What to look for in Dab Rigs 2022

What to look for in a dab rig

What to makes a good Dab Rig in 2022 

When it comes to dabbing, not all dab rigs are the same. Sure, dabbing is always going to be a great time, but only some rigs can take you to the next level of enjoyment. If you aren't familiar with dabbing, it is a method of consuming cannabis that involves inhaling the vapors or concentrated marijuana. Dabbing gets you higher, among plenty of other benefits, if you have the right dab rig that is. This guide will tell you all you need to know about what to look for in the perfect dab rig.  

How Does a Dab Rig Work? 

Dab rigs use convective heating to produce a vapor that still contains every bit of the psychoactive ingredients your concentrate had before it was heated. With traditional smoking methods, like bongs and hand pipes, you use an open flame to heat your bud, and this wastes some of its potency. On top of that, an open flame is much hotter than the temperature that dab rigs use. Because of this, smoking in the traditional way always requires that you inhale smoke as opposed to vapor, which can be harsher on your lungs and throat. 

Dab rigs use what's known as a "nail" to heat concentrates. The nail is first heated up by using a blow torch. A common marker for when to stop heating is when the nail starts to change colors. After the nail is heated, the concentrates are placed onto the nail to be heated and turned into vapor. Then you can just inhale through the mouthpiece like you would with any other pipe. 

What to look for in a dab rig 

Mouthpiece Size 

When it comes to mouthpieces', size does matter. And while this might lead you to think that bigger is better, it is the opposite in this case. A small mouthpiece is ideal because it will allow you to capture the most flavor. With dry herb, many people want wide mouthpieces for huge hits but dabbing works differently. In dabbing, the nail allows air to flow at all times (unless you decide to use a carb cap) and so a small mouthpiece is the best choice. 

Rig Size 

Once again size matters as rig size is another important factor for you to consider when looking for a dab rig. Smaller rigs are better for dabbing than larger rigs, which is great because smaller rigs are also cheaper and portable. Smaller rigs are better because they offer increased potency. This is because smaller rigs mean less air and that means more potency (and flavor). 

Water Filtration 

Water filtration is an important feature of dab rigs that cools down vapors so that you don't feel like your pulls are super harsh and rough on your throat. So, make sure that your rig comes with some kind of filtration and cooling system so that you can enjoy your pulls rather than having to inhale super-hot vapor. Water filtration also removes other impurities and produces a cleaner vapor for you to inhale making it healthier. Luckily for you, most dab rigs do come with water filtration so it's not hard to find. Still, there are some rigs without it and those are not recommended. The only time to use a rig without water filtration is if you are packing for a camping trip and need to be as minimal as possible in your packing. 

Types of Nails- Which are best 

Dab nails come in many different shapes and forms and each of them has its perks. It's up to the user to know which one works best for them. 

 Quartz Nail 

The quartz nail is quickly becoming the most popular and it's no wonder why. For starters, Quartz nails are one of the most durable materials, beating out glass and ceramic and tying titanium. It is pretty much impossible to overheat your quartz nail, the temperature that it would take to do so is well above even that of the highest dabs. Aside from durability Quartz is also easy to clean. The downside of quartz is that it doesn't retain heat for as long as other materials. 


Titanium nails, like Quartz, are nearly impossible to break. They too have a temperature resistance that is well above anything that would be used for dabbing. On top of that, titanium is also hard to break from physical force. No matter how many times you drop your titanium nail it will be okay. A titanium nail is so sturdy that it will probably be around longer than your rig. The downside of titanium is that it heats up too quickly which can cause overheating. This is bad because high-temperature dabs are less potent and less flavorful. 


Glass nails are not a great option but nonetheless, they are still an option. Glass is easy to break, both by overheating and by blunt force. If you opt for glass you must be very careful, otherwise, you will be replacing them often. Glass also doesn't heat very well; it takes a long time for it to heat up to the right temperature and it doesn't retain heat for long either. The one good thing about glass is that it is by far the cheapest option. 


Ceramic is like glass and isn't recommended, but it is still a lot better than glass if choosing between the two. When it comes to durability, ceramic too is very fragile and requires extra care to ensure you aren't constantly replacing it. That said, ceramic is much better at heating up and retaining heat than glass. This means ceramic can give you some great dab sessions, the main worry is just how fragile they are. 

Final Thoughts 

Whenever you go to buy a new product of any kind it's always important to make sure you know what to look for, and now you know exactly what to look for in a dab rig. Remember that you want a small rig with a small mouthpiece and water filtration. And when it comes to the nail you're best off with quartz or titanium. Lastly, note that you can ensure good quality by buying from a reputable company and doing some research. Good luck on your search for a new dab rig and have fun dabbing! 


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