How Much Herb Does Your Vape Bowl Hold

How Much Herb Does Your Vape Bowl Hold

It’s not a secret that vaping has a more difficult learning curve than smoking. 

But once you know how much herb your vape bowl holds, how to pack that bowl properly, and most importantly, when to replace the herb in your vape’s oven — you’ll be able to get the most out of your experience with this consumption method.

In this article, we’ll cover all of the above to get you the best vapor quality and highest performance.


Where Do You Pack Your Herb in a Vaporizer?

Similar to pipes and bongs, vapes have their own chamber where you load your dry herbs. This chamber is known as the vape oven or vape bowl. These bowls usually come in two sizes and are switchable. You can find half-pack vape bowls and full-pack ones.

This is where we need to answer our title question.

How Much Herb Does Your Vape Bowl Hold?

That depends on the size of your vape bowl. Needless to say, full-pack chambers can hold more herbs than their half-pack counterparts, but let’s take a closer look at the exact numbers.

Half-Pack Vape Bowls

A half-pack vape bowl can usually hold up to 0.15 grams of ground weed. This amount makes for a perfect casual solo session. If you’re not experienced enough to empty a full-pack bowl during a single session, then the half-pack oven will suit you better.

Full-Pack Vape Bowls

Full-Pack Vape Bowls

Full-pack vape bowls typically hold twice as much weed as half-pack bowls, so expect something closer to 0.3 grams per load. Now, that’s not something you want to use if you’re not, at least, a regular consumer, or you know your limits and can handle the psychoactive effects of THC well. Full-pack bowls are better suited for group sessions. They’re also more popular with tabletop vaporizers rather than portable devices

Keep in mind that while some vapes require you to pack the oven to its full volume, others may work better when you leave some space on top of the chamber. Just make sure you “feel” the device when you use it.

Why Is It Important to Properly Pack Your Vape Bowl with Herb?

Loading your vape bowl properly has the following benefits:

  • More vapor
  • Stronger effects
  • Smoother hits
  • Better flavor

Now it’s time for a little how-to guide.

How to Pack Your Vape Bowl for Maximum Efficacy

There are three factors to take into consideration when loading your vape bowl with herbs: the consistency of your ground material, its moisture level, and how tightly you pack the oven.

Read the instructions below to get a good grasp of loading your vape bowl with dry herbs.

1. Grind Your Herb to A Fine Consistency

Most vaporizers get you the best results when you grind the herb to a pretty fine consistency. Just make sure you’re using a 4-piece metal grinder and hold it upside-down when you grind. This will create a similar motion to a 2-piece grinder, resulting in a little finer grind than usual.

You can also help do dry your material out a bit before trying to break it up. 

2. Check the Moisture Levels in Your Herbs

One thing never changes, and it doesn’t matter what type of vaporizer you’re using. You should always check the moisture level of your herbs because too much moisture will make the vaporization process troublesome. That’s because excessive moisture compromises airflow events through the enclosed heating chamber. In other words, you’ll end up with poor-quality vapor that will make you curse inside your head as you try to inhale.

On the contrary, properly dried herbs will provide the best flavor because the hot air will reach only the exact parts of the herb you want to vaporize. Flavor is a very important factor for most vapers. Using well dried herbs for the job will not only enhance its flavor but also overall vapor quality.


3. Pack the Bowl Tightly

This step is as important as grinding your herbs properly. You need to pack the bowl full and fairly tight. If your material is too loose, the oven won’t be able to heat it evenly, resulting in mediocre vapor production and a taste that leaves a lot to be desired. However, it’s better not to press the herbs down too hard because it will block the airflow similarly to excessive moisture in your material.

Vaporizers using convection heating will usually work best with a looser pack of coarser grind. Conduction vaporizers, on the other hand, are better suited for a finer, tightly packed grind.

When Should You Replace Herb in the Vaporizer Bowl?

There are three reasons why you should replace your herbs in the vape bowl, namely:

  • The Taste Has Gone Stale: your weed is done the moment it starts to lose its flavor, just like bubble gum does. This means that all the terpenes in the plant have been used up, leaving the herb stale.
  • The Herb Has Become Brown and Crunchy: fresh herb is typically bright green, but once it has been vaped for long enough, it will take on a distinct brown color, similar to what decarboxylated weed looks like.
  • Vapor Production Has Dropped Down: most vapes come with a fixed session duration, which ranges between 5–10 minutes depending on the model. Once you’ve noticed your vapor production going down, it means you’re heading towards the end of your session and it’s time to replace your herb.

  • Bottom Line: How Much Herb Does Your Vape Bowl Hold?

    Although some people consider vaping marijuana pointless, a properly packed vape bowl can provide you a unique experience that delivers potent and flavorful vapor. In fact, vaping your herb comes with plenty of health and economic benefits you won’t find in smokable forms. Last but not least, vaping is usually more socially accepted, so you won’t be stigmatized for it.

    How much herb does your vape bowl hold? How do you pack your vaporizers? Let us know in the comments!


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