The Benefits of Using Water Pipes And Bongs For Smoking Herbs

The Benefits of Using Water Pipes And Bongs For Smoking Herbs

When it comes to smoking, many marijuana lovers resort to rolling up a joint whenever they want to light up. Tobacco users often do the same, using either roll-ups or cigarettes to make smoking easy. However, there is a better option. Bongs, also known as water pipes, are much more convenient and have all kinds of advantages over smoking from a joint or blunt. 

Bongs are a widely popular tool for smokers. Much like Pipes, they offer a quick and effective smoking method which involves packing your herbs into a bowl, lighting, and inhaling. While Bongs are similar to Pipes in this sense, they also filter the smoke through water to both purify the smoke and make for cleaner hits. This is why bongs are known as Water Pipes.

The interesting news is that Bongs aren’t just better for convenience. In fact, studies on using bongs or water pipes over regular smoking methods have found that there are some key benefits to using them. Plus, with so many high-quality, affordable bongs available to buy online, it makes perfect sense for every user to have one. So what exactly are the benefits of using Water Pipes and Bongs for smoking herbs? Here’s a guide.

What Are Water Pipes/Bongs?

Rolling a joint is still a popular way for many users to enjoy marijuana. However, for users who don’t mind investing a little money for a more convenient and efficient method of smoking, Water Pipes or Bongs are a fantastic option.

Bongs and Water Pipes are interchangeable terms. Regular smoking Pipes make it easy to smoke herbs by applying the product into a bowl, lighting it, allowing it to work its way through the stem, and then inhaling through the mouthpiece. The useful thing about this method is that it cuts down on time spent rolling, but as many users will tell you, it also provides better hits.

What Are Water Pipes

Water Pipes or Bongs are even more beneficial as they filter your smoke through water which is carried in the base. Not only does the water help remove unwanted impurities and toxins, but it also cools down the smoke so you get an extra smooth hit each time. As such, many users end up upgrading from joints or pipes to Bongs for a great smoking experience.

There are many different types of bongs to suit all kinds of users. Many are simple and affordable, designed for use at home for those who want a quick and convenient method of smoking. Some come with interesting, colorful designs to spice things up. You can also find portable mini bongs which you can carry and use on the go. Whichever kind of bong suits you, it’s well worth getting one.

How Do You Use a Bong?

One of the main reasons that many users turn to Bongs or Water Pipes is that they’re very efficient to use. Bongs work similarly to regular Pipes, although they’re usually bigger and often include extra features to make the hits even better. The key difference is that Bongs filter the smoke through water to provide cleaner hits, hence why they’re also called Water Pipes.

Bongs usually come with a few main parts. The Bowl is where you put your product, and when you light up the smoke travels through the downstem into the Base. You inhale through the mouthpiece as the top and the smoke is carried through the chamber. Most bongs also have a small hole known as a carb, which you can cover to keep the smoke inside and release to let it out.

To use a bong, start by filling the base with water. You want just enough to cover the downstem without allowing it to overflow through the bowl or carb. Add a few nugs of weed (or your chosen herb) to the bowl and light it. Inhale through the mouthpiece while covering the carb with your finger. Once you’ve taken a hit, you can release the carb and exhale.

How Do You Use a Bong

Usually, smoking out of a bong provides strong hits, making it much quicker to get high than you would with a joint, spiff or blunt. You’ll take in a good deal of THC with each hit, especially when using bongs with wide bowls and mouthpieces. It’s easy to control your high by smoking one hit at a time and stopping once you get the desired effects. If you want to up your high, simply add more weed to the bowl and take more hits.

What Can You Smoke With a Bong?

Bongs are designed for use with dry herbs. They’re commonly used to smoke cannabis flower, also known as weed or simply cannabis or marijuana. It makes for an incredibly easy and efficient method of smoking cannabis, being quick to set up as well as providing hard-hitting effects. However, bongs can also be used with other kinds of herbs.

For an even stronger high, you can also add cannabis concentrates to a bong. While concentrates generally won’t burn well on their own, you can mix products such as Shatter or Wax to dry cannabis flower for stronger effects.

Some users use bongs to smoke tobacco. Buying loose tobacco and smoking it out of a water pipe or bong is much healthier than smoking from cigarettes and cigars, especially as it removes many of the most harmful components. As such, some tobacco smokers resort to these smoking devices as an alternative method to enjoy tobacco with fewer health risks. You can also use bongs with all kinds of other herbal products.

Benefits Of Using Water/Pipes Bongs For Smoking Herbs

While using a Bong makes smoking herbs easier, some users may wonder whether it’s worth it. However, using a Bong or Water Pipe offers a whole host of extra benefits over regular methods of smoking.

One of the main benefits of using a bong is that it filtrates smoke through water, making for cleaner and healthier smoke. Research shows that water filtration is very effective in removing unwanted toxic components from smoke, especially in comparison to smoking cigarettes or joints. With smoking often causing damage to the lungs and respiratory system, smoking with a Water Pipe can effectively reduce many of these risks.

Benefits Of Using Water

Using a bong can make smoking marijuana much healthier. Of course, you’re still taking in smoke and you may still face some of the same risks. However, Bongs are superior to alternatives such as joints or pipes due to their cleaner hits. While some users may be concerned about the dangers of smoking marijuana, recent research shows that it appears to increase lung capacity over time, as well as offering a host of health benefits.

Smoking with a bong is also more enjoyable for many users. While inhaling smoke can often feel harsh on your throat, smoking through a bong provides smoother hits which go down a treat. Since the smoke is cooled by the water, the smoke is extra cool by the time it reaches your mouth. Some bongs even have extra features such as percolators and ice catchers to provide even cleaner and smoother hits.

Of course, there’s also the fact that Bongs are fantastic for convenience. It only takes a minute to add some dry herbs to your Bong and enjoy a nice, smooth hit. There is some maintenance involved- you should clean your bowl and replace your bong water regularly to avoid any damage or unpleasant smoke. However, in comparison to rolling a joint or packing a blunt, it’s much quicker as well as providing a better smoking experience in general.

Do Bongs Make Weed Stronger?

Many users will tell you that smoking out of a bong provides a stronger high. It’s hard to prove scientifically, but you’re likely to feel a difference in effects when you use a bong in comparison to smoking a joint or blunt. 

Interestingly, research suggests that in the process of filtering out toxins and impurities, bongs can also filter out more of THC of marijuana smoke. But while this may sound like it would produce weaker effects, there are other factors at play.

One of the benefits of using a bong is that you’ll generally get much bigger and cleaner hits in comparison to other smoking methods. As such, you’ll take in a high amount of THC with each hit without losing any to excess smoke. With strong products, you may only need a couple of hits to get the enjoyable psychoactive high and potent medical benefits of marijuana.

It’s also easy to control your high with a bong. If you need more powerful effects, simply take another hit. If you feel like you’re at a good level, you can stop at any time. You can also control how much of the smoke you take in by releasing the carb when you’ve had a strong enough hit. Many users will tell you that they get stronger effects when smoking out of a bong as well as a more clear-headed high thanks to the cooler and purer hits.

Types of Water Pipes and Bongs

Bongs come in various types, each with their own advantages. For instance, users looking for something portable and easy to transport will benefit from Mini Bongs whereas those who want something cool to keep at home may prefer Colorful Bongs. Here are some of the most popular types of bongs to check out.

Types of Water Pipes and Bongs

Scientific Bongs - These bongs are the most advanced, high-tech bongs you can get. Scientific bongs are designed to give you the most incredible hits possible. They're built with the best materials and have extra features such as ice catchers, percolators, and bangers to create a top-notch smoking experience. If you don't mind paying extra for quality, Scientific Bongs are for you.

Colorful Bongs - If you want a bong that stands out, then you'll want a Colorful Bong. These are made with stylish glass art to make for some unique and eye-catching designs. These are great to have around the house and some even change color or glow in the dark. They don't just look good, either, Colorful Bongs still give you top-notch marijuana hits.

Big Hitter Bongs - As you can guess from the name, Big Hitter Bongs are primed for the biggest and most potent hits possible. They're usually a lot taller than your average bong, but what they lack in portability they make up for in power. These quality bongs are ideal for experienced users who want massive bong hits to get high fast.

Mini Bongs - On the other end of the spectrum to Big Hitter Bongs, Mini Bongs are designed to be effective, convenient, and portable. They're small enough to pack into a bag and take anywhere you want, making them great for those who like to smoke while they travel. Despite their size, they still pack a punch and are more than capable of giving you smooth, potent hits.

Alternative Products To Buy

Although Bongs have all kinds of benefits, there are many other ways to enjoy the use of marijuana and other herbs. Some of these methods offer extra convenience while others provide safe and smokeless ways to consume marijuana and tobacco. Here are some of the best alternatives to Bongs you can buy.

Dab Rigs - Dab Rigs are a special kind of bong designed for use with cannabis concentrates. You use these by heating the nail with a blow torch, applying your product, and taking an incredibly powerful, THC-packed hit of marijuana. If you enjoy using products like shatter, hash, and wax, dab rigs will give you the strongest hits.

Pipes - Pipes are primed for portability and convenience. Although they don't offer water filtration, they're perfect for users who want a quick and effective device to get them high. They come in all kinds of cool designs, from fancy Sherlock Pipes to Mini Pipes which fit right in your pocket.

Alternative Products To Buy

Vaporizers - Vaporizers are a unique kind of device which can heat up herbs, concentrates, and oils without creating any smoke. Instead, they give you thick, flavorful vapor which you then inhale for fast-acting effects. Many users find vaping even more enjoyable than smoking, and research suggests they even produce stronger effects.

We also sell a wide range of Accessories to improve your smoking experiences such as Glass Bowls, Bangers, and Hemp Wraps. All of these products are available for safe and discreet delivery anywhere in the United States.


Water Pipes or Bongs are perfect for users looking for a high-quality smoking experience. Not only will they give you huge hits that get you high fast, but they also filter out toxins and impurities from the smoke. They're ideal for use with marijuana flower, although you can also mix cannabis concentrates in or use them with tobacco and other herbs. There are plenty of high-quality, affordable bongs available to buy online. You can check out a range of bongs at



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