The Pros and Cons of Vaping Marijuana

The Pros and Cons of Vaping Marijuana

Whether you are new to using weed or you have been doing it for a long time now, you might be interested in branching out into vaping. This seems to be well on its way toward becoming popular. Whether you are using nicotine or cannabis, vaping is often seen as a more modern alternative to older techniques for smoking. 

But when it comes to weed, you might be wondering just what about it attracts so many people. By looking at the pros and cons of vaping compared to smoking, you can decide for yourself which method you would like to use.

Pros of Vaping Marijuana

One of the most common reasons for vaping weed is because it is both discreet and convenient. For example, if you use a disposable vape pen, you get a prefilled cartridge that has cannabis oil in it. Some of these pens are draw-activated. This simply means that they work when you inhale them. 

Other types of pens have a button that you can press. This heats up the atomizer, which is your vape pen’s heating element. This is something that many marijuana users find convenient. That way, you do not need to look for the right bud and roll up a joint.

Another pro of vaping is that it offers a more discreet way of consuming cannabis. This is especially true if you are on the go. You can easily store a small vape pen in your handbag or even your pocket. Because you are simply heating the weed instead of combusting it, you do not produce smoke. That way, people will not be able to smell what you are doing.

Smoke from the cannabis plant is also extremely strong. It can linger on your clothing or hair, as well as the location where you smoked. However, you do not need to worry about this when you vape. 

Get Stronger Flavors with Vaping

When you burn or combust your cannabis, the taste will deteriorate. Sometimes, smoking creates a harsh, thick smoke that can ruin the flavor of the strain you are using. However, because vaping is simply heating the cannabis, you may even improve the taste. 

With vaping, you can experience the many different terpenes in the product. This can offer a fuller and more delicious experience. However, you should remember that the strength of your flavor can decrease once you are nearer to the end of the vaping session.

Get Stronger Flavors with Vaping

Control the Temperature and Get Your Money’s Worth

If you get a higher-quality vape pen, you will most likely be able to adjust the heating settings. That way, you can find the perfect temperature for the product. Certain temperatures can produce better results and slightly change the taste of the product. When you can adjust the settings of your vape pen, you can better control the number of cannabinoids you get each time.

Once you have vaped dried flower, you can use the bud again to make edibles or teas. You can even keep the flower for an “emergency” vape or smoke. This is especially useful if you run out of product.

Cons of Vaping Marijuana

Vaping is a great choice, but there are a few challenges that you may need to overcome. In the beginning, there can be a rather steep learning curve. You will need to spend a significant amount of time researching the entire process. You will also need to spend some time comparing different vape pens and vaporizers. Then, you will need to learn how to use the vaping device so you can get the best experience possible.

Initial Cost

You might find that another con is the cost when you are first getting set up. You will need to purchase vape pens or a vaporizer. If it is refillable, you will need to purchase e-canisters to fill it each time. Even if you get an inexpensive vaporizer, you may be set back by at least $100. Many people find the cost to be a drawback. If you do not grind down the bud to a fine powder, the tool may not properly function. You can either pay for a grinder or try doing it yourself at home

Regularly Recharging the Battery

When you are enjoying your vape pen or you are out and about, the last thing you want is to get a dead battery. You do need to charge the device regularly. Luckily, once it is charged, you can most likely get a few vaping sessions out of it. However, it is best to stay on top of charging it, which requires you to remember to do so.

Regularly Recharging the Battery

General Maintenance and the Effects

Regular cleaning is a must for any type of vaping device. That way, you can ensure that you get the best experience possible. You might not have to clean it after each use, but it still requires maintenance often. Many people describe vaping as giving you a “cleaner high,” but many people believe that the overall effects are not as potent compared to smoking.

Closing Thoughts 

There are both pros and cons to vaping your weed. Some people believe that vaping is more discreet and convenient when it comes to consuming cannabis. Because you are heating your weed instead of burning it, you get to taste the flavors better.

However, you have also seen some potential drawbacks to vaping. For example, the initial cost of purchasing a vaping device can be extremely high, and you might spend a lot of time researching different tools to purchase. The good news is that these are only cons in the beginning. Once you have your tools and learned how to use them, you will be all set to go.

By considering these different aspects, you can decide if vaping is a good choice for you. Remember, there are many ways of consuming cannabis, so if you do not want to try vaping, consider one of the many other methods available. You will never know for sure what works for you until you have tried it.


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