How to Clean Glass Dab Rigs

How to Clean Glass Dab Rigs

When you use glass dab rigs, you will most likely need to clean them regularly. This can help improve your overall dabbing experience. There are three main ways that you can clean them. While they are different, all of them are effective. The best method for you will depend on how comfortable you are with each process. Keep reading to see a breakdown of each technique and learn a few pro tips along the way. That way, your dab rigs can stay clean and sparkling.

What You Need

For the basic method, you will need water and a microwave, kettle, or stove. If you are going with the intermediate or advanced method, then you will need water, 85 to 99 percent isopropyl alcohol, water, rock salt, a microwave-safe container, and a method of heating the water.

To get started, you will use your microwave, stove, or kettle to heat about two cups of water. It is OK if it starts to boil, but you will want to let this cool some before you work with it. While it cools, you can hold the dab rig up to it, so the gunk loosens up a bit. When you use an advanced method, you will need to use your microwave-safe container to heat the rubbing alcohol. It will usually take about 15 seconds to heat 4 ounces.

With all of the methods, you will be adding liquid to your dab rig. With the intermediate and the advanced methods, you will be adding rock salt and rubbing alcohol. By shaking it, you can gradually loosen up the gunk. 

With really dirty pieces, you will need to keep working at it for a while to see results. Then, you can rinse it with lukewarm water. Do not use cold water, as the temperature difference can make the glass crack. You might need to repeat this a few times to see the results you want.

What You Need

Using the Easy Method

Hot water is the easiest method of cleaning your dab rig, especially if you do not have any of the other necessary items on hand. While you are waiting for the water to boil, you will want to allow the steam to loosen up all the gunk. For example, if you are using a kettle, you can hold the dab rig over the neck. This can even reach into the dab rig. 

It is a good idea to let the water come to a complete boil and then take it off of the heat. Then, you can let this sit for around 60 seconds. You will want to take care when you are working with heat and glass like this. However, if the glass in your dab rig is of good quality, then it should not crack. 

You will want to put your hot water in your dab rig and shake this quickly. This step takes a bit of coordination because you want to cover the area that has the nail and your mouthpiece. When you dump out the water, try to use one smooth motion. 

The oil will be sitting on the water, and if you pour it too slowly, the oil might stick to the inside of the glass again. Then, you would need to put some more hot water in it.

Using Rubbing Alcohol and Salt for More Cleaning

This method simply adds a couple of extra steps to the first method. You will still boil some water and allow it to sit for around 60 seconds after. However, before placing it in your dab rig, you will add a bit of cold rubbing alcohol to the rig. 

If the rubbing alcohol is above 85 percent, it should work well. You also can use some rock salt to help make it even more effective. Spend a couple of minutes shaking it vigorously before adding your hot water.

Sometimes reclaim can build up in the dab rig. If this is the case, then combining rock salt and rubbing alcohol is a good idea. Your rock salt will cover the surface area. On the other hand, the rubbing alcohol will allow your hot water to better remove any reclaim. When you quickly pour out the liquid at the end, any rock salt can help to remove the buildup. At the end of this process, you can rinse it out with cool, but not cold, water.

Heating the Rubbing Alcohol

Heating the Rubbing Alcohol 

A harder method that can get your dab really clean is by heating your rubbing alcohol a bit. The reason this is considered a more advanced method is that you want to be very careful to avoid overheating the alcohol. If you heat it too much in a microwave, it can potentially explode.

You do not want to heat more than about 4 ounces at a time. Also, only put it in the microwave for around 15 seconds. And if you are using less than 4 ounces, you will want to put it on for less time. Once the rubbing alcohol is slightly hot, you should add it to the dab rig and swirl it around for a few minutes.

For an even cleaner dab rig, you also can use some rock salt the way that the previous method mentions. That will quickly remove the buildup of reclaim. Warm rubbing alcohol often works better than room temperature alcohol. You likely will not need to worry about using hot water with this technique. In the end, the dab rig should be sparkling like new. You will still want to use hot water to rinse out the rig.

Closing Thoughts 

Remember, to keep your dab rig working well, you must regularly maintain it. You will want to change out the water often to prevent reclaim from building up along the interior. When you clean the rig often, you are less likely to need to spend as much time doing a deep clean. That can help you get an optimal experience.

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