Best Gifts for Stoners in 2022

Best stoner gifts for 2022

Stoners Favorite Gifts 2022 

Gift-giving has never been harder, it’s rarely ever the case that you know what to get for all your friends or family members. If you happen to be shopping for a stoner, or someone who wants to get into smoking weed, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn about all the different kinds of stoner gifts you can get as well as what our favorite picks for the current year are. 

Buying your friend a piece 

When you think of stoner gifts, it’s probably more likely that you are thinking of an accessory to go along with their favorite bong, pipe, etc. But buying a friend a piece is also a great idea, especially if they don’t have one yet or there’s just broke. For those that don’t know, a piece is a term used to describe a device you smoke with, most commonly a piece refers to a pipe. Buying your loved one a pipe or a bong is a grand gesture that they will surely be thankful for. They will be thinking about you every time you smoke, and you might just get invited for a smoke session to break it in. 

For the Avid Smoker, a Dab Rig 

Like buying a piece, you could make a different type of grand gesture and buy them a dab rig. Dabbing is growing fast in popularity, but it is still relatively new and unknown, even amongst avid weed smokers. The advantage to dabbing is mainly that it is way stronger than your standard smoke session. So, this is a perfect gift for anyone who smokes often and has built up a bit of a tolerance or wants to experience a much more intense high. At the same time, dabs are thought to possibly be safer than other smoking methods. This is because when you dab you are inhaling vapors rather than smoke, which is much easier on your lungs and throat. Lastly, dabbing is fun because there are so many kinds of concentrates (what you’re smoking) that all have a different feel and taste. Dabbing is a great gift if the person you’re shopping for wants to try something new and get really high.  

Ash Tray and Joint Kit 

If your friend or family member is more of a joint or blunt smoker then you’re in luck, they are always needing more rolling paper! For joint smokers, there are a ton of different flavored rolling paper that you can get them that they are sure have fun trying. Another great gift in the same wheelhouse is an ashtray, specifically an artistic one and maybe something that connects the two of you. If you guys watched a tv show together or share a favorite sports team, consider buying them an ashtray that is themed according to that. If you can’t find one you can always get one custom-made or even make your own.  


If you’re set on getting your friend an accessory, there’s no better accessory than a grinder. A grinder will enhance each and every single one of your friend’s smoke sessions and they will be extremely grateful for that. Look for a grinder with a kief catcher so that they don’t waste any herb and can experiment with how to use the kief to their liking. Kief is a more potent part of your herb that can only be caught with a 4-chamber grinder.  

Storage Solution 

If you ever go over to your friend’s house to smoke and see them grabbing their herb out of a plastic bag then it’s time to get them a storage container. So many people incorrectly store their weed, this causes it to lose its taste and potency way faster than need be, and who wants to end up wasting money just because they didn’t store their bud properly. Look for a container that is airtight and dark, and if you want to get fancy, find one with humidity control. 


Don’t want to get them something that is directly weed-related but still want them to have better smoke sessions? This is when snacks are the perfect gift; deliver your stoner friends snacks and see their faces light up. The greasier and saltier the snacks the better. Some munchie favorites are Cheetos, pizza, and brownies.  

Another great gift in the snack section is homemade edibles. These are super fun to make and even more fun to enjoy. Plus, who doesn’t love a homemade gift? 

A Few of Our Favorite Gifts 

Mystery Pipe Box 

The mystery pipe box is the perfect gift because not even you will know what your friend is getting. There’s just something about mysteries that adds a level of excitement! This mystery box comes in 1, 2, & 6 pipe bundles.  

Space Blazer Rig   

This is the coolest dab rig around; it is both a piece of art that can function as a centerpiece as well as a good rig for anyone looking to get into dabbing. This rig comes with a quartz banger and stands at 6 inches tall. Give your friend an out-of-this-world high and experience lift off with the space blazer rig.  

Yellow Submarine Rolling Tray 

This rolling tray is perfect for any Beatles lover or fan of music, there’s nothing like rolling and ashing your joints on a beautifully done yellow submarine. The size of this tray is 10 inches by 6 and it features curved edges.  


Final Thoughts 

Gift giving is tough, but hopefully now you at least know all the different options you have for gifting your stoner friend something that they will truly use and love. Don’t feel afraid to ask them either, sometimes it’s best to see if they have something in mind. You can even let them know that you’ve been doing your research on stoner gifts and give them a couple of options to pick from. We’re sure you’ll do fine, good luck with your search, and look forward to seeing the smile on your loved one’s face! And if you’re ever in doubt, you can’t go wrong with our favorite pick the mystery pipe box.  



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