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Here Is What You Need To Know About Terp Pearls 

You may have seen terp pearls in rab rigs before but you weren’t sure what they were. Well if this is you then you’re in luck because this article is going to break down what terp pearls are, what the benefits of them are, how to use them, and give you ideas for which terp pearls are best for you. These fun little balls are going to enhance your dab rig experience more than anything else on the market and they look really cool while doing it. 


Terp pearls are a pretty simple thing to understand but they have big consequences. They may also be referred to as terp balls or dab pearls because they are mainly used in dabbing rigs. The terp pearls go into your banger and then spin around rapidly as you take a dab. While they spin they are breaking apart some concentrate globs allowing for big hits. Terp pearls also distribute the heat in banger and allow for you to take dabs at lower temperatures. Any experienced dabber knows the worst part about dabbing is waiting the heat up time. These terp pearls will speed that process up and give you many other benefits too. They come in different material types and sizes. You can get them in 6 or 4mm sizes and they can be made from borosilicate glass, quartz and even ruby. 


Terp pearls provide a multitude of valuable benefits to any dabbers experience. Terp pearls help the functionality of your dab rig immensely. Tired of the banger getting too cold before all of your precious concentrate has vaporized? Terp pearls will help you get longer and lower-temperature dab hits. Tired of puddles forming at the bottom of your banger and not getting heated? Terp pearls distribute the heat perfectly and break up these puddles allowing for better hits and less build up on the bottom of your banger which can be a real pain to clean. Terp pearls also allow you to take much larger hits with more flavor. By swirling around the vapor inside the banger as you take your draw, the terp pearls allow for the vaporize to be more aerated and give you more flavor and much deeper hits. 


Using terp pearls is fairly simple but there are two schools of thought. Some people like to put the terp pearls into the banger after it's heated and before they put the concentrate in. This will work perfectly fine but you’ll have to be very careful about putting the terp pearls in while the banger is very hot. This method could lead to you burning yourself and getting hurt when you’re just trying to get a nice high. The second method and the one we recommend is putting the terp pearls in before heating. This allows you to be much safer and it won’t affect the efficiency or the way the terp pearls work in any way. Just drop them into your banger, heat up the banger, put in the concentrate and take a nice long inhale. When you inhale, the terp pearls will fly into motion, spinning around your banger in glorious fashion. Then just enjoy the nice high and flavorful taste those terp pearls have given you.


Cleaning your terp pearls is very important as it can lead to bacteria growth in your banger as well as altering the taste. Not cleaning your terp pearls can also lead to them not being to spin as well which negates the whole reason you would get them in the first place. You should take 

some q-tips and swab out your banger and the sides of the pearls after every hit. If you’re looking for a deeper clean then you can always soak your terp pearls in isopropyl alcohol for about a half an hour. 


Not all carb caps will get the terp pearls spinning and even some of the ones that can don’t do it super well. You’re going to want to look for a carb cap with a good airflow that pushes air around in the banger. This will allow the terp pearls to move around in the banger and provide you with the very best hit. The Tornado Carb Cap right here on Fat Buddha Glass under Dab Accessories will allow you to take deep inhales while spinning those terp pearly very fast. This product is priced incredibly and will provide the best dabbing experience for terp pearls out of anything on the market today. 


So now that you know how great terp pearls are, you have to decide what kind you’re going to get. There are a few major kinds of terp pearls. There are ceramic, borosilicate glass, quartz and ruby. Ceramic are the most fragile pearls so you have to be real careful with them but they can take a good amount of heat. They can be hard to clean but have a similar effect on taste as quartz. Borosilicate glass pearls are by far the most affordable pearls but can melt or change shape when heated at high temperatures. Quartz are the industry standard because they can handle heat very well and are reasonably priced. Ruby or sapphire are more fancy pearls and can retain heat better than anything on this list. Ironically they can melt if under direct flame and it is bad for them to clean them while they are still hot. If you are careful with your ruby or sapphire pearls then they will last you forever. 


Now that you know what terp pearls are, how to use them and what different types they come in. What are you waiting for? Go out and get yourself some terp pearls to really take your dabbing experience to the next level. You won’t regret getting some terp pearls for your dabbing setup because they make the hits better and you’ll impress all your friends when they start spinning around and looking cool.

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