How to use a grinder

If you haven't used a weed grinder already, your world is about to change. If you have, I bet you still find some valuable information as well. Here we are going to cover the basic different types of herb grinders, and how to use them. Don't forget to stick around till the end for a couple of tips and tricks from the pros. 

When I first started smoking I would use the pinch and pull method. This is where you take your cannabis and you pinch off little amounts from it, and place it in your bowl or joint. While that method may do the job, I noticed that it wasn’t burning evenly, and I was wasting a lot of material. THEN I found Grinders. 

Grinders take your product and break it down to a more even consistency. Having this freshly ground flower makes your bowls burn smoother, your joints last longer, and saves you time overall. Now that you know why you need a herb grinder. You need to know what options you have. 

Basically, there are only three different types of weed grinders. Two-piece grinders, three-piece grinders, and four-piece grinders. Two-piece grinders, like their names imply, only have two pieces. A top grinding compartment, and a bottom one. Three-piece grinders, have an additional flower catch under the grinding component, making it more convenient to grab your freshly ground flower. 

The best style on the market in my opinion is the four piece grinder. It has all of the benefits of the three piece, with the addition of the kief catch. This compartment catches the more potent, fine crystals that fall from your ground flower down through a metal screen. 

The first step to using the herb grinder, is to put your flower in between the top and second part of the grinder. You might have to break it up a little bit first, but not much. Then. You grind. And grind.. And….. grind some more. (maybe just a little more)

Now all you have to do is unscrew the grinding component and you will find your freshly ground flower! Ready for use! I am pretty sure you know what the next step is.. Enjoy. 

Oh. I see you have stuck around. Well, let's reward you then! Here are a couple of pro tips for using your new metal grinder. The first tip is quick. With your flower ground inside your CLOSED grinder, bump your grinder on the base of your palm a couple of times. This will shake more kief off of your flower, and down into the kief catch. This next tip is great for those who want to get more out of their grinder.

If you want your flower ground up even MORE.. Put your product into the grinding component just like before, but this time unscrew it from the herb catch and flip it upside down. With your flower inside, grind as long as you want to find your preferred coarseness. Then carefully flip the top back onto the flower catch, screw it on, and grind again until all of your product has fallen through the holes. That will give you a finer ground flower, with minimal effort. 

Alright, that is all of the grinder content that we have for you. At least for now. Stay tuned for more useful videos and blogs from us here at Fat Buddha Glass. We appreciate you, and hope that you find your piece.

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