5 Reasons to Add Beaker Bongs to your Collection

5 reasons to add a beaker bong

Could You Use A Beaker Bong? 

If you've ever met a bong smoker, you have probably heard them rant about how much better bong smoking is compared to other consumption methods. Bongs seem to have cult followings and it's not without reason.

For instance, nothing comes close to the smoothness that bong rips offer. Specifically, beaker bongs offer a supreme smoking experience. If you don't have a beaker bong in your stoner collection, you need to change that.

This blog will clue you in on all the reasons why you need to add a beaker bong to your collection. 

What is A Beaker Bong? 

It's important to understand what a beaker bong is before getting into all the benefits and reasons for using it.

At the most basic level, a bong is a smoking device that is known for using water as a filtration method. Essentially, like most all smoking tools, the job of a bong is to filter and cool the smoke that comes from the marijuana that you burn.

Bongs have a bowl that holds your dry herb, this is where you light your weed and where it'll combust and turn to smoke. The smoke then rises through the percolating water and then goes through the chamber towards your mouth and lungs.

That's what a bong is… so what's a beaker bong? A beaker bong is a bong that is shaped like something you would see in a science lab—a beaker.

These are some of the most common bongs out there because their shape makes them extremely sturdy and reliable. 

Reasons Why Every Stoner Needs a Beaker Bong 

Now that you know what a beaker bong is, let's talk about why you desperately need to add one to your stoner collection. There are five main reasons to use and have a beaker bong, and those are: 

Strong, Stable Structure 

The Beaker bongs shape gives them a very wide base. On top of that, their weight is very evenly distributed and bottom heavy.

This makes beaker bongs great for standing up on any flat surface without much trouble. No need to wiggle it around until you find the right position or balance it perfectly so that it doesn't fall and break. Beaker bongs can be placed down anywhere without a second thought and be perfectly fine.

Beaker bongs are also able to withstand a little clumsiness, so if an arm from one of your guests goes flailing around or you accidentally kick the table that your bong is on it won't budge and will be okay. This is the opposite of some bongs which value artistic glasswork over functionality (and how sturdy it is).

That isn't to say beaker bongs can't be artistic and beautiful, but they have a pretty standard shape, an extremely practical shape. 

A Better Tasting Hit 

Beaker bongs produce better-tasting hits, there are a couple of reasons for this. For starters, all bongs typically produce better tasting hits because of their filtration system, which removes more toxins and impurities than any other filtration system on other smoking devices.

The purity of the smoke from bongs is much better tasting, as you get to taste your bud rather than contaminants. The second reason beaker bongs produce better tasting hits is specific to beaker bongs, and that reason is that their wide base holds more smoke.

The extra smoke that beaker bongs can hold compared to other bongs allows for much bigger hits. Bigger hits mean bigger and better taste, as well as stronger highs. Plus, the higher you get the better tasting your pulls will be, so it's partially circular as to why beaker bongs taste better!

Nonetheless, beaker bongs give better-tasting pulls because bongs produce super clean hits and because beaker bongs hold a ridiculous amount of smoke in their wide base. 

More Water Means Better Cooling 

Along with being able to hold more smoke, beaker bongs can also hold more water, which helps with the cooling process. As you can see, having a wide base has many benefits, and one of those is cooler hits.

The reasoning is quite simple, there's more water that the smoke has to pass through, and so there's more time that your smoke is being cooled. If you are someone who likes their hits chilled, a beaker bong is your best option. 


As we mentioned earlier, beaker bongs are often referred to as old reliable, and they're extremely convenient. You don't have to worry about them breaking as much as you would with other bongs, and they are also easier to clean. Especially with smoking cleaning supplies.

Their simple shape means you don't have to worry about how you're going to adequately sanitize any nooks or crannies. When you go to grab your bong to smoke after a long day nothing should be on your mind other than getting high, you shouldn't have to have any worries about your equipment, and beaker bongs provide just that. 

 A Healthier Way to Smoke 

Bongs are considered by many to be the healthiest smoking method out there. Their filtration system is second to none and the clear smoke isn't just good for taste, it's also better for your health. All those toxins mentioned earlier that can contaminate the taste are bad for you, and they shouldn't be inhaled into your lungs. Studies vary on pinpointing exactly how effective bongs are at purifying smoke, but many think that they could remove as much as 90% of cancer-causing toxins. The toxins are created from the burning process, so they're always going to be there when combusting marijuana, that's why it's important to have a good filtration system like bongs do. On top of the bong water catching and trapping toxins, the cooling effect of the water is also healthier on your throat and lungs because you don't have to inhale something hot and therefore harsh to inhale. Regardless of what you think about the rest of the benefits, bongs are no doubt the healthiest smoking device, and that alone is a reason to have one in your stoner collection. 


Beaker bongs are a must-own piece for your stoner collection. They are super sturdy and durable, they offer better tasting and cooler hits, they're more convenient, and they're also healthier. Once you get a beaker bong you surely won't be disappointed, so give it a try and experience for yourself all the benefits they have to offer. 


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