The Best Bong Brands in 2020

The Best Bong Brands in 2020

If you are getting your first bong or adding to an already existing collection, it can seem daunting to choose the right bong to use. While you want to get the most value for your money, you also want something that will work for you. 

Concentrates or Herbs

For concentrates and herbs, water pipes work well. But the substance you will be using might determine the kind of pipe that you get. For example, you need a bowl if you are using tobacco or dry legal herbs. You should get a stem that is at a 90- or 45-degree angle. On the other hand, if you will be using concentrates, you will need a nail, which means the stem needs to be at 90 degrees.

If you want to use both, then you should look for a small or medium glass bong. Then, you can adapt it using an attachment. That way, you can easily switch between concentrates and dry material.


No matter what the size, having a percolator is a good idea for diffusing smoke. Burning substances like dry cannabis creates combustion, which you might not want to inhale. The percolator acts as a filter and helps cool the smoke that the combustion creates. That can create a smoother smoke for you.

You might find bongs with built-in diffusers, such as a tree percolator or a honeycomb shape. You can also add accessories to your bong, including ash-catchers. If you will be smoking dry herb, your preference will determine your decision. If you will be using concentrates, then there is not as much combustion. That means you can get away with less diffusion and a smaller pipe, which can give you a better flavor.

Determining Size

Determining Size

Consider how you will be using the bong when you are thinking about what to get. For example, will you be taking this with you, or will it stay at home? A smaller pipe offers more portability, and you can easily store it and take it with you. While a larger pipe might cost more upfront, it can be more stable and allow you to modify it.

Your lung capacity also plays a role in determining the right size. If you have never used a bong or if you usually take smaller pulls, then you might want a small or medium pipe. A smaller pipe is also generally more durable. On the other hand, a larger right may break because of its size and where the center of gravity is.

If you want to take the bong out with you or share it with groups of friends, you want something small enough to handle easily. That also reduces the chance of it being damaged. But if this is an addition to your collection, it might be fun to get a statement piece.

Type of Material 

Today, you can find bongs in any type of material. That includes ceramic, plastic, acrylic, bamboo, and silicone. You might find that a plastic or acrylic bong is cheaper, and you can still get translucent one that allows you to see the water inside. These types are also good for using on the go. However, they are often not as creatively designed or decorative as glass ones, and it’s generally hard to modify them.

A ceramic pipe may also be a bit cheaper than a glass one and last a long time. But it can be more difficult to clean. If you use them a lot, their lifespan may not be as long. Bamboo can look stylish while lasting for a long time. If you need something to stuff in your suitcase without breaking, silicone is a good choice.

If you are looking for something you can modify and add on to, then glass is the way to go. If you want something durable, then take a look at scientific glass, which is thicker. Your intended use will likely determine which material you go for.

Price Concerns

While colorful and intricate designs can make for a great experience, they will also likely cost you quite a bit. If you have gotten bongs in the past, then you likely already know what your budget is. But if this is your first time, then remember there are many materials to choose from other than glass. But if you want something you can modify later, a basic scientific glass bong allows you flexibility and simple elegance.

With a basic piece, you can easily add artistic modifications later once you are more experienced and know more about what you want. It is a good idea to determine the things you like and then look through those styles. That will help you find a good price for your budget.

Choosing a Brand

Choosing a Brand

If you decide to go with scientific glass, then Grav is a good brand to look for. This Austin, Texas, brand uses borosilicate, which is a glass high in silica. It tolerates heat well, making it a good material for pipes. It does not pollute your smoke, and it can easily disperse heat from your torch. This company also offers nails made from quartz, which is 100 percent silica.

Many people turn to the Bio brand. This company is based in Southern California, and the pipes are a good choice for users who want a higher-end piece at a fair price. These are also made from borosilicate glass, and they come with a glass bowl.

If you are looking for something unique, choose the Compton Glass brand. It is the first to offer a bong and grinder combination. You can insert the grinder in the piece’s base using a magnetic connection. It can be good for beginners looking to save money.

Closing Thoughts

At the end of the day, the bong you choose depends on your personal preference. Learning more about your options can help you make a decision. With more experience, you will develop more knowledge about what is out there. For beginners, getting a basic bong can be a good idea.

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