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How To DIY Rolling Tray 

For stoners who like to smoke blunts or joints, a rolling tray is an absolute must. A rolling tray is a smoking accessory that gives you a nice flat place to roll up your joints no matter where you are. They also just provide you with a place to keep all your loose materials (weed, lighter, rolling paper, herb grinder). Without a rolling tray, you'd be surprised at how tough it can be to roll up (especially if you're away from home like on a hike). Plus, no matter how good you are at rolling, inevitably there are going to be bits and pieces of herb that spill in the process and it's better to have your mess contained on a rolling tray than have weed all over your carpet or flooring. On top of all of this, rolling trays are also awesome pieces of art. They are often the centerpiece of stoner collections and for good reason, they come in many different designs and can be highly unique. In fact, you can ensure their uniqueness by making your own. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to make a DIY rolling tray.  

What Can I Use as a Rolling Tray? 

Some people aren't into arts and crafts, so before we get into how to make your own, let's first discuss makeshift rolling tray options (if you need one in a pinch). Rolling trays are not complicated accessories, pretty much anything that has a similar shape will work. Commonly used household items include books, magazines, mirrors, plates, frisbees, or a cookie tin cover. All that's important is that you have a large flat surface that you don't mind storing your weed on (bonus if it has curved up edges like an actual rolling tray). 

What Can be Used to Make a Custom Rolling Tray? 

The first and most important step in creating your own rolling tray is picking out the right material. Some of the household items mentioned above will work fine for more simple designs. Specifically, a small cookie tray works great for a DIY tray, they provide a great shape and sturdy base that can handle all the painting and customization.

If you want a more truly authentic rolling tray you can also use a rolling tray mold. This process is much more intensive, but the results can be quite amazing, plus you will have complete authority over the shape and size. 

DIY Rolling Tray Ideas 

Simple Rolling Tray: A simple rolling tray means taking a small cookie tray and making it your own. For this design, you will need a cookie tray, spray paint, epoxy resin, gloves, a brush, measuring cups, popsicle sticks, and something to create patterns with (like stickers or leaves). The first step is to spray your whole tray with a color of your choice. After this, lay down a coat of epoxy and wait for the paint to dry (48 hours). Next place your stickers or leaves down on the tray and put on another layer of epoxy. That's it, just wait another 24 hours or so for it to completely harden. 

Glitter Rolling Tray: The glitter rolling tray is a slightly more detailed version of the simple rolling tray. You will need all the same materials plus glitter powder and a space to work in that you don't mind getting dirty. The steps are mostly the same as the first rolling tray, but it's important to note that you should pour the glitter on after you apply the first layer of epoxy resin. Also, keep in mind that glitter is probably going to get everywhere so be prepared for a mess. 

Resin Rolling Tray: If you want to get artsier, a resin rolling tray is a fun way to do just that. For this tray, you will need a rolling tray mold, resin and resin hardener, resin pigment ink, gloves, cups, brushes, a heat gun, mica powder, and photos or stickers for décor. To make a resin rolling tray you first need to create a colored resin with the above materials (mix everything into the cup) and then pour it into a mold of whatever shape you like. You must then wait 48 hours for the mold to dry without a heat gun or 24 hours if you use a heat gun to speed up the process. Once you have your mold, carry on decorating with paint, stickers, and epoxy just as you would in the other designs. 

Is Making a Rolling Tray Worth it 

Whether or not a rolling tray is worth it depends on how much you value having a unique accessory. If you are simply asking if it is worth it monetarily or if making your own rolling tray is more economical, then the answer is probably no. Rolling trays aren't that expensive to begin with, and the cost of all the materials plus your labor will surely outprice a decent rolling tray bought online.

That said, most people place a high value on the experience of making it and the uniqueness of the product once it's done. It can be a really fun time to make a rolling tray, you can even invite some buddies over and all make your own (maybe while smoking a joint). 

Another thing to keep in mind is that nobody else will have the rolling tray that you do. This will make your rolling tray a great conversation starter if you ever find yourself smoking with some new friends. Also, who knows, if people really like your designs then they might make great gifts. You could even go one step further and sell your custom rolling trays on an online shop like Etsy. 

If you're willing to give up some of the creative aspects, people will pay big money for you to make them a custom design. The point is, while it might be a little cheaper to buy a rolling tray from the store, there is immense value in creating your own and being able to do whatever you want with the design. 

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