Top 15 Glass Pipes Under 20 Dollars of 2020

Top 15 Glass Pipes Under 20 Dollars of 2020

Glass Pipes offer one of the most convenient and effective ways to enjoy your weed. You don’t need to waste any time getting rolling papers or rolling joints- just pack some weed in the bowl, light the weed, and take a smooth, potent hit from the mouthpiece. Glass Pipes give you an excellent smoking experience and they’re small enough to take anywhere. Plus, you can find plenty of Glass Pipes under 20 dollars.

You can buy Glass Pipes in all kinds of shapes and sizes from small, handy Spoon Pipes to fancier Sherlock Pipes. Some Pipes even change colors or glow in the dark, making them awesome to look at when you’re high. You can even get themed Pipes that feature some of your favorite characters. Whichever way, you don’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality piece.

FatBuddhaGlass offers a range of high-quality smoking pipes at all price ranges. Even during lockdowns, we offer convenient fast and free delivery, so you can get the Glass Pipe you want without any hassle. Plus, with so many amazing affordable Pipes, there’s truly something to suit everyone. Here are our top 15 Glass Pipes under 20 dollars of 2020.

1. Gold Bar Pipe

If you want a stylish, regal-looking Glass Pipe, then the Gold Bar Pipe is perfect for you. Not only does this Pipe catch the eye with its stylish mix of colors, but it’s also built with high-quality glass and fumed with 24K gold and .999 fine silver. It feels incredibly sturdy in your hands and will be durable for years to come.

Smoking out of this Pipe is truly a treat. The 6-inch size is plenty to get a smooth and satisfying hit of weed every time. What’s more, the Pipe changes colors with every hit you take, making it look even more amazing and making your smoking experience even more fun. This is a great choice for less than 20 dollars.

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2. Red Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock Pipes take inspiration from traditional Smoking Pipes. With their long, curved necks, they feel great in your hand and make smoking feel a little more classy. And if you’re looking for a simple yet stylish Glass Pipe with a curved neck, then this Red Sherlock Pipe is worth checking out

The long, curved neck means that you’ll get nice big hits when you smoke out of this piece. It’s also easy to light while you inhale due to the distance of the mouthpiece from the bowl. Plus, the flat bottom means you can simply stand it on the table when you’re not using it. It’s made with heavy borosilicate glass, making it durable. Overall, there’s a lot to love about this Pipe, including the price.

Buy Red Sherlock Pipe

Red Sherlock Pipe

3. Ribbed Glass Pipe

If you want a Spoon Pipe that stands out both in terms of its colors and the way it’s built, then take a look at this Ribbed Glass Pipe. The ribbed design makes it easy and satisfying to hold and the interesting mix of colors makes it even cooler. Plus, it’s a color changing Pipe, so every hit will bring out more color.

The Ribbed Glass Pipe is just 5 inches in length, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Not only does it offer great portability, but you’ll be surprised at the high quality of the hits you’ll get from this fancy glass piece.

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4. Grav Sherlock Pipe

Looking for a stylishly understated Glass Pipe? Then you’ll love this Sherlock Pipe from GRAV®. This Pipe comes in a classic Sherlock Pipe design with a long, curved neck, allowing you to enjoy fantastic hits from its long, curved body.

It’s made with thick, high-quality glass. As soon as you hold it, you’ll notice how sturdy and satisfying the structure feels. You can rely on this pipe to last you for a long time and the smoking experience you get from it is highly enjoyable. Plus, it’s available in various colors including Black, Amber, Blue, Pink, and White, so there’s an option to suit every user.

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5. Tentacle Pipe

As far as Glass Pipe designs go, the Tentacle Pipe boasts one of the unique and most interesting. It’s shaped like a long, curved tentacle. Instead of taking your hits from the end of it, the mouthpiece is placed in the center, meaning you can get satisfying hits without worrying about burning your mouth. It feels surprisingly good to hold and you’ll also be impressed at the smoothness of the smoke when you smoke from it.

The colorful tentacle-shaped design looks awesome and makes this Pipe truly stand out. It’s also made with sturdy borosilicate glass, so it won’t break easily. You can also control how much smoke you take in using the carb hole on the left. For the low price, you’ll be getting a quality smoking Pipe as well as an impressive piece of glass art, making this piece truly worth it.

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6. Glow in the Dark Pipe

If you like smoking in the dark, then buying a Glow in the Dark Pipe is well worth it. These Pipes are built with high-quality materials and give you smooth, satisfying hits just like regular Glass Pipes. The only difference is that, when it’s dark enough, they’ll give off a neon green glow making them great to look at.

This Glow in the Dark Pipe is one of the best Glass Pipes under 20 dollars you’ll find. The long, slim design offers superior hits and it looks sleek and stylish even during the daytime. With sturdy borosilicate glass, you can rely on it to last and it’s especially great for those late-night smoking sessions.

Glow in the Dark Pipe

6 Glow in the Dark Pipe

7. Standing Purple Pipe

Another one of the best Pipes you can get for under 20 dollars is the Standing Purple Pipe. This Pipe is unique as it stands straight up. You can light the bowl at the bottom and take a hit from the mouthpiece at the top, almost giving you the feel of a miniature Bong when you use it. After taking a hit, you can simply leave it standing until you’re ready to take another.

As well as being satisfying to smoke from, it’s also made with high-quality borosilicate glass and fumed with .999 fine silver, so it both looks and feels great. Plus, it changes colors every time you take a hit, making it even more enjoyable to use.

Buy Standing Purple Pipe

8. T-Rex Putter Pipe

Another one of the coolest-looking Pipes you can get is the T-Rex Putter Pipe. This Pipe has a diagonal standing design, so you can light the bowl at the bottom while taking a hit from the top. The colors give off a cool prehistoric vibe that makes it extra unique and funky.

At just 5 inches in length, this Pipe is both portable and practical. But don’t worry, the hits you get from it will still be potent and satisfying. It feels nice and strong in your hands and it also features a carb hole to make it easy to control the amount of smoke you take in.

Buy T-Rex Putter Pipe

9. Harry Potter Glow in the Dark Pipe

Fans of witchcraft and wizardry will love this unique, handcrafted, glow in the dark Character Pipe. Not only does it feature a sturdy glass build, a wide bowl for your weed, and a thick body that feels satisfying to hold, but it also features everyone’s favorite wizard- Harry Potter.

Despite only being 5 inches in length, this Glass Pipe will make you feel like you’ve been hit by a Wingardium Leviosa spell as the powerful hits quickly get you high. It’s great for portability as well as using at home. Plus, at less than 20 dollars, this piece also makes for the perfect gift for anyone that loves Harry Potter as much as they love pot.

Buy Harry Potter Glow in the Dark Pipe

10. Color Changing Rasta Pip

If you’re all about colorful Pipes, then it doesn’t get much better than this Color Changing Rasta Pipe. Even before you use it this Pipe looks incredible with its stylish mix of greens, yellows, and reds. However, every hit you take will bring out more color, making this Pipe look even more exceptional.

Aside from its colorful design, this Pipe is built with high-quality materials and features a classic Spoon Pipe shape. That means that it’s durable, portable, and offers fantastic hits that’ll quickly make you feel good. It’s easily one of the best Pipes you can get for under 20 dollars.

Buy Color Changing Rasta Pipe

Color Changing Rasta Pip

11. Fish Chillum One-hitter

Want something even more portable? Grab this Fish Chillum One-hitter. You might not expect much from a glass piece that’s only 3 inches in length, but while you can only expect one hit at a time, this chillum gives you surprisingly powerful and enjoyable hits when you smoke from it.

This piece is small enough to fit in pretty much any pocket and can give you a great hit when you need it. Plus, the colorful fish design makes it look quirky and cool. It’s available in two options with either 24k gold fuming or Rasta colors. Either way, you’ll be highly impressed by this one-hitter Pipe.

Fish Chillum One-hitter

12. Glow in the Dark Heart Pipe

When you’re in a happy and affectionate mood, this Glow in the Dark Heart Pipe is perfect to use. Use it for smoking in the dark and the bowl will be illuminated by the glowing pink heart along with a few glowing neon accents.

However, this Pipe isn’t just great thanks to its fancy design. The high-quality build makes it feel strong and reliable in your hands. At just 4-inches in length, it’s small enough to take anywhere, yet still provides hits that are strong enough to get you high in an instant. Overall, this Pipe is a fantastic buy for less than 15 dollars.

Buy Glow in the Dark Heart Pipe

13. Eye See Glass Pipe

Want a Pipe that looks extra cool yet a little creepy? The Eye See Glass Pipe is a stellar choice. This Pipe is instantly eye-catching thanks to the protruding eye on the side of the bowl. However, don’t let it put you off, a few hits from this will put you in an amazing mood.

The white frit glass feels good and looks good and at 4.5 inches in length, this Pipe is a solid option for users who want something portable yet powerful. What’s more, this Pipe costs just a little less than 15 dollars, making it great for users on a tight budget.

Buy Eye See Glass Pipe

14. Glow in the Dark Octopus Pipe

One of the most popular and highly-rated Glass Pipes we have is this Glow in the Dark Octopus Pipe. It’s handmade using high-quality borosilicate glass, making it feel strong, sturdy, and built-to-last. It also features a wide bowl with an ash catcher, making for smooth airflow and amazing hits.

Perhaps the most noticeable thing about this Glass Pipe is the design. The thick body is covered by an Octopus, and when you smoke in the dark, it’ll glow to make it even more prominent. It looks awesome and it’s available in two colors- either Green with Orange Octopus or Blue with Green Octopus. Either way, it’s well worth the price.

Buy Glow in the Dark Octopus Pipe

Glow in the Dark Octopus Pipe

15. Grav Glass Blunt

If you want something even more portable than a regular Glass Pipe, then check out the GRAV Glass Blunt. This tiny smoking device is amazing. You can pull out the mouthpiece, pack some weed in the end just like a blunt, and keep taking hits until you’re satisfied. 

Once you’re done, push the mouthpiece back in to push out any ash. Then just rinse and repeat. It feels like smoking a joint or blunt, except the quality borosilicate glass makes your hits smoother and better. Even if you already have a Pipe, it’s still worth getting this slim, 4-inch smoking tool for less than 12 dollars.

Buy Grav Glass Blunt


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