Steam Roller pipes

Here Is What You Should Know About Steam Roller Pipes 

Steamroller pipes are a must in any experienced smoker's arsenal. These bad boys pack a mean punch and can get you high real fast. They are portable and can be used by the individual or in a group of friends. Steamroller pipes are a great tool when you want fast and intense hits that will be sure to get you nice and buzzed. 


Steamroller pipes have a unique shape that is different from a standard pipe. This shape causes great and hard-hitting rips and rips similar to a bong. Steamroller pipes contain no water and a large carburetor hole towards the bottom of the pipe allows for fast and heavy hits. Steamroller hits aren’t for the faint of heart. Many people have a negative view of steamroller pipes because of their intensity and people getting too high from them. Their hits are usually harsher than bongs or standard pipes and they will get you mightily high in a short amount of time. If you are prepared and an experienced smoker then steamroller pipes are essential to your kit because of their ability to get you really high, really fast. 


The purpose of the steamroller pipe is to get you really high as quickly as possible. Steamroller pipes work similar to bongs but are a bit stronger and a lot more portable. These are great for getting high before you go out or if you need to get high quickly before anyone notices. Like bongs, steamroller pipes work great in groups. The design of the pipe allows the smoke to stay in the pipe even when not inhaling, this allows you to pass one full hit around to multiple people. 


Step 1. Grind Your Herb 

The first and arguably most important step in the process is to grind up your herb. Use a grinder to finely grind your herb before packing it into the bowl. This will allow for even hits and a consistent amount of smoke for every hit. 

Step 2. Pack the Bowl 

This can be a deceivingly tricky step in the steamroller pipe process. The most important thing to remember is that you don’t want to pack it too tight. Packing it too tight can cause you to completely restrict the airflow in the pipe and make your hits worse or non-existent. Pack your grinded herb into the bowl and press just hard enough to make sure you get a good amount of pressure without going too hard. 

Step 3. Cover the Carb 

This is a pretty simple step, just put your finger over the carburetor hole at the end of the pipe. This will allow you to determine how much air is getting into the pipe and how harsh or mellow your hits will be. 

Step 4. Light and Inhale 

The last and best step is to light up your herb and inhale the smoke. If you want the smoke to flow quicker through the pipe then you can take your finger off the carburetor hole and allow more smoke in. Just make sure to take as much or as little as you want and enjoy!


While steamrollers are pipes, they are very different from your standard pipe. Steamroller pipes have a unique location of their carburetor which is why the hits are so intense and harsh. A standard pipe can’t push the smoke as strongly or quickly as a steamroller pipe which means it can't get you as high as quickly as a steamroller can. Standard pipes are a great tool for the beginner smoker because the hits can be easily controlled and are generally not as intense. Steamrollers on the other hand should be used by experienced smokers who have built up a tolerance. 


Finding the perfect steamroller pipe for you can be difficult because of the different sizes, materials and prices. Size is very important because it is important to know what size you’re getting before you make any purchase. The larger the carburetor hole on the end of the pipe, the bigger and harsher the hits will be. If you’re not super experienced then it is important to get a small steamroller pipe and work your way up to larger and more intense steamroller pipes. The type of material of your steamroller pipe is also very important. Glass is the most popular option because it can be easily cleaned and doesn’t absorb anything like wood will. Cleaning a glass steamroller pipe is super easy and just a few minutes with a q-tip will leave it looking brand new. Price is a personal choice and will vary from person to person. Take an inventory of your budget and decide how much you want to spend on a steamroller pipe. The prices can vary from $20-$200 and can be a large investment. If you smoke with a group of friends a lot maybe consider talking to them about going in on a really nice steamroller pipe for all of you guys. If you’re not sure if it’ll be for you then maybe get a cheaper option and see if you like it. There are hundreds of different steamroller options on the market today and it is up to you to decide which ones fit your needs best. 


Steamrollers are mostly for experienced smokers because of their intense and powerful hits. Steamrollers pipes are great for getting you really high, very quickly. The placement of the carburetor and the way steamroller pipes are designed allow for a direct flow of smoke straight from the bowl to your lungs. Just remember, steamroller hits can be intense so make sure you or whoever you're smoking with is okay with strong hits because these aren’t for the faint of heart. Just look through the steamroller options here on Fat Buddha Glass and reference this article to decide which is best for you and your smoking needs.


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