10 Reasons Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Bong More Often

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Cleaning Your Bong More Often

People spend a ton of time smoking their bongs and pay top dollar for a bong that works with their personality. Many cannabis fans would go so far as to say that they grow attached to their bongs, much like they would a treasured friend. 

Considering how much love bongs get, it’s surprising how often people choose to avoid cleaning them. Truth be told, bongs need far more care than they usually get. You should be cleaning your bong more often, even if you think the “once a week deal” is good enough. Here’s why …

Reason #1: It Keeps Your Bong Looking Great 

A bong that isn’t clean is a bong that tends to look worse for the wear. If you are a visual person, this can pose a problem. Dirty bongs are eyesores, even if they originally started off as a gorgeous blue wrap vase bong. 

Unclean bongs get brown stains throughout their bodies. It’s not a good look. While all bongs will eventually show a little yellowing, there’s no reason to speed up the process.

Reason #2: You’ll Get a Cleaner Toke if You Clean It Regularly 

Smoking doesn’t just create smoke; it creates residue, too. Residue from past smoke sessions will stay in your bong if you don’t clean it. The longer it stays there, the more it impacts the flavor of your cannabis. 

Cannabis has a wide range of subtle notes and flavors, but you’ll never know it if you don’t clean your bong more often. The more you clean it, the better each hit will taste and the more you can enjoy your weed.

Reason #3: It Helps You Save Weed

Surprised? Many people are. Cannabis residue doesn’t only cause your flavor to suffer; it also can clog bowls. When a bong’s bowl is clogged, the smoke doesn’t go into the bong pipe. Rather, the smoke ends up pouring out of the bowl. 

Cleaning your bowl removes the clogs in your bong, which means that you get to enjoy all the smoke from your session. This means you’ll need less weed to get the same amount of high. 

It Helps You Save Weed

Reason #4: You’ll Cough Less 

The entire reason why people buy bongs is that they want a pipe that smooths out the smoke, purifies it, and decreases the amount of coughing they do. Bongs can’t do that if they are clogged with residue or if the bong water is filled to the brim with junk. 

Reason #5: If You Don’t Clean Your Bong More Often, You Might Risk a Lung Infection 

An unclean bong doesn’t just reduce the amount of enjoyment you get from a high. It can also pose a serious health risk. When left unchecked, bong water and bong interiors can become hosts for mold and bacteria.

As one can imagine, smoking a bong that’s filled to the brim with bacteria isn’t good for your health. In the past, there have been cases where cannabis smokers had their bong to blame for lung infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia. 

Reason #6: It Takes Less Time to Get Stoned 

Do you want a really good incentive to start cleaning your bong more often? Here’s one: It’ll get you stoned faster. Cleaning your bong clears out all the gunk that makes it difficult for THC to travel through your bong’s system. 

Rather than having to muddle through murky water, moldy piping, and a clogged bowl, your cannabis will be able to enjoy a straight shot to your mouth. This means that you don’t just use less weed; you also get the perk of getting high faster due to higher concentrations of THC in your hit.

Reason #7: Cleaning Your Bong Doesn’t Take Very Long

A good, thorough cleaning routine won’t take more than five minutes in most cases. All you really need to do is pour a mix of isopropyl alcohol and salt in your bong and shake it for up to two minutes. Then, just rinse your bong with hot water. 

That’s all it takes unless you have extra residue. In that case, you will need to do some extra scrubbing. 

Cleaning Your Bong Doesn’t Take Very Long

Reason #8: You Spent a Lot of Money on That Bong — Shouldn’t You Take Care of It?

Cannabis enthusiasts will tell you that a bong can be a serious investment. If you wanted to get a statement piece, you could easily spend over $150 on it. If your bong is actually a dab rig, then spending big isn’t out of the question at all. 

Considering how much money you spent on your rig, it seems a bit shameful to ignore basic maintenance, don’t you think? 

Reason #9: An Unclean Bong Will Smell Bad

We all know how smelly used bong water can be. Even a single smoke session can be enough to make most peoples’ noses turn up in mild disgust. If you wait several sessions before you decide to clean out your bong, you’re looking at an extremely foul-smelling smoking tool

Left unchecked, a bong can make an entire room start to smell. Cleaning your smoking equipment is the easiest way to ensure that your room stays smelling reasonably clean. 

Reason #10: You Should Clean Your Bong More Often Because It Keeps It Usable Longer

Believe it or not, your bong can go “past the point of no return” when it comes to cleaning. Glassware that’s been stuck with residue for too long can become unusable, even if it’s left to soak for ages. 

Think about that for a moment. A bong can actually get so dirty, so filthy, that it’s no longer capable of being used to smoke ever again. It’s a preventable demise of an otherwise great piece. All you have to do is clean your bong regularly!


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