What Are Scientific Glass Bongs

What Are Scientific Glass Bongs

If you are new to using bongs, you may not know what scientific glass bongs are. These are extremely sturdy solutions for enjoying a smoke. They have water that acts as a filter for smoke, which can offer you a smooth hit. You can also use your scientific glass for a range of applications. Keep reading to find out more.

About Scientific Glass Bongs 

Compared to other types of glass, scientific glass can be more affordable. However, it is still difficult to make. The glass is perfectly clear and allows you to see how the bong works inside. But that also means it needs to both look and function perfectly. 

Getting a Smooth Smoke

The bubbles of your smoke will filter through the water before entering your mouth. The filtering will depend on the surface area of the bubble that touches the water. The more of the bubble that touches the water, the more filtering will happen. That might make you think that you want to have bigger bubbles, so each one has more surface area.

But you actually want to have many small bubbles instead. Think about a big bubble that separates into smaller ones. That will give it more surface area. A scientific glass perc will allow your hot smoke to travel to the water in the smallest bubbles possible. That leads to more efficient cooling before they enter your mouth. By the time the cool, filtered smoke hits your lips, it will feel like a cool breeze and give you a smooth hit.

Scientific glass bongs have extremely intricate percolators. They have many openings and tubes, which allows them to direct the bubbles to move through various obstacles. That will help break up the bubbles even more and give you an incredibly smooth smoking experience. And if this is not enough for you, you can also get additional percolators, which can be game-changing for your smoke.

Durability of Scientific Glass Bongs

Durability of Scientific Glass Bongs

One of the benefits of scientific glass is that it is typically more impact-resistant than other kinds of bongs. One reason for this because of the bongs’ solid shape. The glass itself also tends to be fairly strong since it is often a higher quality than other kinds of bongs. Its durability is also a good thing if you are a little high and might not be as careful with your piece as you would be otherwise. 

Heat Resistance

These bongs also resist heat very well. If you want to use your bong for a dab rig, you will need to use scientific glass. That is because many typical glass bongs can’t withstand the heat that you need your blowtorch to create. 

Using your bong will involve exposing both the glass and the dry herbs to extreme heat. That is true no matter what smoking method or style you choose, whether it is a hand pipe, bong, or bubbler. But if the piece is not made properly, the glass can become damaged over time. You’re exposing the glass to a flame and removing it quickly, and this can be enough of a temperature difference to cause a fracture. 

When you are dabbing, many kinds of glass break if they go from the very hot temperatures from a blowtorch to cold temperatures from ice cubes or even just water. But because of its strength, scientific glass can withstand the temperature differences and heat that you need in your dab rig. That way, you can enjoy the glass for many years to come. 

Why Are Scientific Bongs Popular?

Right now, the look of scientific glass is in. The straight, clean lines and designs offer a pleasing aesthetic that many users are looking for. While the interior workings may be very complex, the manufacturers have worked to make them very user-friendly. Both recreational and medicinal smokers like to use this kind of tool. 

Bongs offer a functional appeal to many users, and the design is logical enough that it makes smoking more appealing and comfortable. Because of how clear the glass is, many users enjoy watching the bubbles go through the percolators as they are smoking. It can be a fun tool to have if you are having a smoking party with your friends. 

Using Attachments 

You can use your scientific glass bong with many different attachments. They are made so you can easily add male and female attachments. That might include percolators, ash catchers, dropdowns, or dab nails. That makes glass bongs highly customizable. You can easily upgrade or add to the bong, giving it a variety of uses for you.

Using Attachments

Getting an Ash Catcher

For example, an ash catcher can minimize the need to clean your dab rig or bong quite as often. You will place the accessory where your bowl goes normally, and the bowl will go on the top. Many times, you can find ash catchers that have percolators built into them, and that will give your smoke even more filtration.

Converting Your Bong

If you have the right tools, like a dab nail, you can convert any bong to a dab rig. That way, you can use a concentrate and enjoy its taste with the same glass piece. You will just take off the bowl and put a dab nail in its place. Make sure that you find one that has the same gender and joint size.

Flexibility with Dropdowns

Dropdowns are useful if you have a bowl in one size and a bong joint in another size. This is a kind of adapter that you can use to use any size of dab nail or bowl. You can also use a dropdown to keep your lighter far enough away from your piece.

Closing Thoughts 

The scientific glass bong can be a great tool if you are looking for a long-term tool for smoking. If you’re a beginner, you can start off with the basics now and then move to more attachments as you need them.



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