Best Bongs for Beginners

Best bongs for beginners

Great starter bongs 

Typically, new weed smokers use a joint (made with these rolling papers) or a pipe to enjoy their herb, but bongs too can be a good smoking device for beginners. They may seem intimidating and complicated compared to a joint or a pipe, but this is actually why they're perfect for beginners - they're complexity makes their hits much smoother and easier. With all this said, not all bongs are the same. In fact, there is a very wide range of bongs, and each type serves a different purpose, with some of them better for beginners than others. This guide will go over everything that you should be looking for in a good beginner bong. 

What is a Bong? 

A bong, also known as a water pipe, is a smoking device that cools, filters, and delivers marijuana smoke. A bong works by placing dry herb in its bowl and lighting it and then having the smoke go up through its water filtration system and eventually to your mouth and lungs. A bowl is where you place and light your weed for the smoke to travel throughout the rest of the device. In terms of figure and looks, bongs are similar in shape to a hookah, although more portable. Bongs are a very popular smoking device, and their use dates back centuries. The earliest known usage of bongs comes from the Ming dynasty in China in the 16th century, it wasn't long after that that it became extremely popular, and it has been ever since. 

How do I Hit a Bong? 

Since this is a guide for the best beginner bongs, it's worth pointing out not only what a bong is, but also how to correctly use one. The first thing you need to do when using a bong is fill up the water to an appropriate level. Make sure that a decent amount of the downstem (piece where the smoke travels through) is submerged, but also make sure that you don't add so much water that you have to deal with it splashing back. After that, place as much marijuana as you desire in your bowl and place the bowl into the downstem. Finally, grab your bong with your non-dominant hand and use your other hand to light your bowl. Once you light your bowl, put your lips on the mouthpiece and suck until the water bubbles and fills the chamber (this is where your smoke collects). Lastly, once you have a good amount of smoke just inhale and enjoy. 

What Materials Should I Look for When Buying a Bong? 

Bongs come in many different materials with the most common being glass, acrylic, and silicone. 

Glass bongs: Glass is what you likely picture when you think of a bong, it's the most common material because it offers the purest taste. The glass used to make bongs is usually borosilicate glass, which is extremely durable, so you don't have to worry much about cracks from temperature changes. 

Acrylic: Acrylic bongs have the advantage of being the cheapest bongs on the market. This means they can be a good trial bong to see if bong smoking is for you. Acrylic bongs are not very versatile and don't have the capability for add-ons such as percolators. 

Silicone: Silicone bongs are the most convenient. They are virtually indestructible, even dropping them won't do them much damage. On top of this, silicone is easy to clean and usually even dishwasher safe. The downside of silicone bongs is that they don't offer the best taste. 

Types of Bongs That Are Great for Beginners 

When searching for a beginner bong, there are four kinds of bongs you should be looking for: a bong that keeps things simple, a durable bong, a bong with advanced filtration, and a bong with style. 

A Bong that Keeps Things Simple 

When you're new to anything, it often takes some learning to get it right. Plus, there's a decent chance of breaking whatever it is you are new to using, and this includes bongs. So, it might not be a great idea to go all out on your first bong. Instead, opt for something simple and cheap. This will make it feel less bad if you do break it or if you simply don't like using a bong (this probably won't be the case though). Keeping it simple also makes it easier on you in terms of figuring out how to use it. Not having to worry about add-ons or any intricacies can make using a bong less intimidating and improve your experience. 

An Unbreakable Bong 

As just mentioned, beginners often aren't the most careful with their bongs, and for this reason, you should consider getting a nearly indestructible bong. That means opting for a silicone bong, which you pretty much have to try to break. You can even put a silicone bong in the freezer without it breaking since it can withstand extreme temperatures. This allows you to get super cool hits that will make your smoke taste and feel better. Silicone bongs are also often smaller than bongs made from other materials, and this may be easier on newbies as smaller bongs are easier to hold, and therefore you're likely to drop them. 

A Bong with Advanced Filtration 

Getting a bong with advanced features is the opposite strategy of getting a simple bong, and yet it might make sense for some beginners. Getting a bong with extra percolators, for example, won't make your bong any more difficult to use and it could enhance your experience. Similarly, getting a glass ice bong can add a cool feature that improves your smoking experience without compromising ease of use. The only downside with these features is that a bong containing them is going to be more expensive, so you have to make sure you are ready for that investment and committed to taking proper care of it. 

A Bong with Style 

Sometimes one of the main reasons people want bongs is for them to be their centerpiece of their stoner collection and serve as a conversation starter. Bongs are much more customizable and artistic than many other smoking devices, so if this is a big draw to you then go for it. The only thing you should consider when picking your stylish bong is that you should still be looking for a bong with a sturdy base. Although oddly shaped bongs can look awesome, they might be hard to use for newbies, so stick to a wide-based bong, there is still plenty that can be artistic and customized with regularly shaped bongs. 


Bongs can be intimidating, but they are really a great starter device. Bongs offer superior filtration which makes their hits super smooth and easy, which is great for a newbie. Amongst bongs, there are a couple of different thoughts in terms of what makes for a good beginner bong, but in general, make sure you get a bong that is both durable and easy for you to use. Whether you're new to weed entirely or just new to bongs, have fun in your bong search and have fun lighting up with it!  


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