Pizza Box That Turns into a Weed Pipe

Pizza Box That Turns into a Weed Pipe

What could be better than having a cheesy, garlicky pizza or smoking a relaxing joint? Doing them together! The makers of an app that allows people to order pizza have come up with a pizza box that you can also use to smoke cannabis. 

About the Pizza Pipe

The team that created the Push for Pizza app developed a special pipe design. When your pizza arrives, you can punch out a section of the box and roll it up into a Pizza Pipe. The pizza box also comes with a plastic stand that prevents the box from becoming crushed and ruining the pizza inside. You will attach this plastic stand to the end of the pipe, which will be the bowl.

The pizza box is completely recyclable, and the bowl for the pipe is made from ceramic that will resist high temperatures. It even has a carb on it, so you can get better ventilation. The pipe is designed to last for a long time, and it is unlikely to burn unless you are not careful with your flame.

The goal of this pipe is for you to not need to look for a pipe when you are ready to relax with some cannabis. Since the pizza company’s name is on the pipe, you will not need to look up the phone number of the nearest pizza place. The best part is that you will already have the pizza before you get the “munchies.” That will give you are more enjoyable and relaxed experience without having to wait for the pizza to show up. Unfortunately, the Pizza Pipe is still just a concept. 

Cannabis and Hunger

Cannabis and Hunger

The psychoactive part of cannabis that makes you high is called THC. It affects your body in several different ways. THC can affect the part of your brain that controls your appetite. It will stimulate your body’s endocannabinoid system. It may also stimulate the production of the hormone called ghrelin, which can make you hungry.

THC will enter special receptors in your brain. You will get hungry because the THC will enter receptors near your brain’s olfactory bulb. This affects how you taste and smell food. When the THC binds to your brain’s receptors in that area, food will taste better and smell more delicious. That is part of what makes you feel hungrier. Even if you are not hungry, THC can trick your brain into thinking you are.

It can be a good thing in some cases to have your appetite stimulated by marijuana. Of course, you do not want to be eating more calories than you really need. But some people have medical conditions that cause them to lose weight. For instance, you may have heard about cancer patients who use medical marijuana to get high and be able to eat more food. Patients with other medical conditions that curb appetite, like colitis, can also potentially benefit from a substance that makes them feel hungrier. This could help you get through some difficult health problems.

Using a Weed Pipe

To smoke weed from a pipe, you will need to have a heating element to combust the cannabis. You can use a butane lighter, or you can find one without a butane flavor. An effective lighter will give you the best heating control to make the cannabis combust. You could also try a hemp wick that will give you a more even burn. 

Some people also like to use glass wands for lighting their bowls. You can heat the glass enough that it will cause the herb to vaporize as soon as you touch it. That will eliminate the smoke from combustion and still give you the flavor and cannabinoids. However, the hit will be a little lighter since you will not be getting all of the THC. That is a good option if you do not want to inhale so much all at once.

Now, gather the weed, a grinder, and your pipe. Grind up the weed loosely. You want it to be broken up evenly, but you do not want it to be ground up too much. You can grind it by hand, but the process is easier with a dedicated grinder. 

Now, place the broken weed in your pipe. To maximize the airflow, you can use a stem to make sure that you stuff the cannabis at the bottom of the bowl. That will stop pieces from going through it. If you have a screen, now is the time to use it. 

You want to pack the cannabis lighter at the bottom than at the top. Make it denser at the upper portion. That will give you a better smoke since the cannabis at the top can have a better burn. There will be more airflow at the bottom, so you can inhale it easily and avoid any clogging. Now, you will just use your heat source to combust it and enjoy it.

Using a Weed Pipe

Using Screens

You will want to consider using a screen with your pipe. That may help you avoid inhaling bits of burned plant material. However, you may not have a package of screens handy. You can try twisting a paperclip or a bit of wire to a coil. Or you may try using a screen that came from a faucet.

You should avoid using a soda can, window screen, or aluminum foil to be a screen. They have materials coated on them that can be harmful to inhale. 

Closing Thoughts

There are new developments in cannabis every day, and a weed pipe from a pizza box is just one of them. No matter what kind of pipe you end up using, you should know the right way to pack one. That will help you to get the most out of your smoking experience. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different methods of smoking and lighting your marijuana, so you can find the one you like the best.


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