How to Use a Bubbler to Smoke Weed or Dabs

How to Use a Bubbler to Smoke Weed or Dabs

If you are using weed for the first time, you might have some questions about the tools used. For example, you may have heard of bubblers but not know how they work. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about smoking with a bubbler.

About Bubblers

Using a bubbler might be a good thing for when you are out and about and do not want to take a whole bong with you. If you are at home, you may want to use another larger device. A bubbler is a small glass hand pipe. It has a downstem attached to it, which lets you put some water in it to percolate. There is also a mouthpiece and a bowl. Sometimes, it comes with a carb hole, as well. 

Many bubblers have specific bubbling sounds when you use them. That is likely because there is a small amount of water in the bubbler and a small chamber. There are many types, including ones for weed or to dab. You can also get a large or small bubbler to use. 

How It Works

A bubbler has a tube that moves down past the water line. When you take a pull through it, the smoke will move down the tube and then bubble through your water. This can be a better option than just smoking. The water will ensure that the smoke will start to cool down a bit before it goes into your lungs. With a regular pipe, the smoke will just come into your lungs without cooling. Many people like smoking with a bubbler because they get a smoother hit

Weed vs. Dab Bubbler

Many people like to keep their glass separate. For instance, you might have pipes to use with bud and bongs and rigs for oil. They often don’t like to use the same glass with different cannabis products. That means that having both a dab bubbler and a weed bubbler would make sense. In the past, bubblers were only used to smoke bud. But now, many people like to use it to smoke their dabs. 

Using a Bubbler

Using a Bubbler

It is pretty easy to use your bubbler. First, start filling your water chamber using cold water. The colder that it is, the smoother your hits will be. You could try putting in some ice cubes to really chill it down. While you are waiting for your water to cool down, start grinding up your weed, just you would if you were taking a regular bong hit. Then, place this in the bowl.

If you have a carb for the bubbler, use your thumb or finger to cover it. Now, put your mouth on the mouthpiece. Light the blow and consistently but gently take a draw on the smoke to bring it to the chamber. Now, inhale it. You can take your finger or thumb off and then inhale the rest of your smoke. It will enter your lungs, where your bloodstream can absorb it quickly and give you a hard hit. 

Benefits of Using a Bubbler for Dabs and Weed

There are a few advantages when it comes to using a cannabis bubbler. First, if you often enjoy using bongs, then a bubbler can help you have an easily portable mechanism for smoking. These also offer smooth hits and can result in a better smoking experience. 

Think of a combination of a bong with a regular glass pipe. A bubbler can give you the best of both worlds with convenience, a smooth smoking experience, and ease of use. Bubblers are durable, light, and not too hard to use. So, if you are a new smoker and do not know how to use a bong, then a bubbler can be a great starting point.

Another reason that some people select bubblers is that it is a nice median between bongs and pipes. They are portable, and you can bring them anywhere you go discreetly. You will not cause any commotion. Of course, a delicate glass one should be handled carefully. 

Pipes are more durable and completely portable, as well. But they do not offer a creamy, filtered smoke that has gone through a percolator and a water chamber. You can think of them as portable bongs. 

The aesthetic is another reason that you might want to go with a bubbler. They are about more than just using your cannabis to get high, although that is part of it. Many kinds also are visually stunning and can help you get a better smoking experience. They can be the centerpiece of your smoking table, especially if you are sharing your smoke with your friends.

Kinds of Bubblers

Kinds of Bubblers

There are many kinds of bubblers, and they all have different perks and tweaks. For instance, a hammer bubbler has a chamber with a flat bottom, which means you can put them on surfaces steadily and not worry about them falling over.

A pendant bubbler has a creative design, and you can even put a string around it, so you can wear it on your neck. It doubles as a piece of jewelry when you are not smoking your cannabis. If you are going on a camping trip or doing a musical event, this would be the perfect unit. 

A double bubbler can give you an even smoother hit. It comes with two chambers, and each one has an individual percolator in it. The smoke that you get from the mouthpiece of this kind of bubbler is both silky smooth and cool and refreshing. 

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to using dabs and smoking weed, a bubbler can offer you many advantages. When you find the right one, you can take it with you and benefit from its ease of use. There are so many out there for you to choose from that you are sure to find the perfect one for you and your friends. You might even want to get a few, so you have a range of sizes to choose from.

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