Which Method Is Most Effective: Big Bong Rips or Small Hits

Which Method Is Most Effective: Big Bong Rips or Small Hits

If you have been using cannabis for any length of time, you may have heard varying advice on the right way to use marijuana. You might have heard that you should take a large hit and then hold it in your lungs for as long as possible for the best experience. But you do not need to do this to enjoy your smoke. 

Understanding How Bongs Work

Before deciding which way to use your tools, it is a good idea to understand how a bong works. This item is a great way to enjoy cannabis because it can filter the smoke. There is water in a bowl, and this acts as a filter to the smoke. That way, you will not inhale tar, allowing you to enjoy a smoother hit. At the same time, you will still get the same amount of THC.

Why You Don’t Need Big Hits

For some users, smoking is about showing off and competing with huge hits. But you might not have realized that these large hits waste both your bud and your money. There are two main reasons you might want to stay away from a big hit. First, you end up bringing your weed faster. That means it will not last very long. 

It is essential to understand how the lungs work to know more about smoking. When you breathe, you do not absorb all of the oxygen and exhale all carbon dioxide. Each time you exhale, you expel quite a bit of oxygen. If your lungs were extremely effective at absorbing oxygen, then you could likely take a large breath and would not need another one. However, people take shorter breaths more often.

Your lungs only absorb a little oxygen each minute. The same is true if you are smoking cannabis. If you have smoke in your lungs, then you cannot force your system to absorb more of the THC. 

However, you may feel a little bit higher when you take a big hit and hold it in. However, that is because your brain is not getting enough oxygen. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded, then the smoke’s carbon monoxide only increases this effect. When you inhale more smoke, you might feel like you are getting more THC. But this is not true.

Why You Don’t Need Big Hits

Absorbing THC 

When you take a breath, your lungs transfer the oxygen to your bloodstream nearly instantly. That is also true with THC. Once you take a hit, no matter how large or small, almost all of the THC enters your body. About 95 percent goes into your bloodstream. That means that holding the smoke in for longer does not do anything for you.

How to Get as High as Possible

If holding in your smoke doesn’t get you any higher, you might be wondering what will. The answer is to smoke more. If you still don’t like the effects, you may want to look for a strain that has a higher concentration of THC in it. You can also look for edibles or try dabbing with concentrates. Both of these options can give a more potent, longer-lasting high.

Vaping is another option for you. The plant material does not combust when you use it. Instead, you are only heating it to the right temperature. That activates the cannabinoids, and some people believe that the experience is more intense. You might also enjoy the fact that it offers such a smooth smoke.

Taking Smaller Doses

Not every cannabis user wants to be as high as they can. Some people have different reasons for using the herb. In recent years, micro-dosing has become very popular. Recreational and medicinal users alike often choose to micro-dose.

This process involves taking very tiny doses of the THC. That can help you experience THC without being high. Typically, a micro-dose is around two to three milligrams. Instead of having an entire bowl or joint, you would only take a puff or so. Some users find that this method allows them to take cannabis throughout the day without being too high.

Taking Smaller Doses

Getting Higher

To have the best experience possible, you should pack it carefully. That will help you smoke cannabis all the way through instead of having ash at the end. You can use your finger to gently press your crushed herb in the bowl, which will allow you to get a bit more in. If you pack it too loosely, it may not burn enough. That can affect your buzz. But if it is too tight, then the airflow will be disrupted.

In the end, the bowl should be even, and there should be little leftover. Try packing the top a little tighter than the bottom of your bong. If you did it right, your second and third hits should still taste good. The best way to learn how to pack your bowl is through trial and error. You will eventually determine the maximum dose you can put in while still ensuring that everything burns evenly.

Closing Thoughts

Smoking cannabis is not a competition that requires you to strain your body. No matter how you choose to use your bong, taking small puffs will give you a relaxing high. If you do a lot of smoking, you may want to look into using a vaporizer. That can last a long time as well. Edibles also allow you to have a long-lasting high. Or you can take many small hits from your bong.

Even though having a smaller hit might not be as “cool” when you are in a group, it serves its purpose well. Not only does it allow your cannabis to last longer, but it also allows you to use more of that THC. If you want your weed to last longer, smaller hits are the way to go. It also allows you to get high faster since you don’t need to waste time letting the smoke sit in your lungs. 



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