Tips for Finding the Best Cheap Bongs 2020

Tips for Finding the Best Cheap Bongs 2020

Using a bong is among the most popular methods of enjoying marijuana. There are bongs for those who want the best of the best and for those on a budget. Looking for a bong does not have to break the bank, and you can get an affordable, high-quality bong if you follow our tips.

Compare Materials

There are a few materials you can choose from for your bongs, with glass and silicone being the most popular. These are both popular materials because they are durable. Glass bongs tend to have the bonus of being visually appealing as well. 

Opt for Thick Glass When Possible

If you opt for a glass bong, opt for thick glass. This will deliver a quality, long-lasting bong.

 Consider the Shape

As you browse bongs, you will notice that they come in a vast range of shapes. Think about whether you prefer an unusual form or a relatively common one. The bong shape is more of a stylistic decision than a functional one, so it comes down to personal preference. Some of the most popular forms include the following:


Beakers resemble the Erlenmeyer flasks you used in chemistry in school. They usually have downstems that are 45 degrees and square or rounded bottoms.

Bent Necks

Bent neck bongs have a bend in the neck to prevent the water from getting into the neck and, therefore, your mouth.

Egg Water Pipe

This is a newer type of bong compared to the other shapes. It splashes the water in a way similar to percolators.

Egg Water Pipe


Recyclers are beautiful bongs and ideal if you want one that looks fantastic. The smoke in these will go through various glass chambers before getting to your mouth. You can also choose a recycler that will filter the smoke using water twice.

Straight Tubes

Straight tubes are the bongs that are the most basic. They just feature a chamber, downstem at 45 degrees or 90 degrees, a cone, and a neck.

Think About Size

If you are new to smoking from bongs, then the size may not be that important for you. If you are more experienced, then you may want to pay more attention to this aspect. The standard sizes include 10, 14, and 18 millimeters. You can also get attachments that are considered male or female.

If you have plenty of bong smoking experience, you can choose the size of your bong based on the amount of air you want to be able to pull in a single go. Larger sizes give you more air. Remember that if your lung capacity is lower, you do not want to get a bong that is too large, as you will find it harder to clear in a single pull, leading to the leftover smoke losing its flavor.

Research the Company

As with any other purchase, you should research the company before you buy a bong. Some cheap bongs seem too good to be true because they are. No matter how much you spend on a bong, you should look at reviews for the quality of the products and check out the return process. This is particularly true for cheap bongs where some manufacturers will cut corners to keep costs down. Reading reviews will let you know that you found the perfect balance of quality and budget.

Pay Attention to Shipping

As you research the company you will buy your bong from, be sure you pay attention to the shipping. Specifically, make sure that the bong will arrive on time, be packaged discreetly (if you care), and be packaged in a way that protects it.

Read the shipping policies on the company’s website, but also look at reviews. Make sure that only a handful say their bongs arrived broken, and most customers received their bongs in the condition advertised. Similarly, pay attention to how quickly the company resolved any issues of broken bongs. Even the best company can make an occasional mistake, and how they handle it will let you know whether they are worth buying from.

Future Attachments

Think about whether you want to add attachments to your bong, either now or in the future. If you do want this option, then make sure you choose a bong that has a universal joint size. Ideally, the company you buy the bong from will have attachments that work with it, but as long as they are available, this is a good sign.

Fat Can Bases

These attachments fit onto tall and straight bongs, giving them stability, so they are less likely to tip over.

Ice Catcher

These mechanisms hold ice within the neck. This helps cool the smoke before you pull it.



You can find a full range of mouthpiece attachments depending on your preferences. As mentioned, bent neck mouthpieces stop water from getting into your mouth and help protect your face from the flame.


These attachments allow the smoke to pass through several chambers, each of which has a water tank or percolator.

Percolators or Percs

Percs diffuse the smoke more following the first filtration by water. They either use bubbles or swirl to help with diffusion. You can even choose a bong or attachment that has several percolators. That is the way to go if you want smooth, dense smoke.


You can get recycler attachments in the form of interlinking chambers that filter the smoke several times in a loop to give you a more refreshing hit.

Other Considerations

When browsing the best cheap bongs, you should also keep the following factors in mind.


If you want a highly portable bong, then go with a small one. There are even folding bongs available.


Do not forget to consider how hot or cool you like the vapor to be when you take a pull. If you do not want it to be too hot, choose a bong with extra room or features to help it cool down. You may also want to think about how hot the bong itself gets, as extremely hot bongs can become uncomfortable to hold.


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