Guide to Dab Dosage

Guide to Dab Dosage

While smoking or vaping does the job for most users, some seek out even stronger methods of consumption. Dabbing is a method of cannabis consumption that involves using a special device known as a Dab Rig to get the most powerful hits of THC possible. Due to just how strong hits from a Dab Rig can be, it’s important to know how to control your dab dosage.

Dabbing involves using cannabis concentrates such as Shatter, Wax, and Hash Oil. These products contain extra high levels of concentrated THC, and they’re also known as “dabs” as you only need a small dab for extremely strong effects. You use them with a Dab Rig- a special kind of bong that you use by heating a nail and applying a dab for instant vaporization.

Controlling your dosage while dabbing is very different from dosing when you’re using a Bong, Pipe or Vaporizer. Since cannabis concentrates can contain massive amounts of THC even in a tiny amount, using too much can result in uncomfortable effects. With that said, there are some ways to determine how high of a dab dosage you need and measure it out.

So how do you figure out how much THC is in each dab and how much you should use? Here’s a guide to Dab Dosage to help you out.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a method of consumption used for cannabis concentrates. These come in many forms, such as Shatter, Hash, Wax, Live Resin, Rosin, and many more. These products are concentrated forms of cannabis that contain extremely high levels of THC. While weed usually has around 15-25% THC levels, cannabis concentrates can contain 60-90% and even higher in some cases.

Cannabis concentrates are also known as dabs as you only need a small piece of one for a potent high. You’ll need a Dab Rig to enjoy dabs- these are devices that require you to heat a Quartz nail with a blowtorch before applying your dab for instant vaporization. You can also use a Dab Pen- a kind of vaporizer designed for use with cannabis concentrates.

This method gives you extremely strong effects, both thanks to the potency of dabs and the intensely pure hits that Dab Rigs deliver. Even veteran cannabis users may be taken aback by how strong dab hits are. Using too much can result in unwanted side effects, but you can take measures to ensure you get a pleasant dabbing experience.

What You Need To Dab

What You Need To Dab

If you want to try dabbing, you’ll need a few things first. First of all, you’ll need a Dab Rig. Dab Rigs look quite similar to Bongs in their structure. They’re usually free-standing devices with a water chamber that your hits are filtered through. You apply your dab to a Quartz banger- similar to a bowl- and inhale through the mouthpiece. However, Dab Rigs do have some significant differences.

The main difference is that Dab Rigs contain a Quartz banger, also known as a Dab nail. Unlike regular glass bowls, these are designed to withstand high heat, hence why you can heat them with a blow torch without them cracking or breaking. They’re also deeper and can be covered with a carb cap to enhance the potency of your dab hits.

You can buy Dab Rigs online in many forms. Some devices are designed exclusively for dabbing. However, you can also get Bongs with interchangeable bowls that you can switch out for a Quartz banger. You can also buy Quartz bangers online. Make sure you check whether your device needs a male or female banger.

You’ll also need a Dab Tool, also known as a Dabber. These are small, stick-like tools that you can use for scooping up dabs of your cannabis concentrates. They’re used to apply dabs to your Quartz banger while it’s heated up without burning yourself. You can buy a Dab Tool online and many even come with a carb cap for covering your banger after applying your dab.

Finally, you need a small butane torch or blow torch. These are used to heat up your Dab Nail before applying your dab. Once you have everything you need, you can enjoy dabbing with all kinds of cannabis concentrates or dabs. Popular examples include Shatter, Wax, Live Resin, and Rosin.

How to Use a Dab Rig

Using a Dab Rig is a little more complicated than using a Bong or Pipe, although it’s still fairly straightforward. Make sure you have your Dab Rig complete with a banger, a dab tool, a blow torch, and a portion of your chosen cannabis concentrate. Once you have everything you need, it’s time to enjoy dabbing.

First of all, you’ll need to heat your dab nail with your blow torch. It needs to be hot enough for your dab to instantly vaporize when it hits the nail. As such, make sure you heat it thoroughly and apply heat around the perimeter of the bowl until it’s hot enough.

Next, you’ll need to take a scoop of your cannabis concentrate (also known as dab) with your dab tool and apply it to the dab nail. It’s best to separate your concentrates into small dabs before you use them. Once you apply your dab to the banger, it should vaporize instantly.

Take a hit from the mouthpiece of your Dab Rig while your dab vaporizes. You may want to cover your banger with a carb cap to keep the hit inside. The effects of dab hits will hit you hard and fast, so don’t inhale too much and don’t hold it in for long.

You can repeat the process until you’re satisfied with the effects. However, due to how strong dabs are, you usually won’t need to take many hits for an extremely strong high. It’s important to know how to control your dab dosage so you don’t take too much.

How to Use a Dab Rig

Guide to Dab Dosage

When you try dabbing for the first time, it’s important to be careful with your dosage. Using too much can swiftly result in uncomfortable side effects so you’ll want to ensure you use a sensible amount. However, while some cannabis products make it easy to measure your dosage, it can be a little more difficult with dabs.

Usually, when it comes to dabbing, you’ll need to determine how much THC is in your cannabis concentrates. Concentrates often have different levels of THC and this will determine how strong the effects of your dabs will be. You’ll also need to separate your cannabis concentrates into small pieces so you don’t use too much at once.

The amount you should use can depend on various factors. For instance, users with a higher tolerance for THC will be able to handle more than beginner users. However, even experienced cannabis users will often find dab hits surprisingly strong compared to other methods of consumption.

As with any new product or method of consumption, it’s best to start as small as possible. The usual recommended dose of THC when using products like edibles is 10mg of THC. You may want to use this as a guideline, although cutting cannabis concentrates into accurately dosed pieces is easier said than done.

How To Determine The Dosage Of Your Dabs

It’s important to figure out just how potent your dabs are before you use them. Although some users can get away with simply taking a small scoop of their cannabis concentrates and applying it to their Dab Rig, you may end up with severely strong effects if you’re not careful about how much you use.

You can usually determine how strong your dabs will be by figuring out how potent your chosen cannabis extract is. For example, if you have a gram of Shatter with THC levels of 80%, you can determine that it contains 800mg of THC. Naturally, you’ll want to use a much smaller amount before you start taking hits.

Splitting a gram of Shatter with 800mg into 10 equal pieces will give you 10 pieces of Shatter with 80mg of THC each. However, this may still be too strong for most users, so you may want to split it again into quarters, giving you 20mg of THC in each dab. You may want your dabs to be weaker or stronger depending on your tolerance and the kind of effects you want.

Figuring out the exact dosage of your dabs can be trickier with some cannabis concentrates- especially if they contain high levels of THC and are tough to split into equal pieces. The best approach to take is to try the smallest amount you can scoop before you go any higher. Many users will find that even a single hit from a dab rig yields very strong effects, so you usually won’t need much.

How To Determine The Dosage Of Your Dabs

What To Do If Your Dabs Are Too Strong

Compared to other methods of consumption such as smoking and vaping, dabs will usually be much stronger than what you’re used to. Cannabis concentrates contain huge amounts of THC and even a single dab hit can give you incredibly powerful effects. In some cases, you may want to take measures to avoid the powerful effects of dabbing.

It’s important to only start with a small dab before you try anything bigger. It’s also best to start with cannabis concentrates that aren’t too strong. You’ll want to avoid concentrates with THC levels of 80% or above in favor of slightly weaker concentrates that are easy to break apart into smaller doses.

If you end up getting uncomfortably high from dabbing and want to reduce the effects, drink plenty of water and eat food. Remember not to panic and if you feel too uncomfortable, try to lay down and rest. Fortunately, the effects don’t take too long to wear off and, although you may experience some anxiety and nausea, the side effects aren’t too harmful.

You might also want to consider alternative options to dabbing. Dabbing can be a great way to enjoy the effects of THC in full force for veteran users, but some users may prefer a milder and more manageable high. There are plenty of ways to still enjoy your cannabis concentrates without the potential complications of dabbing.

Alternatives to Dabbing

If you want to use cannabis concentrates but don’t enjoy dabbing, you have various alternative options. These will still give you a powerful high, but the effects are generally milder and more manageable than consuming concentrates using a Dab Rig. Here are some of the best alternatives to using a Dab Rig.

Joints - If you want to enjoy the effects of cannabis concentrates but find dabbing too overwhelming, you might want to try mixing some dabs with weed in a joint. Although concentrates won’t burn well in a joint on their own, mixing them with weed can be an effective approach. The weed helps the concentrates burn and they’ll make your joints much stronger.

Bongs/Pipes - You can also smoke cannabis concentrates in a Bong or Pipe simply by mixing them with weed. Start by filling your bowl with weed as usual then place some dabs of your chosen concentrate on top. The hits won’t be as strong as hits from a Dab Rig, but you’ll still get a powerful and enjoyable high. Plus, you can stop as soon as you’re satisfied with the effects.

Vaping - Vaping using a Vaporizer or Vape Pen is one of the most popular ways to use cannabis concentrates. You can use Dab Pens or Wax Pens to swiftly vaporize cannabis concentrates for smooth, inhalable vapor. Some Vaporizers are designed for use with weed or vape oils, so make sure you have a vaporizer designed for use with cannabis concentrates.

Alternatives to Dabbing


Dabbing is a method of consumption designed to get the strongest effects from concentrates such as Shatter, Wax, Live Resin, and more. By heating up the nail of a Dab Rig and applying a dab of your cannabis concentrate, you’ll get an extremely strong hit that gives you an intense high.

Controlling your dab dosage can be tricky, especially with cannabis concentrates containing varying levels of THC. Make sure you figure out how potent your concentrates are and split them into small dabs before you use them. You can buy Dab Rigs and various other devices and accessories online at



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