is a Bubbler or bong better

How To Find The Best Bubbler Or Bong For You 

There are so many different ways to get high nowadays and knowing which one is right for you can be difficult. Even in just the smoking of weed there are many different ways, between joints, bongs, bubblers, dabs etc., there are so many options to choose from. Bongs and bubblers usually get thrown into the same category due to their similarities but there are actually pretty big differences between the two. While both come in various sizes and shapes bong are generally larger and have a more intricate design. The differences can seem inconsequential to a lot of novice smokers but if you are looking to get into the bong or bubbler game, you’ll need to know which method will be better for your lifestyle. Either one you choose, if you have some good bud then you’ll be sure to get a great high. 

The Difference Between Bubblers and Bongs

Between bowls, dabs, bongs and bubblers there are many different ways to smoke weed, but which one is the best for you? Bongs and bubblers a lot of times are thrown in together in this conversation as one thing but there are actually a lot of differences that can affect which one you should choose for your lifestyle. Bongs are generally bigger than bubblers in both size and amount of smoke per hit. Bongs have a separate bowl, and the stem is long and vertical. This allows customization with different bowls and pieces, and you can even add a percolator if you want to. The large space between the bowl and the mouthpiece in a bong allow for larger hits and a more immediate high than a bubbler. This large chamber also allows for you to pass one rip between 2 or 3 people if the initial hitter doesn’t finish it all. Bubblers provide smooth hits just like bongs, but the hits are much smaller because there is not as much space between the bowl and the mouthpiece. Bubblers also have no additional pieces necessary, as everything you’ll need is built into the bubbler unlike bongs which require an attachable bowl. Although bubblers and bongs are similar these differences can drastically affect how much you enjoy your high. 


The main difference between bubblers and bongs is the size of them. For some smokers the size doesn’t matter but if you’re low on storage space or want a more incognito way of smoking then the size might play a large part in which one you choose. Bubblers are smaller, easier to transport and quieter than bongs. Meaning if you usually smoke at someone else’s place or have limited storage space or if you don’t want people to know your smoking than a bubbler might be your best bet. The other main difference is how hard each of them hits. If you’re smoking alone and a novice smoker than a bubbler might be better because the hits are smaller and won’t get you s high per hit. Bongs are great for a group of 2 to 3 friends because of packed bowl might be enough for 2 of you guys to get a rip. The rips are a lot bigger in a bong so they might be hard to take in one inhale especially if you are a novice smoker. If you’re smoking in a large group with only one device and you are not novice smokers than a bubbler might be for you because you can pass it around easy due to its size and you can all take multiple full hits without getting too high. Whatever one you choose are entirely based on personal preference and your lifestyle. No matter which one you choose you’ll get a great high and be able to show off your new piece of glass. 


Both bongs and bubblers have a water chamber that makes hits smoother and can even filter out toxins. This water also cools down and smoke and can allow you to inhale more smoke without it being harsh or burn your lungs. There are some differences between the bong and the bubbler mostly dealing with the size of the hit. Bongs have large hits because there is simply more space in the bong for the smoke to fill. When you bowl the bowl off and inhale the smoke there will be more and the bong will allow you get to get higher faster. The bubbler has smaller hits but because of the size the smoke is more compact usually leading to the hit having a better taste. The taste is much more evident because the smoke is more compact, so if you really like the taste of your bud then the bubbler might be for you. Bongs also have more add on attachments that can make the hits smoother. Adding something like a diffused ash catcher can make hits even smoother in a bong. Adding ice can make your bong even cooler and allow you to take bigger hits. If you’re a beginner and you want to smoke without getting caught, then a bubbler is probably the best choice for you. If you are an experienced smoker and trying to step your game up than a bong might be best for you. 


When looking to make your final decision on either getting a bong or bubbler, there are a few other things to take into consideration. Bubblers are generally cheaper than bongs because they are smaller and less complex. Additionally, bongs have additional pieces like bowls that are added and are a separate cost than just the bong. Another thing to consider is the cleaning of both of bongs vs bubblers. Bongs are usually easier to clean because they can be broken apart into different pieces. Bubblers do not disassemble in any way and can be more difficult to clean. Bubblers also need to be cleaned more often because of their smaller size. Bongs can also have add-ons like a dry or diffused ash catcher that can make bongs extremely easy to clean. 


Whichever decision you make, bong vs bubbler, there will be certain advantages and disadvantages for both. If you are an inexperienced smoker or someone who wants to smoke incognito than a bubbler is a great choice. If you want something to smoke with friends at a party and get really high, then a bong is just for you. Whichever you choose, it’s all up to personal preference. Both will get you high and neither are objectively up to each other, it’s all up to you. 


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