Grinders To Crush The Daily Grind Of 2022 With

best grinders of 2022

The Best Grinding Grinders of 2022 

Grinders are the most essential marijuana accessory and for good reason, they bring about smoother more even hits. Pretty much anyone who has smoked weed more than once has heard of a grinder and probably has one, it’s that necessary. Of course, it is possible to go without a grinder (you would have to crush up the weed with your hand), but the enjoyment of your smoke session will take a big hit. Let’s face it, machines are more consistent and just plain easier than doing the old-fashioned way of using your hands. With that said, not all grinders are the same and it’s important for you to know what to look for when buying one. This guide will go over everything you need to know about grinders including what to look for.  

What to Look for in a Weed Grinder 

While different people have different preferences and some traits of one grinder might be a positive to one person and a negative to others, there are a few general characteristics of a good grinder that are pretty indisputable.   

More Chambers, More Options 

While a typical two-chamber grinder works just fine, a grinder with additional chambers works even better. The added chambers will allow you to get a much wider variety in how fine you grind your weed. In turn, this will give you a huge array of different highs, play around with the chambers and get a different high each time. Plus, on top of this, some people are really into kief, so getting a grinder with a kief catcher might put you on to newfound love. Kief is much more potent than standard marijuana, so it is especially useful if you’re someone who has developed a tolerance or is looking for a more intense high.  

Look for the Teeth 

Make sure the grinder you are considering has good teeth, which is what is doing the actual grinding process. This doesn’t just mean looking for a grinder with as many teeth as possible, too many teeth can actually grind your weed too fine and ruin your high. On the flip side though, a grinder with too few teeth will leave your weed too thick and bulky and this means you won’t get an even burn. Ask a fellow stoner to come with you and help you determine what the appropriate number of teeth is, it might even be helpful to take a picture of his favorite grinder with you. Lastly, it is obviously important to make sure that you are buying a product that is in good condition, including its teeth. You can ensure this by buying from reputable brands and by looking at reviews.   

Material Matters 

As just mentioned, material and quality matter. The best grinders are made from metal- most are made from aluminum but there are also stainless-steel grinders and zinc grinders too. Plastic grinders are also a thing but it’s best to stay away from those as their teeth often break after minimal usage. The reason some people opt for plastic is that they are cheaper than metal but cheeping out is not a good idea when it comes to grinders. Besides, grinders are relatively inexpensive so even a nice one won’t break the bank. Lastly, because cheap plastic grinders don’t naturally carry the visual appeal that metal ones do, they often finish their products with a coat of paint. This is bad because the paint can chip off into your weed which you are soon going to be inhaling.  

Grip is Important 

It should be no surprise that grip is important for an object that you are going to be constantly torquing. You should be able to easily hold your grinder while you use consistent force on it, otherwise, it will be too difficult to use, and you will just end up using your hands again. You don’t want to buy a grinder if you aren’t going to use it. The grip isn’t necessarily a huge concern for everyone, some people have great grip and will have no trouble with any grinder, but most people aren’t like this and so you should at least consider how the grip feels when looking for a grinder.  

Don’t Be Afraid to Splurge 

Like we said in the beginning, grinders are the best and most important accessory a stoner can have. You are probably going to be using this device each and every time you smoke, so don’t just go with the cheapest grinder you can find and call it a day. On top of the added chambers, greater variability in highs, and extra safety that more expensive grinders provide, they may also actually save you money in the long run. Grinders get used a lot, and cheap ones can break fairly quickly, this means you may end up buying four or five cheap grinders when you could have just bought one more expensive one.  

Top Grinders at Fat Buddha Glass 

Buying a grinder from Fat buddha glass will ensure that you are getting a quality product no matter what you purchase. With that in mind, here are a few of our favorite grinders for you to check out.    

Sole Stash Illuminati Yellow 

Are you the type of stoner that constantly talks about conspiracy theories every time you light up? If so this is the perfect grinder for you. Plus, this grinder is huge, standing at 4 inches tall it can hold a whopping ½ oz of flower.  

T=HC2 Grinder 

This grinder is not only a play on Einstein’s theory of relativity, but it’s also full of amazing features. This grinder has a double pollen screen, comes with two mini scrapers, and has extra sharp teeth to easily cut through even the strongest herb. 

2.25-inch Metal Herb Grinder 

This grinder keeps it simple with its sleek aluminum material being both very functional and aesthetically pleasing. And if you want tons of chambers to ensure that you waste virtually no herb then look no further. This grinder contains 4 layers to ensure you get every last drop out of your weed.  


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