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Check Out These Blunt Wraps  

Smoking a blunt is a rite of passage for every stoner out there. From crappily rolled blunts in a friend's car or basement to a seasoned veteran rolling you the perfect blunt, there is a large variety of blunt wraps. A blunt wrap is usually the thickest rolling paper you’ll see out there and can fit a good amount of weed. Blunt smokers can be very particular and usually think they can roll a blunt better than anyone else in the room. The best way to know you’re rolling a good blunt is to make sure you have the best blunt wraps on the market. There are hundreds of different blunt wraps out there but we have narrowed it down to only the top 5 blunt wraps we know of. Check out these blunt wraps in order to roll yourself a sweet juicy blunt and look cool while getting a nice high. 


  1. RAW Organic 1-¼ Size 100% Natural Rolling Papers 

RAW rolling papers is one of the quintessential products for every stoner. These are organic and burn super well while still being very durable. You can roll a great blunt with these papers and get yourself a nice high. While the paper is pretty thin, it is incredibly sturdy and you can pack a hefty amount of cannabis into your blunt with these. There are 50 papers for the pack and every paper contains a natural hybrid blend of unbleached fibers. At only $2.99 for a pack of 50 these rolling papers are a great deal and will serve you well. 

  1. Bob Marley King Size Rolling Papers 

These extra-long leaves will leave you with a thick and juicy blunt and a great high. These are one of the best blunt wraps on the market because they are lightweight and have a minimal added taste but still can hold a considerable amount of weed. Also, they are super cool and will be a conversation point for you and all your smoker buddies. Nothing can chill you out more than some Bob Marley and a nice blunt. At $2.99 for 33 extra long leaves, these are also a great deal. Go grab some Bob Marley king-size rolling papers and chill out with a nice blunt. 3. Cyclone Clear Pre-rolled Wraps 

If you’re looking for a flavored wrap and you don’t want to do too much work then these pre-rolled blunt wraps for Juicy Hemp Wraps are perfect for you. There are 2 wraps in each tube and they come in 2 different flavors. Both the strawberry and blue chill are great options for your blunt and provide really tasty smoking experiences. They are clear because they are made from cotton cellulose, water, and glycerin. They are completely natural and a great option for new smokers who don’t know how to roll. 

  1. Grape Rolling Papers 

These rolling papers made by Juicy Jays are a top seller for a reason. They have a distinguishable and flavorful taste that will remind you of that classic grape taste you knew so well as a kid. If you want a little blast from the past and a great durable rolling paper then these are your best option. Because of their great taste, they are a bit more expensive at $3.99 but in the grand scheme of things, this is a drop in the ocean. Go check out these great rolling papers to make your blunt much tastier. 

  1. Russian Cream Hemp 2 pack

These blunt wraps made by True Hemp Wraps are perfect for the more organic tokers. These are made exclusively from organic hemp and are tobacco and gmo free. They burn slow and long and will leave you with a great high. They are made from agave so they are also environmentally conscious. These two packs cost $4.99 but are a bang for your buck when it comes to quality and helping the earth. If you’re looking to smoke some flower while also helping the planet then these are perfect for you! 


Many people don’t know the difference or don’t know which is better. The main difference between tobacco and hemp wraps is that tobacco wraps contain nicotine. If you’re not a nicotine user then nicotine can make you feel dizzy or nauseous but if you are a nicotine user then this can add a nice buzz to your high. This is really up to personal preference. Also, many people say that rolling hemp wraps can be harder than rolling tobacco wraps but hemp wraps also are sturdier and won’t break shape. As long as you’re not actively staying away from nicotine then trying out both can be a fun way to find out which one you like better. 


There are many different blunt wraps out there from pre-rolls to hemp wraps to tobacco cigars and cigarillos. It may seem overwhelming with the hundreds of options that are on the market today. If you choose one of the 5 listed in this article, you are sure to get one of the best blunt wraps on the market and will achieve a great high. The most important thing a blunt wrap can 

do for you is hold the weed. There is no better option than another when it comes to blunt wraps and it takes time to perfect the art of rolling blunt and finding which is best for you. The most important thing to remember is to try out new flavors and styles because it is supposed to be fun. Be a little adventurous and try out something new! If you’ve never had some or all of the items on this list then I strongly encourage you to try them out and see which ones work best. You can find all of these items right here on the Fat Buddha Glass website and start your blunt smoking journey or continue it with new and exciting blunt wraps.


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