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Good Ice Bongs for Smooth Rips 

A quick and easy way to make your bong rips smoother and less harsh on your lungs is to fill up the water pipe of your bong with ice. Using ice in your bong can make your smoke sesh anxiety-free without the fear of chest pain or coughing fits. If you want to put ice in your bong, you will need to get yourself a bong with an ice catcher in the neck. There are hundreds if not thousands of bongs with ice catchers available across the internet. Below we will break down the top 5 best ice bongs that will give you the smoothest pulls. 

1 – 15” Honeycomb Perc Straight Tube Bong 

This is the perfect bong if you’re a beginner or just getting into ice bongs. It has a simple design and is well made and durable. The percolator is very close to the bottom so not much water needs to be used. This bong can hold a lot of ice because of the ice catcher sitting directly above the percolator. Combining the percolator and the ice in your bong will result in smooth cooling inhales that will leave you high and happy. The bong is made with thick durable glass and will be a long-lasting bong on your smoking journey. The bong has a female 18 mm joint that will fit with any 18mm male bowl perfectly. If you’re just getting into bongs and ice bongs then this is the perfect ice bong for you.

2 – Double Matrix Beaker Bong

The issue of melting bong ice will be a very familiar problem to those with ice bong experience. If you’re new to ice bongs then you should know that when the ice melts in your bong it can cause dirty water to raise with the smoke and get into your mouth. This is one of the most common reasons people stop using ice bongs and the 16” Coil Perc Beaker will solve that issue. It has a full splash guard that will block any water from getting into your mouth on an inhale. This means you can rip this bong as hard as you want, and you don’t have to worry about anything. If you are ripping this bong that hard make sure to fill the available space with ice to make those hits smoother and cooler. You can’t fit as much ice in this bong as some of the others on this list so make sure to pack it completely with ice. This bong is definitely more for the experienced smokers who want long and deep hits from a bong.

3 – 20” Double Tree Perc Straight Tube Bong 

This bong has the smallest amount of space for ice as any of the others on this list. This is due to its short height (only 11”) and because the ice catcher is so close to the mouthpiece. While the hits you get from this bong may not be as cool or icy as some of the others, it will still be very smooth because of its double percolators along the neck of the bong. These double percolators will filter out the smoke and make the hit smoother and even filter out some toxins that could be in the smoke. Additionally, there are slits at the bottom before you get to the two tree percs that will filter out your smoke. With three layers of filtration and ice at the top with the Double Tree Perc Straight Tube Bong, you are bound to get smooth and slightly icy hits for a long time. 

4 – Hydroplated Beaker Bong 

This is arguable the most beautiful bong on this list. It has a great flared mouthpiece that looks good and makes for an airtight seal when inhaling. It is also very good with filtration, its 6-armed percolator is combined with its downstem diffuser to provide smooth hits even without ice. This bong has a donut style ice catcher right above the perc which provides a lot of room for ice in order to have smooth and icy hits. This bong is also under a foot tall but provides more room for ice than some of the other bongs of that height on this list. This is great for anyone who wants a small bong that can be transported easily while also still having a good ice bong. This is made with high quality glass and is very durable. It is also very easy to clean, and its steady base won’t allow it to be knocked over easily. 

5 – Quadruple Percolator Bong

This bong is the most intricate on the list and has a very unique look. There are multiple separated chambers in this bong that serve multiple purposes. There is a massive chamber and a beautiful perc perc. The perc has a rounded top with slits around it which leads to a high level of filtration. The matrix perc is a cylinder with both horizontal and vertical slits that the smoke filters through. The standard ice catcher is located above the percolators and can hold a considerable amount of ice. The bong stands at 15.5” and is the second tallest bong on this list. If you’re looking for a larger bong with considerable cooling power and filtration, then this is the best one for you. 


Finding the right ice bong for you can be hard because there are unlimited options. The most important that an ice bong can do is provide you with smooth and icy hits. There are plenty of ice bongs that can do that but the aforementioned 5 are the best options on the market today. These are the best ice bongs that also provide filtration and look good. If you’ve used an ice bong before and you are worried about splashback then use the Coil Perc Beaker for your intense rips. If you’re a beginner then use the classic straight tube bong to ease your way into the ice bong lifestyle. Whatever one you choose, make sure to pack a nice bowl and enjoy your much need smoke sesh. 


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