Signs You Need A New Grinder

Signs You Need A New Grinder

All good things must come to an end.

It’s a very old saying — and one that is true to the bone.

Indestructible items don’t exist. Even things made out of the sturdiest materials have their “expiration date.”

Some pieces break down after a few weeks, others last so long that it’s possible to believe they will serve you forever.

Grinders go by the same token.

A weed grinder is one of the most common smoking utensils, and arguably the most important one when it comes to preparing your herbs.

This device comes in many sizes, materials, and designs. Depending on these factors, the final price of your grinder may vary between $10 and $100. 

But what’s the average lifespan of a weed grinder? What are the signs that you need a new piece?

Continue reading this article to find out.

How Often Should You Get a New Grinder?

If you’re looking for answers such as “replace your unit every 4 months,” then we’re sorry to disappoint you, but there’s no hard and fast rule regarding when you need to get a new grinder.

A poorly manufactured grinder may turn into garbage after a few weeks of regular grinding.

But on the other hand, a hiqh-quality piece may last you for years.

Simply put, if your grinder still does its job — grinds your herb to the desired consistency without having to sit there for five minutes — there’s no need to get a new unit.

How Often Should You Get a New Grinder

This means that the teeth are probably in good shape and the core works seamlessly even with bigger buds.

However, if the teeth are worn to oblivion and you’re having a hard time trying to grind up the herb, this probably means you need to replace your old buddy with a new companion.

Replaced or Cleaned? Sometimes, You Just Need to Clean Your Grinder

As with every smoking utensil, your grinder needs a regular cleaning routine, especially if you’re a frequent cannabis consumer. 

Neglecting the maintenance part will leave you with a grinder that’s anything but effective, not to mention that it will make you throw curses into the wind each time it’s grinding time.

There’s nothing difficult about the cleaning routine — the hardest part is actually to move you once lazy bun and throw all the grinder’s pieces in a glass pyrex bowl with a small amount of high-proof alcohol.

A tooth brush may come in handy, as it will do a good job at scrubbing off any kief that remains on the kief collector. The same rule applies to cleaning the screen. Generally speaking, the more resin on your bud, the more often you’ll need to clean your grinder.

So, how to tell that you need to get a new grinder? Here are a few telltale signs.

Signs You Need a New Grinder

Okay, so here’s our scenario:

You’ve really took an effort to clean your old grinder thoroughly, leaving no teeth unturned — sounds like a nice idiom to add to the weed dictionary, doesn’t it?

Anyway, your piece looks now pristine but something’s still wrong with how it works.

What now?

Signs That You Need a New Grinder

Take a look at the signs below to decide whether you need a new grinder.

It Doesn’t Grind Your Herb Anymore

The most important question is, is your grinder doing what it’s supposed to do? Is it still, you know, grinding the herb? Do you have to spend noticeably more time sitting there and doing the manual work?

If so, this is a sign that you need a new grinder.

The teeth have probably seen much better days, and we bet that you haven’t cleaned your unit often. The screen may need replacing, too. If cleaning the grinder and replacing the screen doesn’t work, it might be time to say farewell to your dear friend.

The Teeth Have Become Dull

The first sign that you need a grinder is that the teeth are too dull. This is the most often affected areas by wear-and-tear, right after the kief catcher.

If you got an inferior unit, probably made of plastic, you can expect the teeth to break off after around one month — and that’s the top limit.

With other grinders, you can figure out the sharpness of the teeth by simply looking at them and touching the edge with your fingers.

Is it sharp to the touch?


Can you run a finger along the edge and feel as if you were touching a blunt item?

Not so good.

It Starts to Jam During Grinding

As mentioned earlier in the article, the body of your grinder should work seamlessly when breaking up the buds.

Grinder Starts to Jam During Grinding

Of course, you can’t expect it to grind the herb to a fine consistency with one or two moves, but if the body is clogging and refuses to spin, there are two possible scenarios.

  1. The grinder is yowling for a bath
  2. The time has took its toll on your piece

If it’s the latter, that’s a sign you need a new grinder.

It Has Been Utterly Destroyed

A few broken teeth, rust consuming the surface of your grinder — there are several instances where your grinder might get damaged and lose its function. If, for any reason, this happens to you, save yourself the ordeal and buy a new grinder.

Once you start seeking a new piece, consider this an investment. A high-quality grinder made from durable materials can last you for years, maintaining the same sharpness and giving you nicely ground bud within seconds.

Final Thoughts on Buying a New Grinder

Sometimes, you don’t need to get a new grinder when it doesn’t grind your herbs to the desired consistency as fast as you would like it to do. Try cleaning your unit thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and see if the problem reappears.

But as soon as you notice the flaws we’ve described in this article, these are signs you need a new grinder. Make sure it’s a well thought out purchase and maintain a proper cleaning routine over your new tool.

What’s the longest time a grinder have lasted you for? How often do you clean your grinders? Let us know in the comments section below!


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