It’s worth trying both of these out and seeing which is best for you. Plus, the choice is often situational, so you might prefer joints for smoking on-the-go but prefer bongs for smoking at home. Whichever way, it helps to know more about what to expect from these methods, how to use joints and bongs, and where to buy the equipment you need.

What Are Joints?

A joint is a kind of cigarette or roll-up that contains nothing but weed. These are made by grinding your weed before putting it in a rolling paper and rolling it into a densely-packed cone. Joints are one of the most traditional ways to use weed and, even though there are far more convenient methods, many people still love the experience of smoking joints.

Rolling a joint can take some practice, but it’s a worthwhile skill to have for enthusiastic weed smokers. You can roll a joint quickly and, once you do, you can instantly enjoy the fruits of your labor. It’s a particularly useful way to enjoy weed with friends, but it can also come in handy when you’re smoking at home.

Joints can take many forms. You can find many different sizes and types of rolling papers- some which add unique flavors to your joints. You can even enhance the effects of your joint by using multiple strains of weed or even mixing your weed with some cannabis concentrates such as Shatter, Hash, or Wax.

There are a few similar methods of consumption to joints. You can make a spliff by mixing weed with tobacco in a rollup, giving you a unique and less sedating high. Using a hollowed-out cigar or blunt wraps will give you a blunt, which gives you the effects of nicotine along with your weed. However, many users prefer joints as they give you pure hits of weed in an easy-to-smoke fashion.

How To Use Joints

How To Use Joints

If you want to try smoking a joint, you should learn how to roll them first. Although many cannabis stores now offer pre-rolled joints, learning to roll them will come in handy and save you money in the long run. Plus, you can customize joints to your liking and add as much or little weed as you want.

You’ll need to grab a few accessories if you want to roll a joint. A Grinder is essential for finely grinding your weed so you can roll it into a satisfying and tightly-packed joint. You’ll also need Rolling Papers- these come in all kinds of sizes but 1 ¼ rolling papers are best for the average user. Naturally, you’ll also need a Lighter to light your joints.

First, make a filter tip by taking a small rectangle of paper, making small zig-zag bends at one end to create an accordion shape, and rolling the rest of the paper around it to create a small cylinder with a zig-zag in the middle. This will be used as the mouthpiece of your joint to ensure you aren’t sucking in weed and ashes when you take a puff.

Next, lay a rolling paper flat on the table with the filter tip at one end. Grind your weed (around 0.5-1 gram works well) and fill the middle of your joint with the ground weed. Cradle the paper between your fingers and spread the weed out evenly before rolling one side over the other and sealing it shut by licking the edge. Twist the end with the weed and your joint is ready.

Rolling a joint properly can take a few tries, but once you get used to it, it’s second nature. Once you’ve rolled your joint, using it is easy. Light the end with the weed until the weed starts burning evenly. You can then take a puff from the filter, inhale briefly, and exhale. Take as many hits as you want until you’re satisfied with your high.

Pros Of Using Joints

There are many good reasons why you might enjoy using joints instead of using bongs or other methods of consumption. Although rolling joints can be inconvenient, many users still find the whole ritual incredibly enjoyable and rewarding, especially as you can do it pretty much anywhere as long as you have your equipment with you.

Joints are perfect for passing around between friends and sharing the experience. Whether you’re at your house or in the middle of a forest, you can enjoy smoking weed using a joint and simply roll another one when you want to smoke more. Plus, it’s easy to control your high as the effects hit you instantly and you can put your joint out once you’re satisfied.

You’ll get strong hits of THC when you take a puff from your joint and you can enhance your joints in many ways. You can mix strains to alter the effects or mix some Shatter, Hash, Wax, or other cannabis concentrates with your weed to make the high even stronger. You can also experiment with different types of rolling papers- some are longer, some are thicker, and some add extra flavor to your joints.

Cons Of Using Joints

Cons Of Using Joints

Although smoking joints is fairly easy and fun, there are some drawbacks too. For one, although many users enjoy the ritual of rolling joints, others find it to be a hassle. When you want to get high quickly, having to create a filter tip and roll a tightly-packed joint can feel like more of an inconvenience, especially as there many more convenient methods of smoking.

Joints also do nothing to purify your smoke or filter out unwanted toxins and compounds. The smoke can feel quite harsh as you take it into your lungs, hence why you’ll often find yourself coughing a lot when you smoke a joint. Plus, constantly having to tap the ash away into an ashtray can also make the experience feel more inconvenient.

Fortunately, a study found that smoking weed isn’t too harmful to your lungs and can even improve lung capacity in the long run. With that said, many users will still prefer other methods of use which lessen the drawbacks of using joints. For example, Pipes offer the same kind of convenience-of-use but don’t require you to do as much work. Bongs are also convenient and even filter your smoke for you.

What Are Bongs?

If you want a quicker and more effective method of smoking weed, then you’ll probably want to try using a Bong. Bongs are powerful smoking tools that often look like glass vases or beakers. However, they’re specifically designed for giving you smooth and powerful hits of weed in a convenient way.

A bong is usually made up of a bowl for packing your weed, a base to fill with water, a stem for the smoke to travel through, and a mouthpiece for finally taking a deep hit of your marijuana smoke. Since the smoke travels through water, more toxins and compounds will be filtered out and your smoke will also be cooler when you inhale.

Some bongs come with all kinds of extra features. For example, Scientific Bongs often contain percolators and ice catchers that can make your hits even smoother and cooler. Some even allow you to swap the bowl with a dab nail or banger, allowing you to use them for dabbing concentrates as well as smoking weed.

No matter how much you plan to use it, a Bong is a must-have accessory for every weed smoker. They’re perfect for smoking at home when you want to get powerful hits of weed quickly. They only take a few minutes to set-up and you’ll take in plenty of THC with every hit.

How To Use Bongs

How To Use Bongs

If you’ve never used a Bong before, don’t be intimidated. Although they might look confusing to beginners, Bongs are very easy to use and offer one of the quickest and most convenient ways to smoke your weed.

Bongs come in many shapes and sizes, but they generally work the same way. You have a bowl for filling with your weed. It’s best to grind your weed first so it burns smoothly. You’ll also need to fill the base with water from a tap or bottle- this will filter out impurities from your smoke before you inhale.

Once you’ve added your weed and water, simply light the weed from the edge of the bowl and inhale through the mouthpiece. Your smoke will travel through the water and give you a smooth, pure hit of weed. You can take in big hits of THC when you use a bong and, as such, it usually doesn’t take many to get a strong high.

Pros Of Using Bongs

There are many advantages of using Bongs and many users see this as the best way to smoke weed. For one, Bongs are perfect for when you want a hard-hitting high. Their wide and tall structure means you can take in a lot of THC with every hit, meaning it won’t take too many to get as high as you want. Once you’re satisfied, simply put the Bong down.

Using a Bong is arguably healthier than smoking joints as the water helps filter out impurities from the smoke. While it isn’t quite as effective as eliminating toxins as Vaporizing is, it still makes your hits a lot purer. Plus, the water will make the smoke cooler and smoother, making it easier to inhale.

Plus, with so many different shapes and sizes of Bongs out there, there’s one to suit everyone. You can find Mini Bongs if you want portability, Big Bongs if you want the biggest hits and Scientific Bongs that come with extra features to enhance your smoking session. You can even check out Colorful Bongs if you want something fancy and eye-catching. Many weed enthusiasts end up with a collection of bongs to suit different moods and purposes.

Cons Of Using Bongs

Cons Of Using Bongs

While Bongs are perfect for users who want a way to get extra high at home, they aren’t without their flaws. One of the biggest cons of using a Bong is how big they are. While they make sense for use in your house, they’re not the best for smoking on-the-go. You can get portable Mini Bongs, but even these are much bulkier, and smoking a joint often makes more sense if you’re outdoors.

Plus, while Bongs have many pros, other methods of consumption often make more sense for certain purposes. For instance, Vaporizers do a better job of giving you the purest hits, and Pipes are as convenient as Bongs but are much better for portability.

Although you can smoke as much or little as you want with a Bong, the hits are significantly bigger and harder than you’d get from joints. Some users might find that using a Bong is a little too hard-hitting for them. When you want a mild and mellow high, then joints or even Pipes might make more sense.


So Joints vs. Bongs: which is the better way to smoke weed? Truthfully, it’s hard to say that either is the best method as both have unique purposes. If you’re looking for a way to smoke weed quickly while with friends or outdoors, joints are perfect. Bongs are ideal for the times when you want a powerful psychoactive experience at home.

There are also various other devices and methods of consumption to consider. Vaporizers give you purer hits while Dab Rigs give you stronger hits. You could also consider Pipes and Bubblers. Most users get a range of accessories to suit different occasions. Luckily, you can buy all of these and more online at FatBuddhaGlass.

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