How to Lower your Weed Tolerance Without Stopping?

How to Lower your Weed Tolerance Without Stopping?

When To Take A Tolerance Break?  

If you're a true stoner, you might have developed quite a tolerance to weed. When you smoke every day out of a big bong, or close to every day, your body becomes resistant to THC and before you know it you won't be feeling anything when you light up. It starts with you needing twice as much weed as you used to intake to get high and then sooner or later you aren't getting high at all. The best and most common method to reduce your tolerance and be able to get high again easily is to take a break from smoking. Just a two-week break can get rid of the tolerance you've built up. That said, when your goal is to get high, it's a bummer hearing that you should take a break. And there are some ways to reduce your tolerance without stopping smoking. This guide will tell you all you need to know about how to lower your weed tolerance without stopping smoking. 

Change How You're Smoking 

Picking a new consumption method might seem annoying, but it can help you to get higher. Because switching consumption methods is a shock to your body, it will be like you don't have the tolerance that you've built up from your other consumption method. It's like working out, the more you shock and confuse your body the better. So if you are a regular bong user, try a smaller glass hand pipe. You don't have to permanently change your method but switching it up for a little while when you have a high tolerance is a good idea. Even just going from bongs to joints can help. 

The best consumption method to switch to is dabbing. If you haven't already gotten into dabbing, now is the time to try it as it is much stronger than whatever method you've been using previously. Dabbing will surely get you high no matter what your tolerance is. There are plenty of other benefits to dabbing as well, so consider making the switch, at least temporarily while your tolerance is so high. 

Another consumption method you can switch to is edibles. Edibles are pretty different than smoking weed because the THC is absorbed from the gut rather than through your lungs. For this reason, Edibles also give a different kind of high feeling. That said, it's a great high and if you're needing to get high with a strong tolerance from smoking weed, try edibles.  

Microdose for a Month 

If you don't want to completely stop and break from weed, you can also microdose. Microdosing entails taking about 2/3 of your typical dosage. You also don't have to make the jump straight to microdosing, another option is to slowly lower the amount of weed you smoke over time. This option will still be hard, but it's preferable to having to completely stop. If you are going to microdose, an easy way to do it is with a vaporizer. Vaporizers are good options because they make controlling your weed intake super easy. One hitter or chillums are also good options for microdosing. Whatever you go with, microdosing will reset your tolerance without you having to be uncomfortable and completely stop smoking. 


Believe it or not, exercise can be great at lowering your tolerance and giving you better highs. For starters, exercising immediately after you smoke can make your high stronger and give you a better feeling. On top of this, regular exercise makes your body overall healthier which oddly enough makes it better at absorbing THC. The jury is still out as to why this is the case, but there is a clear correlation between being unhealthy and having a higher tolerance to weed. Lastly, exercise releases plenty of endorphins, which feel great, there's even the term runners high to describe the feeling many people get from running. Working out may make you feel so good on its own that it’s easier for you to smoke less because you won't even be thinking about taking a hit, and then before you know it your tolerance will be back to normal. 

Switch up your strains 

Like switching your consumption method, switching the strains of marijuana you're smoking can have a huge impact on your high. Stop smoking whatever you have been smoking regularly and try something new. This will be especially helpful if you make the switch from a Sativa strain to an Indica strain (or vice versa). Indica and Sativa develop your tolerance to them differently, so simply switching which strain you use might allow you to get high pretty easily. 

Don't Wake and Bake 

Although wake and bakes are very fun, they are the worst thing possible to do when you are trying to lower your tolerance. Getting high first thing in the morning will make you chase that initial high which will only get harder and harder throughout the day. Instead, wait until midday or evening for your first smoke session so that there isn't as much time remaining to try and maintain your high. 

Change the Times that you Smoke 

If you have a routine and smoke at the same time every day, stop doing that. Smoking at the same time every day helps your body develop a tolerance and you'll even start to subconsciously anticipate when you are going to get high.

Because of this, you have to smoke more and more to reach the high you're anticipating. If you want to get the most out of your weed, trick your brain and body and smoke at random times throughout the day. Do your best to not get into a routine or have a planned smoking time, instead smoke at different times every day. 


Lowering your tolerance is not a super fun process, but it might be necessary if you are having a really hard time getting high. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to completely stop smoking to lower your tolerance, you can also try other things like changing your consumption method, microdosing, exercising, switching your strain, and even just changing the times you smoke at. It doesn't matter which of these you decide to do, just make sure you do something.

It might be uncomfortable to switch things up and break your routine but it's not permanent. The two weeks that you are uncomfortable will be well worth it when you have lowered your tolerance and you can get high as a kite again. Good luck on your journey to lowering your tolerance, happy microdosing! 


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