How To Pick A Glass Pipe With Fat Buddha Glass

Picking the perfect pipe for you is a process we at Fat Buddha Glass understand the importance of. We have seen almost every different style, shape, and size of pipes in our quest to keep our website stocked with unique options for you to use! We also know that pipes are more than just something that you smoke out of, they are about the experience and personal connection you have while using them! There's so many options out here that can be a bit overwhelming, that’s why we're gonna go through the different types of styles and the advantages that each one has.

First we're gonna go over spoon pipes. Chances are you've seen one before. They get their namesake from every soup eater's favorite utensils! They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and they're perfect for on the go. Or even having a quick session with your friends!

Spoon pipes

Next, speaking of pieces that are perfect for on the go, Chillums and glass blunts are perfect for you if you want something small, and easy to adventure with! What I like about them is that they're small and that they use minimal amounts of material. AND they still get the job done!!

Chillum one hitter

Next up we're coming to our Chief Glass Enthusiasts, Mike, personal favorite! Sherlocks and gandalfs! These styles make you feel so sophisticated when you use them. The biggest difference between these and other pipes is their size. Because they're bigger you're gonna get a nice large rip plus they are extremely comfortable to hold. 

Sherlock & Gandalf pipes

Now we're going to talk to you about steamrollers. Besides their size. The biggest difference between these and other pipe styles is steamrollers have the placement of the carb hole on the end of the pipe. Which allows for very direct air flow and a bigger hit, it's like getting punched in the face but without the black eye.


Last but not least we come to our fan favorite style, theme pipes. These are some of the funnest pipes we have because they allow you to truly express yourself whether you want a blood sucking demogorgon or a cute baby yoda you can find your fit here!

Themed pipes

 As you can see there's lots of different styles of pipes out there each with their own advantage. When it comes to picking that perfect piece, we recommend finding one that meets your needs, but also finding one that you connect with emotionally. We love to hear what your favorite style is so just let us know in the comments below! To see everything we have check us out at We appreciate you, and we hope you find your piece.

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