10 Common Weed Storage Mistakes That You Need To Stop Doing

10 Common Weed Storage Mistakes That You Need To Stop Doing

Using weed is more popular than ever, especially as users in various states can now simply buy it in-store and enjoy it in various ways. Whether you prefer to smoke weed with a Glass Pipe, Bong, or in a joint, it can provide a sensational recreational experience as well as giving you various benefits. However, to keep your weed fresh as long as possible, you need to avoid some of the most common weed storage mistakes.

Many users slack off when it comes to storing their weed. After using it, they might leave their leftovers in a plastic bag, in their grinders, or even in the bowl of their Pipe or Bong. Leaving weed out in the open makes it prone to damage from heat, light, air, and moisture, and leaving it in a plastic bag isn’t much better.

While you might not worry too much about storage if you only have a small amount of weed, failing to store it properly becomes even more of a risk when you’re keeping large quantities. Storing your stash improperly for extended periods can result in your weed losing its flavor, freshness, and even becoming less potent over time.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort or investment to store your weed properly, so every marijuana user should take a few simple steps to avoid improper storage. Here’s a guide on some of the most common weed storage mistakes that you need to stop doing and what you should do instead.

1. Not Storing Your Weed At All

The most common and overall worst mistake you can make when it comes to storing weed is not storing it at all. Many weed users simply get lazy and end up leaving their leftover weed out in the open. This is easy to do when you lay your weed out on the table before rolling a joint, but you should avoid it at all costs.

Leaving your weed out in the open can result in it losing its potency and freshness faster. Weed is vulnerable to heat, light, air, and moisture, and not storing it in a bag or container leaves it open to all of these elements. What’s more, your weed might even attract insects if you haven’t stored it away somewhere.

At the very least, put your weed back into a baggie instead of leaving it where it’s prone to all kinds of elements. However, the best approach is to simply find a suitable container for your weed (even small amounts) and store it there when you’re not using it. That way, it’ll maintain its freshness and potency for longer.

 Storing Your Weed In Plastic Bags or Containers

2. Storing Your Weed In Plastic Bags or Containers

The most popular way to store weed is usually in a small, sealable plastic bag (also known as a baggie) or a plastic container. This is particularly common especially as weed is often sold in these plastic bags or containers. However, while they make for a great short-term solution for retail purposes, storing your weed in these containers is not recommended.

Marijuana products are usually sold in plastic containers because it’s the cheapest and easiest solution to allow patients and customers to carry the products home. However, unless you’re using all your weed in one session, you should transfer it to a better container as soon as possible.

Plastic bags and containers are the worst options for storing weed due to various reasons. For one, it generates a static charge that can damage the trichomes of your marijuana, resulting in poor-quality weed when you smoke it. Plastic also breaks down easily and can leak chemicals into your weed. It’s also vulnerable to heat and light, which can cause it to melt and damage your weed more. Avoid these as much as you can.

3. Leaving Your Weed In Your Grinder

Another one of the most common weed storage mistakes that users make is simply leaving their weed in their grinder. This is an easy mistake to make- after grinding your bud and taking out as much as you need for your joint, it’s tempting to simply leave the rest there. After all, it’s an enclosed container that can keep your weed in one place and some grinders even contain a storage compartment.

Although grinders can be useful for short-term storage, it’s best to store your weed elsewhere. Many Grinders are made of plastic and, much like other plastic containers, this can cause damage to your weed and cause it to lose its freshness and potency if you leave it in there for too long.

With that said, some Grinders can be fairly decent for storage purposes. If you’re going to store your weed in your Grinder, then at least use a Grinder made of high-quality materials such as metal Grinders. These are much better options than plastic Grinders, but it’s still better to use a proper storage container.

Leaving Your Weed In Your Grinder

4. Leaving Your Weed In The Bowl

There are all kinds of mistakes users make purely out of laziness while they’re high, and leaving weed in the bowl is another top mistake when it comes to weed storage. After you’ve loaded the bowl of your Pipe and Bong, took a few hits, and settled into a relaxing high, you might end up just leaving the rest of your weed there. However, this is not a good idea.

Leaving your weed in the bowl leaves it vulnerable to heat, light, air, and moisture, all of which can degrade its potency quickly. What’s more, you can also cause damage to your bowl. More resin is likely to build-up and could stick to the glass, so it’s best to avoid doing this.

With that said, it’s best not to store the weed from your bowl with your fresh weed, either. It may be partly burnt and the resin from your used weed can end up damaging your fresh weed. However, storing it in a piece of parchment paper and quickly cleaning your bowl can help you avoid damage to your weed and your favorite smoking device.

5. Not Using Airtight Containers

There are many types of containers out there that you can use for storing weed, but some are better than others. When looking for a suitable container for your weed and other marijuana products, make sure that you always use a sealable, airtight container.

The problem with non-airtight containers is that these let in too much oxygen, which can then break down your weed quicker and reduce its freshness and potency. Moisture can also seep into non-airtight containers, and this can be even more disastrous for your products. Make sure you avoid these containers for storing your weed.

Luckily, there are many excellent and affordable options when it comes to airtight weed containers. Some people use specially designed metal or wooden marijuana containers or even Cannabis Humidors. However, one of the most affordable and practical options is to simply use Mason Jars or other airtight glass containers.

Storing Your Weed In Unclean Containers

6. Storing Your Weed In Unclean Containers

While ensuring that your weed container is airtight is important, it’s also important to make sure that you clean any container you use thoroughly before you store your weed in it. Failing to clean your containers can cause all kinds of problems for your weed, so make sure that you don’t skip this step.

This is an especially common mistake when using Mason Jars or other sealable glass jars. If you’ve previously used the container for storing other food or liquid products, the container might still be dirty. If your weed is exposed to contaminants such as leftover foods or liquids, this can seriously degrade its quality.

Quickly cleaning your containers with a small amount of soap only takes a couple of minutes. Scrub your containers and make sure to thoroughly rinse them out after washing them. Finally, make sure that you dry your container thoroughly. If your weed is exposed to moisture, it can grow mold and degrade in quality even faster. Use paper towels to ensure there’s no leftover moisture in your jar before using it for your weed.

7. Putting Your Weed In The Fridge Or Freezer

Another one of the most common weed storage mistakes that users need to stop is storing their weed in the fridge or freezer. Although fridges and freezers work great for storing all your foods and drinks, that doesn’t mean that they should also be used for storing weed. Storing weed in the fridge or freezer is detrimental for numerous reasons.

When you store your weed in the freezer, the harsh, cold temperatures cause your buds to lose their moisture and become dry and brittle. Not only will the smoke be harsher, but it’ll lose a lot of its flavor. What’s more, the trichomes will begin to break away from the buds more easily, resulting in weak and unsatisfactory weed.

Storing your weed in the fridge can be just as bad. The constant changes in temperature can reduce the quality of your weed and it’s easier for moisture to seep in. Instead, store your weed in a cool, dry place such as a cupboard or drawer. This reduces exposure to light and heat without being too cold and ruining your weed.

Putting Your Weed In The Fridge Or Freezer

8. Mixing Products In Your Containers

When you’re storing your weed in a glass jar or another type of container, you might be tempted to stuff in the rest of your weed products and accessories. After all, if you’re storing your weed in there, why not also keep your Pipe, rolling papers, and cannabis concentrates in there too?

This is a common thought process that many marijuana users have. However, you shouldn’t be mixing products in your weed containers. Although it may seem more convenient, it can damage your weed. For instance, concentrates might stick to other products, used devices like Pipes can leak resin and ashes into your containers, and Edibles can be even worse.

Even storing old weed with new weed can be detrimental and it’s best to store these in separate containers. You can store products together in some cases, but you should use parchment paper to wrap them separately. However, make sure you avoid storing other devices and accessories with your products altogether.

9. Using Containers That Are Too Large

Another weed storage mistake that’s all too easy to make is using containers that are too large for the amount of weed you’re storing. It’s easy to just grab any glass jar and put in the small amount of weed you have, but this isn’t the best approach when it comes to effective weed storage.

The problem with using large containers is that having too much space for your weed to move around can result in your products rustling around and losing trichomes. Plus, it’ll also lead to more oxygen in your containers, which can cause the weed to degrade faster.

This problem can be tricky to get around if you don’t have a suitable container for your weed. It’s best to get containers of various sizes so that you always have something suitable for storing your stash. That way, you can keep all your products safely stored away without them losing their quality.

Not Storing Your Containers In A Cool, Dry Place

10. Not Storing Your Containers In A Cool, Dry Place

Not storing your cannabis containers somewhere appropriate is one of the biggest mistakes that weed users make. While finding a suitable container for your weed and marijuana products is important, not storing the container somewhere where it’s safe from heat, light, air, and moisture can make the whole storing process redundant.

For example, if you store your weed in a glass jar but leave it on your window ledge, your bud can still easily be damaged by heat and sunlight. If you store it on your kitchen counter next to the stove or microwave, heat can cause damage to your weed.

It’s easy enough to avoid all of these problems by simply putting your weed containers somewhere that’s cool, dry, and dark. A cupboard, drawer, cabinet, or closet will work fine. Just make sure your container is safe from any outside elements that can damage your weed.


These are ten of the most common weed storage mistakes that you need to stop doing if you want your weed to maintain its quality for as long as possible. Luckily, you don’t need to spend too much time or money to store your weed effectively for long-lasting freshness.

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