Mother's Day Gifts for Stoner Moms
Stoner Mothers day gifts

Stoner Moms Deserve The Best Gifts 

Mother's Day is right around the corner, it's time to find your mom that perfect gift and spend the day with her. If you happen to have a stoner mom, then a weed-related gift makes perfect sense. Throughout the last few years, the stigma around weed has decreased significantly, making it less taboo to give marijuana-related items as gifts as well as making it easier to find those items in stores and online. Because of this, weed gifts have risen sharply in popularity, and with Mother's Day coming up it's something you should consider. Keep reading to learn more about what you can get your mother for her special day. 

Who is a Stoner Mom? 

Stoner moms are all over and way more prevalent than it may seem. Your mom might be a stoner mom without you even knowing. At the very least, most moms out there have had their fun times with weed now and then. If you're unsure if your mom smokes weed often then just ask, you might get lucky and hear some crazy stories from back in her younger days. 

Some moms are very openly stoner moms, especially recently, and this makes it easy. If this is your mom then you would know, and if you're reading this article there's probably a good chance that you do have a proud stoner mom. Stoner moms are awesome, they know how to have a great time and make the best food around. If you've never had a stoner mom cooking you're missing out, it is truly on a different level and definitely satisfies your munchies. Stoner moms are especially awesome when they often smoke with you, there's nothing like family smoke sessions. 

Stoner Moms are Special 

While they are growing in popularity, stoner moms are still somewhat rare, and this makes them extremely special. Not many people get to have a cool mom that they can smoke weed with. At one point in time, it was ideal for your mom to simply tolerate the idea of weed, let alone enjoy it. Having a mom that enjoys weed is truly a blessing, don't forget that! And if your mom doesn't smoke weed, ask her if she has ever tried it, it's entirely possible that she hasn't. And who knows, maybe if she does give it a try then she too will become a stoner mom.  

Why Should you Get Your Stoner Mom a Weed Gift? 

Every year moms consistently get flowers or chocolate for Mother's Day, and while these are great gifts they can get a bit repetitive. Be more original and get her something she has never been gifted before. It's probably unlikely that your mom has ever been gifted a weed gift before, and this is unfair to her if she is a stoner mom and enjoys weed! A weed gift is also something that she may use for a long time, much longer than any flowers or chocolate will last. If you get her a nice bong, for example, she could be using it for years to come. And depending on what type of weed gift you get her, you might be able to use it together on Mother's Day and make a memory that'll last a lifetime. Lastly, stoner moms simply love weed, so why would you overcomplicate it and get her something else? 

Types of Weed Gifts to Get Your Stoner Mom 


A bong is probably the best gift you can get your stoner mom unless of course she already has one. Most moms though do not have one, and although it's a mystery as to why it seems like almost all stoner moms use a pipe. And while pipes are great, they deserve to feel the smooth awesome hits that come out of a bong. Plus, a bong is way better than a pipe when it comes to sharing, so if you want to be able to smoke and hang out together you need to make sure she has a bong. It's a bonus if you look for one that is specially themed to something she likes. 


If your mom already has a bong or you would rather go in another direction then consider a grinder. Grinders make your smoke session better no matter which smoking device you're using. Don't make your poor mom use her hands to crush up her bud! Your mom will thank you for giving her longer lasting and more even burns. And if you get a nice grinder then it will likely come with a kief catcher— kief is more potent than typical bud and can be sprinkled on top of your bowl for added potency (mom will surely appreciate this). 

Cleaning Supplies 

Your mom likely spent a lot of time cleaning up after you when you were growing up, now it's time for you to help her clean her stoner equipment. There are a few different directions to go with cleaning supplies, for instance, if she has a pipe then you can get her cleaner bristles and pipe screens. Otherwise, look into what she smokes with and what material it is to figure out what supplies she needs to clean it. If you're unsure then a generic cleaning solution gel should do.  


What better gift is there than weed itself? If your mom already seems to have everything in terms of equipment and accessories then getting her some weed will surely do the trick. Of course, if she does have every weed accessory already then that probably means she already has weed too, since having every weed accessory is pretty unlikely. With that being the case, make sure you go for a unique strand, something that she's never heard of, this way you'll add some value to your gift, and she'll be excited to try it out. 


Mother's Day is here, so don't forget to get your mom an awesome stoner gift. Stoner moms are special, and they are deserving of having the best of Mother's Days. Make sure to appreciate how good you have it too and let your mom know how appreciative you are. And lastly, enjoy your family smoke session with the new equipment you just got her. 


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