What to do When your Partner Doesn't Smoke

what to do when your partner doesn't smoke

Partner doesn't smoke? Read this. 

Does Pot Ruin Relationships if One Partner Doesn't Smoke? 

It may feel like because you smoke and your partner doesn't that your relationship is doomed, but that isn't necessarily the case. Every relationship is different and so while for some smoking weed can be a very big problem and point of discussion, for others it is never even brought up.

Considering you're reading this article, it's more likely that smoking weed has become a topic of interest in your relationship, if that's the case you're in the right place. This blog gives countless tips about how to date someone who doesn’t smoke weed.   

How Can I Talk with My Partner About Weed? 

It might sound silly, but if you are a true stoner and weed plays a prominent role in your life then it's important to bring that up with your partner.

Communication is everything in relationships and it's no different when it comes to weed. Sit down and ask some questions to your partner about smoking weed. Is it against their religious convictions, do they just believe a stigma about weed, have they had problems with weed in the past?

Depending on the answer to those questions, you may or may not be able to overcome the issue. A religious conviction is going to be a lot tougher to work around than someone who just needs to be educated to get rid of a silly stigma.  

A common issue is that your partner is against smoking in general and not just smoking weed. If this is the case then perhaps edibles would be a good compromise. That way you still get to be high, and your partner doesn’t have to worry about any of the health concerns that come with smoking.

The point is that there are lots of scenarios where simply sitting down and talking can help you two to solve the issue (or at least come to realize that it's an issue that can't be resolved). Communication is key, so buckle up and have the stoner talk with your significant other.  

Tips For Dealing with A Partner Who Doesn't Like Weed 

Sometimes even after talking it can be tough for your partner to accept dating someone who smokes weed. So here are some tips for how to deal with a partner who doesn't like weed. 

1 Before Looking at Your Partner, Look at Yourself 

Before you go and blame your partner for being ridiculous, really ask yourself if your weed smoking will be a problem for your relationship. Ask yourself how often you rip your bong and if your smoking habits will ever impede you from being a good boyfriend/girlfriend. If the answer is yes, then spare your partner the troubles and move on.  

Keep in mind that everyone works differently and so the question of how often you smoke isn't always the most important one. What's more important is if you exhibit the stoner stereotype that your partner doesn't like. What that probably means is- do you sit down and play video games or watch movies every time you're high? For some people that really is the case, for others though they can be high and still be quite productive.

If you are a productive stoner, you can worry less about how much you're smoking since you will still be able to do all your duties that being a good boyfriend/girlfriend requires. 

 2 Acknowledge Your Partner 

Make sure to acknowledge what they're saying rather than brush it off and chalk it up to them being wrong. If they tell you about a stigma towards weed they have, take it seriously and dig deep to figure out why (ask about their upbringing and past experiences).

This will be much more helpful in getting rid of that stigma or finding a compromise than simply calling them stupid. And most importantly, if you get do find yourself at a point where you think what they're saying is stupid, don't do it.

Take a deep breath and let them know that you hear what they're saying but believe they're misguided.  

3 Invite Your Lover for A Smoking Session 

It's possible that your partner has this stigma or hatred for weed because they don't know what it's like. It can't hurt to invite them to try it. In a best-case scenario, they say yes and enjoy it, if this happens you not only solved your problem but also found a new smoking buddy. Just make sure you are using a nice piece they will have a good experience with.

You no longer just be the boyfriend (or girlfriend) who smokes weed, you will now be a couple who smokes weed! Even if it never happens again you will get the bliss of being able to tell your friends that you smoked a blunt with your girlfriend. Plus, on the flip side, the worst that could happen is they say no.

Or maybe they even try it and don't like it (doubtful but it's a possibility), even if this happens it's not like things have really gotten worse, they already disliked it. Give it a try and ask your partner to smoke weed just once before they make a supreme judgment about it. Understand that dating someone who smokes weed can be puzzling if you’ve never tried it yourself.  

4 Educate Your Partner About the Benefits of Weed 

Although your partner might only think about the drawbacks of weed, there are also many benefits and it's important that they understand those too. For example, weed can have a very calming effect for some people, if you're someone that struggles with anxiety this is a huge benefit for you and your partner should know about it.

Weed is also a great pain reliever, if you're using weed to cope with an injury or chronic condition let them know. Another common benefit is boosted creativity, maybe it will spark your next great idea or change the way you think about something. Just take a rip of something small like a hand pipe, and sit back and let the creative ideas flow.

Marijuana has countless benefits that your partner should know about if you want there to be a chance that they start accepting that you smoke weed. Rather than just angrily exclaiming “my husband won’t stop smoking weed” to her friends, your partner will be able to explain that you smoke weed because of the countless benefits it offers.   

5 Accept That There's Things About Each Other That You Will Never Like 

No relationship is perfect, there's more than likely always going to be something your partner does that bothers you. There is probably something that they do that bothers you equally as much as your weed smoking. Your girlfriend might want you to stop smoking weed but you might want them to stop eating in bed.

If both of you come to realize that neither of you is perfect and that there is always going to be things that bother each other you will be in great shape. You can still have a wonderful relationship without it being perfect, perfect is the enemy of the good! 

 6 It's Not Always About the Stigma 

An outdated stigma is not the only reason a partner won't let/dislikes that you are smoking weed. Realize that there are some legitimate reasons to dislike your partner smoking weed. One example of this would be if your partner works in a government job or the legal field and they aren’t allowed to be around cannabis.

This is often a dealbreaker and it's not the case that your partner is ill-informed or being silly, they have a legitimate career barrier that makes it the case they can't have a weed-smoking partner.

Maybe your partner has little kids that they don't want to be exposed to weed or a weed smoker at their age. Whatever the case, there are some legitimate reasons to not have a weed-smoking partner. If you're unlucky enough to have a partner with a legitimate reason, it's more than likely that you will have to be the one to make a sacrifice if you want to stay in the relationship.  


In today's day in age, the problem of your partner disliking weed is becoming rarer. That said, plenty of people still face the problem of having to deal with a partner who doesn't like marijuana and it's not an easy one. Constant and good communication is the key to resolving the issue, as it often is. Hopefully, the tips given in this guide will help with that communication process and offer some valuable insight into how to navigate this tricky situation.  


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