What is the difference between dab and herb

What Is Better Between Dab and Herb?  

Dabbing is the newest and hottest way to smoke these days but what really is it? Dabbing refers to the smoking of concentrate through heating it up in a rig usually with a butane torch or enail. Herb is just the normal flower that you’re used to seeing around. Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages are very in how you smoke it, how much it costs, and how it affects your high. Concentrate that is used in dabbing on dab rigs may take different forms than your typical bud or herb but concentrate is just another form of the same initial substance. 


Dabs and herbs may seem like very different things, but they are essentially the same product but in different forms. Concentrate may come in many different forms like oil, wax, or crumble but they are all the same thing. Dry flower is the start of both products, once it has been picked and then dried, it becomes dry herb. Which is typically consumed out of bongs, or hand pipes That is the bud you’re used to seeing and it is immediately ready to be smoked. Dry herb can be vaped as well as hit in a bong, bubbler, pipe or joint. Many of the concentrates are made using solvents like butane. Some people fear the health consequences of these solvents, but all concentrate should have any solvent be evaporated off before it is sold to consumers. There are also concentrates that don’t use solvents and instead use water extraction if you’re worried of the health effects. Concentrate used in dabbing is essentially the same thing as bud but in a different form.  


One of the biggest differences between dry herb and dabs is the way these two look. Concentrate can take many different forms like shatter, crumble, wax, oil, water hash, and rosin. These can be made using different solvents like CO2 or butane. For instance, oil is created using CO2 and crumble is made using Butane. Whichever type of concentrate you choose; it is going to be the densest form of dry flower that you can find on the market. Dry flowers just come straight from the plant. It can come in different textures and subspecies. Dabbing concentrates are also much less fragrant and can be stored in smaller containers. Smokers who like to keep a low profile about their smoking habits have moved to dabbing because of this. Dabbing is much easier to smoke without smell and well as store without smell and can be a great solution if you have roommates or neighbors who are bothered by the smell of the much more potent dry herb. Although the differences from seeing the wax form from dabbing and dry herb can look very different, they both come from the same base flower. 


The main reason people are switching from dry herb to dabs is because they perform different functions. You smoke them in different ways, and they affect you in different ways too. Dry herb has 15 to 30 percent psychoactive THC. This means that only 15 to 30 percent of the dry herb you’re smoking is the stuff that will get you high. Concentrate, named appropriately, is usually between 75 and 95 percent psychoactive THC. This means that concentrates like wax are far more potent than dry herb and will get you much higher with a smaller amount then dry herb. In order to take dabs, you’ll need a couple of tools. You’ll generally need a rig and some kind of banger to put the concentrate in. You usually put the concentrate in the banger and heat it up using an enail or a butane torch to heat it up. Once the concentrate is heated to a consistent level it will start to vaporize and then you inhale that vapor. This may seem like a lot of work, but this concentrate will get you much higher and quicker than the dry herb. If you are a novice dabber or even smoker then make sure you are careful because concentrate will get you much higher at a lot less smoke, then you must be accustomed to. 


Another main reason people switch from dry herb to dabs is because of price. When you compare the potency of concentrates to dry herb, dabs are usually considerably cheaper than dry herb in terms of psychoactive purity. Also, it is important to acknowledge that when you smoke dry herb you can waste around 55% of the psychoactive ingredients. Dabs are much more efficient and don’t waste as much of the psychoactive ingredient. In the long run, concentrates for dabbing will be much cheaper than buying dry herb. Remember that you will need new gear in order to take dabs so factor those into your purchasing decision. If you like smoking dry herb, don’t feel bad, you should do whatever makes you most comfortable even if it costs you a few more dollars. 


The most important thing to remember between dry herb vs dabs; do what makes you the most comfortable. Dabbing and concentrates come in a lot of different forms, all are more potent than the dry herb you’re used to. In order to take dabs, you’ll need to get a new rig and a banger. Quartz bangers are the best and most innovative types of bangers if you are looking to get into dabbing. If you’re used to smoking dry herb, then make sure you are careful when taking dabs because your tolerance may not be as high as you think it will be. If you’re looking to maybe smoke more incognito, then dabbing might be your best bet because it is less fragrant and can be stored in smaller containers. Dabbing can also be much cheaper than dry herb and investing in a new rig and banger can lead to saving money on getting high in the long term. Whichever you choose, make sure you’re safe and you have a good time getting high. 


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