Juicy Hemp Wrap Tutorial and Review

Juicy Hemp Wrap Tutorial and Review

The next time you decide to wrap a joint, you could enhance the experience by using a hemp wrap instead of regular rolling papers. One of the most popular brands for hemp wraps is Juicy and for a good reason. Learn more about how to use Juicy hemp wraps as well as our review of these wraps. 

What Is a Hemp Wrap? 

Before we get into our tutorial and review of Juicy Hemp Wraps, take a minute to make sure you understand what hemp wraps are. 

These are paper sheets that are made from hemp materials. You use them just like you would rolling paper, and although they are marketed for rolling tobacco, they are much more popular for rolling cannabis. This marketing strategy likely comes down to legalities. 

Hemp sheets look similar to rolling papers, and they tend to either come as flat cut sheets or in tubes. They may also be packaged as cones. 

Why Do People Use Hemp Wraps? 

Everyone who decides to use hemp wraps does so for a different reason, but there are a few potential reasons that people may be considering. 


Although not always the case, it is common for hemp wraps to be affordable compared to tobacco options. 


Some people love the variety of flavors available on hemp wraps, which is one area in which Juicy excels. 


Although there is not any research on it yet, some people assume that hemp wraps are better for you than other options. This comes from the fact that there is still no connection to long-term health problems from hemp. 



Some people also choose hemp wraps from an environmental perspective. Their theory is that we already cut down enough trees, and using regular rolling papers or wraps only contributes to this problem. 

By contrast, cannabis cultivation is sustainable, and there is less of a problem with over-farming cannabis than there is cutting down trees. Additionally, the cannabis used to make hemp wraps only takes months to grow and harvest, compared to the years required for trees. That means that fewer environmental resources are necessary to produce hemp wraps. 

Convenience and Curiosity

The prevalence of hemp wraps today also leads to more people trying them. After all, they are usually as readily available as other rolling papers. Once someone tries them, they may decide to make the switch permanent for any of the other reasons mentioned. 

Juicy Hemp Wrap Tutorial

You will follow the same steps when using Juicy Hemp Wraps as any other type of hemp wrap. It is very similar to using rolling papers or rolling any other joint, so if you have experience with that, you already have a head start. 

What You Need

To roll the Juicy Hemp Wraps, you will need the wraps themselves and some ground cannabis of your choice. You may also want a filter tip. 

What to Do

Start by taking the wraps out of the package and making sure you have all of your supplies handy. 

Wrap the corner of the hemp wrap around the tip of it, which will create a pocket. 

Put your herbs of choice inside and spread them out evenly. This step helps ensure that your wrap burns evenly. 

You can tuck and roll your wrap, so it is fully rolled and surrounds the herbs. As you go, continue twisting the wrap around the tip. 

Lick the wrap’s end to help it stick. If you are used to using blunt or paper wraps, expect to use more saliva than you would with those. 

How to Wrap With a Filter Tip

How to Wrap With a Filter Tip

If you want to take advantage of a roller as well as a filter tip, then follow these instructions. 

Place your wrap horizontally, holding it with both hands. Fold it in half (the long way) to make a crease. 

Use one hand to hold the wrap, and with the other, put the filter tip in the crease. Remember, you want it to be flush with a short end of the wrap. 

Use one hand to hold your filter tip in its proper place. And with the other hand, start to put your ground cannabis in the wrap, along the crease. Make sure you spread the ground cannabis out evenly and hold the filter tip in place, so it is still flush with the end. 

Close up the wrap, as usual, folding it around the end with the filter tip. Keep folding the wrap over itself, working from the filter tip across to the opposite end. 

Seal the wrap with a liberal amount of saliva. Remember that you need more for hemp wraps than you may expect. 

Bonus Tip: Dry the Blunt

Whether or not you use a filter tip with your Juicy Hemp Wrap, you can dry off your finished blunt using a lighter. Do this carefully, just heating the exterior of the wrap. To do this, rotate the blunt with one hand while you carefully move the flame by it with the other. 

Drying the blunt should help it burn evenly. Just make sure you do not accidentally light it until you are ready. 

Tips for Using Juicy Hemp Wraps

Whether you are using Juicy Hemp Wraps or hemp wraps from another brand, the following tips can help you get great results. 

Consider Using a Roller

Until you get the hang of it, it can be a bit harder to roll hemp wraps compared to papers and blunt wraps. Because of this, it is wise to get a roller as well. 

If It Does Not Stick

If the wrap does not stick or stay closed, start by ensuring you can roll the wrap properly. Remember that you need the side with the adhesive to get wet if you lick it. 

If it is facing the right way, then confirm that there is adhesive. Although rare, it is possible for the adhesive to be missing. In this case, just use extra saliva. If you want, you could also use blunt glue. You could also try using honey or making some sugar water. Just heat some water then mix sugar until you get a thick consistency, and the sugar is mostly dissolved. 

If It Rips or Breaks

If It Rips or Breaks

The first thing to check if your wrap breaks or rips is confirming it is not overfilled and that you did not handle it too much. In most cases, when the wrap keeps breaking or ripping, you just need to practice a bit more, which could cause either overfilling or over-handling. Practice makes perfect. If you still have problems, consider using two wraps instead of one. 

Juicy Hemp Wrap Review

Now that you know how to use Juicy Hemp Wraps (technically Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps), you need to decide if you want to. Overall, they are a popular option for a good reason. They are worth a try. Take a closer look at some key factors to see why we (and many others) feel this way. 

Flavors and Taste

One of the great things about Juicy Hemp Wraps is the range of flavors available. You can choose from Black N’ Blueberry, Grapes Gone Wild, Mango Papaya Twist, Natural, Strawberry, or Tropical Passion. These are also referred to as Blue, Purple, Manic, Original, Red Alert, and Tropical. 

This is a very nice selection of flavors, and it should include something for everyone. Those who do not want their hemp paper to add flavor to their joint, other than an earthy, hemp taste, can stick to the natural flavor. Those who want to mask the flavor of cannabis can opt for one of the fruity flavors. 

If you opt for one of the flavored hemp papers, then be prepared for some robust flavor. Those who do not want intense fruity flavors interfering with their cannabis flavor should stick to the natural one. 

Those who are not a big fan of the taste of cannabis but like its effects, on the other hand, will love the flavored wraps. Their flavor explosion can do wonders at hiding the earthiness and other flavors in your cannabis. 

Just keep in mind that the fruity flavors are of the sugary sort. You should expect flavors reminiscent of candy-flavored like the appropriate fruit, not necessarily the fruit itself. 


Like the flavor, the aroma from Juicy Hemp Wraps is intense and lives up to the descriptive names. For example, when you open Grapes Gone Wild, you will instantly notice sugary sweet smells that remind you of grape candy. 

You will not notice any odd odors that could indicate a lack of freshness since Juicy Jays is known for providing fresh wraps and other products. 



Just looking at the packaging for Juicy Hemp Wraps, you can tell that it is a high-quality product. The packaging has crisp artwork, and it feels nice and solid. 

Each package comes with two hemp wraps in your chosen flavor. This is an excellent quantity because it lets you easily buy the exact amount that you want. It also helps preserve freshness since you will only have at most one extra wrap open at once. 

Conveniently, the packaging is even resealable. This way, you can easily save the second wrap for later without worrying about it staying fresh. 


The packaging makes it easy to keep your Juicy Hemp Wraps fresh, but are they fresh, to begin with? Yes. When you take the wraps out of the packaging, they will feel slightly moist and fresh, exactly how you want. You will not notice any odd smells, dryness, or crumbling. Instead, they are easy to roll and work with due to their freshness. 

Quality of Burn

As you burn Juicy Hemp Wraps, you will likely be overall impressed with the experience. It can take a little practice to get them to burn evenly, but once you do, this is not a problem. Additionally, the wraps burn nice and slow, letting you savor your joint. 

Ease of Use

Users agree that Juicy Hemp Wraps are easy to use. If you have not rolled joints or used hemp wraps before, there will be a learning curve. Those who are new to these wraps may need one or two tries to get the method down, especially if you are hesitant to use a lot of saliva when sealing them. 

Reviewers also appreciate that the hemp material from these wraps results in a smoother experience smoking than you would get with other types of rolling paper. 

No Tobacco

Many people also appreciate the fact that these hemp wraps do not contain any tobacco. This makes them very popular for those trying to switch from tobacco, cigars, or cigarettes to cannabis. It offers a way to reduce tobacco consumption while still filling the need. 

The lack of tobacco is also nice for cannabis smokers who have never consumed tobacco and do not plan to start. That is particularly important given that many blunt papers do contain tobacco

No Tobacco


Juicy Hemp Wraps are about average in terms of price, with other options that are more affordable as well as those that are more expensive. They offer a good value for their price point due to their consistent quality, including the quality of the packaging. 


For those who are vegan, this is another high point of these particular wraps, as they are vegan. 


Juicy Hemp Wraps from Juicy Jays are among the most popular hemp wraps available. As hemp wraps, they offer an alternative to other types of rolling papers. You can roll them just like you would any other rolling paper, but you will likely want to use a bit more saliva to seal them up due to the hemp material. Juicy Hemp Wraps are available in six delicious flavors, including a natural one, and are vegan as well as known for their quality and lack of tobacco. We encourage you to give this brand a try, especially given that they come in small packages of just two, perfect for testing them out. 



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