11 Smokin' Wedding Planning Ideas for the Cannabis-Friendly Couple

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Ways to A Weed Wedding! 

Congratulation on the engagement, now it's time to plan your wedding! You'll be happily surprised in hearing that a weed wedding is more than possible nowadays. If you and your partner are both stoners and want to throw a super fun and different wedding, a marijuana theme can accomplish this. If you're wondering how to do a weed wedding or what one is like keep reading, below lists 11 ideas about how to make your wedding weed themed. 

Set The Date 

There's no easier way to give your wedding a stoner vibe than to have it on 420, April 20th that is. Doing this will allow the guests to get in the mood, there's even a good chance a lot of them will already be high when they arrive. 

Weed Friendly Wedding Planner 

If you really want to make sure that your wedding does a good job with a marijuana theme you should consider hiring a wedding planner. You certainly can plan some of the weed theming yourself, but often when it's not done by professionals it can get a bit cheesy. You can find weed wedding planners online or by word of mouth. Before hiring anyone, ask them if they've planned a cannabis wedding before and if they have any ideas for marijuana-friendly vendors. 

Cannabis Wedding Expos 

Believe it or not, cannabis wedding expos are popping up around the country (if this doesn't prove that weed weddings are becoming more popular then nothing will). Cannabis expos showcase everything weed wedding related but they typically focus on showcasing the best venues. Other examples of things showcased include special cannabis themed decorations, like cannabis-infused floral arrangements. There's no better way to get ideas for your wedding than to go to a place that is full of options specifically regarding the theming you're looking for. If you're planning your wedding far enough in advance it's well worth it to book a trip out to one of the cannabis expos. 

Cannabis-Friendly Venue 

As mentioned a few times now, a cannabis-friendly venue is the most important part of having a great weed wedding. If the place you are hosting the wedding at frowns upon marijuana, then the vibes are going to feel very off considering a lot of the decorations will be marijuana leaves. Plus, marijuana consumption is also something you are probably going to want to be allowed. It might be a little weird to have up a bunch of weed decorations and not be allowed to smoke at all. In a worst-case scenario, if you can't find any venues that will let you smoke, you can rent a party bus or two and take it around the block and smoke your cannabis before returning to the reception. 

Weed in Fashion 

If you want to go full send, you can wear a wedding gown made from weed. Imagine walking down the aisle in a custom gown made from your favorite herb. This would certainly make for a fashion statement and a unique dress.  

Wedding Gifts & Party Favors 

Getting your guests edible chocolates, rolling papers, or any number of CBD products would be a guaranteed hit. For the bridesmaid or best man, something like a custom glass pipe or marijuana-themed jewelry would work well. 


Similar to how a bartender knows all about alcohol, a budtender knows all about marijuana. They know all about the different strands including how they'll make you feel and their level of strength. They also of course know about each smoking device, like how to use a bong, including all the add-ons and how to use them. A budtender can be a really useful hire if you are going to have a lot of newbie guests that will be giving weed a first or second try. They'll help your guests roll their joints, load up pipes, and give recommendations.  

Pot Leaf & Flower Arrangements 

The cannabis plant is absolutely beautiful, and it makes for a perfect flower arrangement centerpiece. Regardless of their opinion on marijuana, nearly all florists will agree that cannabis plants are very aesthetically pleasing. This is a great and natural way to get in some marijuana-decorations in your wedding without forcing anything drastic. 

Catering & Baked Goodies 

If you are planning on having an adults-only ceremony, consider serving your guest low-dose edibles. Don't serve edibles if children are present, children may mistake a pot brownie for a regular one and accidentally consume marijuana. Good options for wedding edibles include brownies or cupcakes, but there are plenty of other less conventional options too. Make sure the edibles are pretty tame, it's better to be cautious and not cause your guest with a lower tolerance to feel uneasy. As a general guideline, it's best to stay under 5mg per serving. 

Toast & Ceremony 

Instead of toasting with champagne, toast by lighting up together. Having everyone's lighters lit up at the same time will feel magical, and the bliss of everyone getting high together after a toast is even better. 

Honeymoon & Hotels 

If you're staying in a hotel after the wedding, consider trying a bud and breakfast hotel, where some establishments serve you wake and bake breakfasts and others host stoner happy hours. You can find bud and breakfast hotels all over, especially throughout the states and in Jamaica. 

As far as your honeymoon goes, if you're leaving the country make sure to look up the marijuana laws of where you're going before you get there. Although the laws and stigma surrounding marijuana have generally gotten much better, this isn’t the case everywhere and it's important to make sure you don't get yourself in trouble for smoking weed somewhere that still doesn't allow it. 


Planning a wedding is always tough and planning a weed wedding is even tougher than a traditional one, but it is well worth it. There's no one way to have a weed wedding, weed weddings come in all different forms, and what you choose to do at your wedding is completely up to you. Aside from a weed-friendly venue, everything else on the list can be interchanged with the traditional way of doing things, so if you want to pick and choose just a few ideas go for it! Have fun planning your wedding and even more fun participating in it.  

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