Celebrity Stoner List

Celebrity Stoner List

List of Celebrities That Smoke Weed (Or Have Before) 

It's 2022, weed is legal in most places and the stigma that many people used to have towards it is fading. Because of this, many celebrities have come out as marijuana enthusiasts, and we thought you might be interested in knowing which ones. This blog will point out and shout all the biggest stoner celebs. 

Brad Pitt 

First up on our list is Brad Pit, if you don't already know, Pitt is a famous American actor that is best known for his role in the movie Fight Club. He was also recently in the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and previously starred in the zombie movie World War Z. Pitt is very forthright about his love for weed, you can find plenty of him smoking a blunt on set. Pitt is also extremely proud of his joint-rolling abilities, even going as far as calling himself an artist 

Miley Cyrus 

Miley Cyrus is a singer, songwriter, and former Disney star. She is quite possibly weed’s biggest supporter, and she has mentioned that it is the best drug on earth. On top of this, she has been known to wear full marijuana costumes to concerts where she performs at. If she was to have a favorite Fat Buddha Bong, we think it would be this bong. But check out our whole bong collection to choose for yourself.

Snoop Dogg 

Snoop Dogg, aka Snoop Doggy Dogg, is a rapper, media personality, and stoner. Snoop Dog is often referred to as the highest guy on earth, he smokes as much as 81 blunts per day. This is roughly a blunt every 12 minutes (good luck trying to top him). Snoop never does a set sober and lives and dies by the blunt. Nowadays, snoop has even gotten his hands in the weed business and sells some of his own. Additionally, plenty of dispensaries sell strands named after the legend 

Woody Harrelson 

Woody Harrelson, well known for his roles in Zombieland, White Men Can't Jump, and The Hunger Games series has said himself that the feeling of marijuana is pure bliss. Harrelson is mesmerized by the plant's effect and thinks that everyone should experience what the earth has to offer. 

Whoopi Goldberg 

Whoopi Goldberg is another actor to add to the list, she is most known for her roles in The View and Sister Act. Not only is she an actor, but she is also a comedian. Just as it's not surprising that Hollywood is in love with weed, it's also not shocking comedians love it either. The funny friend in the group is always the stoner, so this adds up perfectly. Whoopi Goldberg has also noted that her preferred consumption method is using a pen, she must love the convenience! 

Matthew McConaughey 

Staying in Hollywood, Matthew McConaughey is known to get blazed. The actor himself said that he first coined his famous phrase alright, alright, alright when he was high as a kite. So, if you were looking for a catalyst to spark your creativity then look no further than marijuana… if it works for Matthew McConaughey it can work for you. 

Steve Jobs 

If you're reading this article on an Apple product like a MacBook or an iPhone then you surely know who Steve Jobs is (the founder of Apple). Like McConaughey, Jobs endorses the added creativity that weed can bring you. He is also noted to enjoy edibles the best, and more specifically, pot brownies. 


Rihanna is debatably the most famous singer of the current generation and deservedly so, more importantly though, she too has a big crush on marijuana. She often wears marijuana enthusiasts' outfits and even dressed as the bride of Mary Jane for Halloween. She also has cited her friend and rapper Drake in saying Kush rolled, glass full, I prefer the better things.  

Seth Rogan 

When you think of celebrity stoners there should be two people that come to mind, Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogan. And if Seth Rogan is being mentioned in the same sentence as weed and Snoop Dogg, you know he is a Bonafede stoner. Rogan is an actor that is known for his hilarious comedy movies and within virtually all these movies he smokes weed at some point. He even stars in a movie all about weed (pineapple express). 

Kevin Smith 

Kevin Smith is not as well-known as some of the others on the list, but he should be because he is the one who writes all the movies these actors are famous from. He claims that Seth Rogan was the one who got him to try weed and that ever since then he has been in love. He even claims that he used smoking the herb to stop smoking cigarettes. It gets crazier though because weed saved his life at one point. Kevin had a heart attack (from blockage) and was told that the weed he smoked kept him calm enough to be worked on without having further complications. 

Lady Gaga 

Lady Gaga is a singer and songwriter but she is perhaps equally known for crazy innovative outfits. She uses weed at night both for fun and to help her sleep, a benefit not yet mentioned by the other celebrities on the list. 

Lil Wayne 

Lil Wayne is perhaps the most in-your-face stoner there is. His songs constantly reference the herb, and he is known to smoke blunts during his concerts too. Most importantly though, he uses the sound of a lighter flicker as an intro to all his songs. Plus, along with all the shoutouts to marijuana in his songs, he also headlined the High Times Cannabis Concentrates Cup Show back in 2016. 

Johnny Depp 

Captain Jack, or Johnny Depp, also makes the list of stoners in Hollywood. He prefers bong rips to other consumption methods which seem to be somewhat unique in Hollywood given all the joint lovers. 

Pete Davidson 

Pete Davidson is all the rage lately, getting with everybody's Exes and starting fights with Kanye West. Davidson struggles with borderline personality disorder and he said publicly that marijuana has helped him cope with and manage his condition. 


Celebrities smoke just as much, if not more than the average person. This list is just the tip of the iceberg regarding famous stoners, but it should have covered the basics of all the biggest names. Now you know a few famous people who smoked weed that you can bring up next time you roll up! 


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