How To Clean Dab Rigs

cleaning dab rigs

Best Way To Clean A Dab Rig 

Dab rigs are the newest way of smoking weed and have gained popularity in the last few years. It has become the go-to way to smoke for a lot of stoners. Dab rigs are somewhat easy to clean and are similar in a lot of ways to a bong


Before we get into talking about how to clean a dab rig, we need to know what it is. A dab rig is a glass piece similar to a bong or a pipe. Instead of using flower like with a pipe or bong, with a dab rig you use concentrate. Cannabis concentrate looks like butter or honey and is the concentrated form of THC. Cannabis concentrate comes from flower but is much more potent and will get you very high. With a dab rig, you use a blowtorch to heat the banger or dab nail and then you put the concentrate in once it’s heated. The concentrate will then begin to smoke and you inhale through the mouthpiece. Dab rigs can be a bit intimidating but once you get the hang of it, it might be your new favorite way to smoke. 


Cleaning your dab rig is very important just like any other piece you have in your rotation right now. If you don’t clean your dab rig, the THC concentrate can build up and cause your rig to be less efficient. The rig itself will be more difficult to use and will not hit as well. Not cleaning your dab rig can also lead to bacteria growth because of the THC concentrate and the water. If you share your dab rig you can also fester viruses and other worse kinds of bacteria. It is very important to your health and the health of your friends that you clean your dab rig. A dirty dab rig can also lead to your smoke tasting much worse. The residue build up in your dab rig can substantially change the taste and make inhaling harder. If you want a smooth and flavorful hit then cleaning your dab rig is very important. You now know why you need to keep your dab rig clean so the next steps will break down exactly how to clean it with step by step instructions. 


Step 1. Gather your supplies 

The first step is to get everything you’ll need together in one place. This will help you not be running around frantically while you're half way done cleaning. First and foremost you will need the dab rig you are looking to clean along with a good amount of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl). You will also need salt, it can be either table, rock or sea salt. You should grab a plastic bag, a funnel, cotton swabs or q-tips and two microfiber cloths. One of these cloths will be used for drying the rig at the end so try not to spill anything on it. 

Step 2. Create the Cleaning Solution 

This step is pretty simple, just take about 16 ounces of your rubbing alcohol and combine it with about a half cup of salt. Again, you can use table salt, rock salt, or sea salt for this. Make sure that the salt has completely dissolved into the alcohol before you move on to the next step. Step 3. Disassemble Your Dab Rig and Fill It 

Now that your cleaning solution is ready, you need to take your dab rig apart so that you can fill it with this solution. Just pull off the banger so you have direct access to the chamber. You want

to be able to have clear access to the chamber of the dab rig because this is where the most build up will be. Then you just pour your solution into the chamber and fill your dab rig with the salt and alcohol solution to clean it. 

Step 4. Bag your Dab Rig Glass Attachment 

The rubbing alcohol and salt mixture you’ve created is going to evaporate quickly. This is true of most isopropyl alcoholic solutions and you need to make sure it does the cleaning before it all evaporates away. To solve this issue, place a plastic bag over the openings of your dab rig after you fill it. This will stop it from evaporating so quickly and will allow the solution to do its work better and really clean your dab rig. 

Step 5. Agitate the Cleaning Solution 

After you’ve sealed up the openings of your piece and the cleaning solution is in there you should try to agitate the cleaning solution. If you have the openings secure you can shake it a bit which will loosen up some of the build up and allow your dab rig to get very clean. You can also let it soak for a while if you need to break down some of the larger build ups of resin in your dab rig. 

Step 6. Clean the Intricate Parts 

This is where the q-tips come in. You can dip your q-tips into some of the leftover solution and use them to get to the hard to reach places. You should be focusing on your banger, nail, mouthpiece and carb cap. These are the places where the most precision is needed and the details are mightily important. 

Step 7. Rinse the Dab Rig and Deep Clean 

After you have finished soaking your attachment the next step is to rinse it out. You need to make sure that when you’re rinsing out your dab rig that the water isn’t too cold or too cold. Very high or very low temperatures can damage your dab rig, so make sure you use mildly warm water. Rinse thoroughly to make sure you get all of the cleaning solution out. At this point you can go back and deep clean with your q-tips again if there is still resin buildup. Step 8. Dry Your Dab Rig 

The last step of this process is to dry out your dab rig. The interior will have to dry on its own but you can use a microfiber cloth to dry the outside and the smaller pieces. Make sure you let your dab rig dry completely before you use it again. 


Dab rigs are a fun way to smoke weed and are becoming increasingly popular. Just like any other piece you have in your arsenal, remember to clean it thoroughly to get better and smoother hits while preventing any bacteria growth. As long as your concentrate is good and your dab rig is clean then you are bound to have a good time!


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