Mini Bongs: The 15 Best Small Glass Bongs Out There

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The 15 Best Small Glass Bongs Out There

A bong is a must-have accessory for any smoker. Bongs are a lot like Pipes, only they have the added feature of filtering your smoke through water for giving you some of the purest and smoothest hits you can get. Bongs are also usually a lot bigger, providing for huge rips of potent smoke. However, those who enjoy portability will want to browse some of the best small Glass Bongs out there.

Mini Bongs are still highly effective and powerful, they’re just smaller than other Bongs. These Bongs are usually around 10 inches tall or less and are small enough to fit in your bag if you’re looking to smoke on-the-go. However, many users prefer to use these at home and simply enjoy the smaller feel.

At FatBuddhaGlass, we have a wide range of Mini Bongs available for free delivery. Whether you need something straightforward and effective or something colorful with extra features, we have the perfect Mini Bong to suit you.

Here are the 15 best small Glass Bongs out there for you to consider.

1. 7” Bong With Base

One of the best Mini Bongs on the market is this 7” Bong with Base. Many users will instantly be drawn to it for its eye-catching design, making it the perfect piece for users who want something colorful. What’s more, three different variations are available- you can even get it in rasta colors.

The design isn’t all there is to love about this small Glass Bong. Despite its 7-inch height, the hits are immensely powerful and can give you a sensational high quickly and effectively. It’s portable, sturdy, and even has a built-in screen to help keep it nice and clean. If you’re in the market for a Mini Bong, this one is well worth considering.

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2. 8" Stemless Beaker Bong

Some users are less concerned with the color and style of their bong and more concerned about how smooth and powerful the hits are. If you fall into the latter category, then you’ll be impressed by the 8” Stemless Beaker Bong. In terms of style, this Bong is very straightforward- it resembles a beaker you’d see in a school science lab. However, it provides exceptional functionality.

This Bong comes with extra features to make your hits even smoother and more satisfying. The matrix percolator and ice catcher will give you some of the coolest hits you’ve ever had. It’s also made of durable glass and has a well-designed bowl and mouthpiece. If you’re looking for a Mini Bong that packs a strong punch, check this one out.

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Wrap & Rake With Marbles Bong

3. 8" Wrap & Rake With Marbles Bong

If you enjoy the beaker-style Bong design but want a little more color, you’ll enjoy the 8” Wrap & Rake With Marbles Bong. It has a unique design featuring a colorful base and mouthpiece along with some small marbles in the middle that make it easier to grab. It also has a few other subtle touches and it’s available in four color schemes so there’s an option to suit everyone.

When it comes to functionality, this Glass Bong is also no slouch. The beaker design means you’ll be able to fit plenty of water in the base for a smooth smoking experience. It feels sturdy and satisfying in your hands and even features an ice catcher. Plus, for the price, this is one of the best Mini Bongs you can buy.

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4. 10" 3 Ring Bong

Another Glass Bong well worth checking out is the 10” 3 Ring Bong. The unique design instantly stands out, featuring three rings on the stem that make it incredibly easy to grab and use. It also has a colorful base and colored accents throughout to add some style. It’s available in red, green, and black.

At 10 inches in length, this Bong is at the larger end of Mini Bongs while still providing just enough portability. The long neck means you can rely on it for some powerful rips and you can fit plenty of water in the base for smoother hits. All in all, this is another Bong that’s well worth checking out.

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5. 8" Tabletop Hammer Glass Bong

If you love unique glass art, then the 8” Tabletop Hammer Glass Bong might just be the perfect piece for you. This Bong is far from generic and looks more like Thor’s Hammer than your run-of-the-mill Mini Bongs. However, it’s still perfectly functional and powerful while offering an awesome design.

You can put your weed in the bowl provided at the bottom of the hammer whereas the mouthpiece is at the top. You’ll be impressed by the hits you get from this Mini Bong and the slide even has a built-in screen to help keep it clean. It’s also available in four different colors- Blue, Red, Purple, and Green.

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Tabletop Hammer Glass Bong

6. 10" Double Bulge Bong

If you want a small Glass Bong that’ll give you big, potent hits, then the 10” Double Bulge Bong is a great choice. This Bong stands at 10 inches tall, making it bigger than many of the Mini Bongs out there while still being fairly portable. It has a stylish design that features colored accents and two bulges in the stem to make it easy to hold.

You can rely on this Bong for powerful rips and, since it’s made of high-quality borosilicate glass, it’s sturdy and built-to-last. If you need a Bong that’ll give you a sensational smoking session but can still be carried around in a backpack, it’s a great option. You can also get it in either Black, Blue, or Red.

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7. 8" Showerhead Rig With Dichroic Marble

This Bong might look more like some kind of lab device than something you’d smoke out of, but it provides some smooth and sensational hits. The 8" Dichro Marble Beaker is a showerhead rig that has all kinds of features to give you the perfect high. The percolator will make your smoke smoother while the showerhead neck works as a splash guard.

It’s a solid device that feels great in your hands. Despite its small size, you’ll be amazed at the quality of the hits this small Glass Bong will give you. If you’re looking for something that focuses more on features and functionality than style, then you won’t be let down by this 8-inch Mini Rig.

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8. 6" Rake Bong With Bowl & Banger

If you enjoy smoking weed and dabbing cannabis concentrates, you might have a hard time deciding whether to buy a Glass Bong or Dab Rig first. Luckily, this device gives you two-in-one functionality so you can enjoy all of your favorite products without having to switch.

The 6” Rake Bong comes with a 14mm bowl for all your dry herb smoking needs. However, if you want to dab, you can simply switch the bowl out for the 14mm Quartz banger. Both work exceptionally well and you can expect smooth and flavorful hits. At just 6 inches, this Bong is perfectly portable yet still has a huge base and the colorful design makes it even better.

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Vibrant Vase with Wrap Bong

9. 7" Vibrant Vase with Wrap Bong

While there are all kinds of cool and unique Bong styles, some users prefer a good old-fashioned vase-shaped Bong for their smoking needs. And if you’re looking for something simple, portable, and effective, then the 7” Vibrant Vase with Wrap Bong will surely suit your needs.

This Bong has a simple shape with a large base for filling with water, a well-sized bowl, and a coil around the stem to make it easy to grab. At just 7 inches in length, it’s a great size for those who need something easy-to-use and portable and it also stands out thanks to its colorful design. It’s the perfect companion for all your smoking sessions.

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10. 8" Pillars Showerhead Rig

If you want a portable device that has plenty of features to make your hits smoother, then try the 8” Pillars Showerhead Rig. You might be drawn to this rig due to the unique design or the subtle yet stylish colored accents. However, the best thing about this device is just how much it can enhance your hits.

The 8” Pillars Showerhead Rig features a 14mm joint and a Male Banger. It also features four curved pillars that are both stylish and functional as they recycle your hits. By the time each hit reaches your mouth, it’ll feel incredibly smooth and satisfying and you won’t need many to get a sensational high.

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11. Grav Small Straight Base Bong

The Straight-Based Water Pipe or Bong from GRAV® is another one of the best portable Bongs you can buy. It’s only 8 inches in length, making it great for either using at home or packing up and using on-the-go. It’s made with high-quality materials and, while it may look basic, it’s optimized for a sensational smoking session.

This Bong features a 14mm cup bowl that’s perfect for holding your weed. It also features a small orb percolator and a nice wide base, both of which will help enhance your hits. If you’re not looking for something over-the-top and simply want quality and functionality, then this Bong is a good choice.

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Grav Small Wide Base Bong

12. Grav Small Wide Base Bong

Another one of the great Mini Bongs offered by GRAV® is this Small Wide Base Bong. This Bong looks unique and classy due to the exceptionally wide base, which is also great for filling with plenty of water to purify your smoke.

Aside from the unique design, this glass piece features a glass orb percolator and sturdy materials. Although it’s relatively expensive, this Bong is built-to-last and you’ll be able to rely on it for fantastic smoking sessions for a very long time.

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13. Grav Slush Cup

For an even more eye-catching and unique design, you’ll want to take a look at the Slush Cup Bong from GRAV®. This glass piece looks just like a Slush Cup, only instead of a straw, you get a small bowl and a mouthpiece packed into the lid. It’s made with high-quality materials and you can rely on this Bong for both durability and performance.

The wide base means you can fit a good amount of water inside for purifying your smoke. Meanwhile, the small size means you can use this Bong either at home or on-the-go when you need portable smoking. You’ll be surprised at the quality of the hits you get from this fancy piece and if you’re looking for something a little different, this might be the best choice for you.

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14. Grav Martini Shaker

Another great offering from GRAV® is this Martini Shaker Bong. Much like the Slush Cup Bong, this piece takes the style of a regular Martini Shaker and adds a couple of alterations to make for a unique and surprisingly well-made smoking device.

It features a 14mm bowl, fixed fission downstem, and a base that can fit plenty of water. All of this adds up to an exceptional smoking session when you use it. The hits are smooth yet powerful and the glass is sturdy and satisfying to hold. At just 7.5 inches tall, this is another Bong that’s perfect for users who require portability.

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15. 7" Dual Function Oil Rig Glass Bong

Small, effective, affordable, and multi-functional, this device has it all. The 7” Dual Function Oil Rig Glass Bong is built with high-quality borosilicate glass and can handle all of your weed smoking needs thanks to its wide 18mm female bowl.

However, that’s not all. If you’d prefer to dab some of your favorite cannabis concentrates, you can simply switch out the bowl for the matching nail and dome to enjoy a quality dabbing experience. No matter which you choose, the hits are satisfying and powerful and it even features a percolator. This is an amazing piece that’s worth every dollar.

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