Best Ash Catchers of 2022 for Smoking Pleasure

best ash catchers 2022

2022's Best Ash Catchers 

If you’re a bong lover, chances are that one of the reasons you love bongs so much is their ability to deliver super clean and smooth hits. And if that’s the case, then why not make your hits even cleaner and smother by adding an ash catcher. It’s a worthwhile add-on and it will not only affect how easy it is to inhale, but it will also improve the taste of your smoke. Keep reading to learn more about ash catchers and see which ash catchers are the best of 2022.  

What is an ash catcher? 

An ash catcher is a tool that you connect to a bong that adds an extra level of filtration. It does this by catching and holding ash and resin, keeping it away from your bong water. Smoke travels through the ash catcher before ever going through the bong water. So even though an ash catcher is an extension, it actually becomes the first layer of filtration. Ash catchers also often have percolators to increase diffusion, this helps you to inhale and adds some taste (plus not having debris in your bong water will go a long way towards better taste as well).   

 Why use an Ash Catcher 

Ash catchers offer you a purer smoke, which is both healthier and smoother (and most people would also say tastier). If health is super important to you, then an ash catcher is a must. Using an ash catcher is about as close as you can get to smoking without damaging your lungs. Bongs are already known for their great filtration systems so adding another third-party device on top of that ensures that almost every impurity is removed from your smoke.

Feel confident knowing that nothing will be inhaled into your lungs that shouldn’t be. Another big reason to use an ash catcher is how easy it makes smoking. If you’re someone who is a big cougher every time they take a hit then this product is definitely for you.  The added percolators as well as simply having super-clean smoke make inhaling easy and subtle. 

On top of making your actual smoking experience better, ash catchers also make cleaning your bong easier. Most people don’t clean their bong enough, and this leads to a whole bunch of problems, including bad filtration and harsher smoke (and worse problems if you really wait a long time to clean it). An ash catcher will make it so that you only have to clean your bong about half as often as otherwise would without it. If you’re not a fan of cleaning, or you have a large bong with a lot of percolators, an ash catcher can do wonders. And, on top of the filtering that ash catchers themselves do, they also make your bongs filtering more efficient for longer by preventing it from getting as dirty. The real question isn’t why should you use an ash catcher, why wouldn’t you?  

How To Use An Ash Catcher 

Installing an ash catcher is easy, it’s just like putting in your bowl, and in fact that’s exactly where it goes. Just take out your bowl and wedge your ash catcher into where your bowl just was. Then just insert your bowl into the ash catcher and your done.  

Choosing the Right Ash Catcher 

Since ash catchers are sold separately as an attachment for bongs, there are a few different sizes, and you need to be careful about which one you buy to make sure it fits with your bong. Most ash catchers are either 14mm or 18mm, but there are other sizes too if you’re needing something different. Make sure that the joint size of the ash catcher matches of with the joint size on your bong.  

On top of size, you also need to note the gender of the joint. Most ash catchers are male jointed, meaning they are designed to be connected to female jointed bongs. In the case that you have a male jointed bong, you can buy an adapter to change the gender of your ash catcher from male to female.   

The last thing you need to consider when looking for an ash catcher is the angle. Ash catchers generally are either angled at 45° or 90°. The angle, more specifically, is the angle that the ash catcher will attach to your bong at. You’ll need to make sure that the ash catcher is in a position where it will not hit any part of your bong and where you will be comfortable smoking from. Since your bowl is placed inside of the ash catcher, it’s also important to make sure you aren’t angling it in a way that will get yourself burned or cause any of your herb to fall out of the bowl.  

Best ash Catchers 2022 

14mm 45° Ash Catcher 

This 14mm 45° ash catcher is male jointed and comes with a single tree 8-arm percolator. This ash catcher is made from glass and comes in 5 different colors.  

14mm 90° Ash Catcher 

This ash catcher takes filtration personally and using it will guarantee that you have the purest of smoke sessions. On top of its regular functions, this ash catcher also features a disc perk as well as a supplemental ash stopper.  


Ash catchers are a great way to make your smoking experiences even better. The difference is quite noticeable, call some friends over to share the bong and see for yourself. They are surely going to notice how smooth each hit feels. Plus, the comfort of knowing you aren’t inhaling any debris or other impurities can go a long way towards having a good high. And as mentioned earlier, most bong users like bongs because of how clean and smooth they are, and an ash catcher can make bongs even better at this. Ash catchers are well worth the investment; if you’re a bong owner and aren’t using an ash catcher you are missing out! Have fun shopping for one and enjoy all of your super tasteful and clean smoke that comes with it.  


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