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Finding a good smoke spot is imperative for every seasoned smoker. Whether you already have a good smoke spot or you’re looking for a new cool place to smoke, we will break down everything you’ll need to have a great time smoking either alone or with your buds and enjoy one of our glass pipes for the adventure. The best way to find your next best smoke spot is to ask the people around you or just look around in nature. Some of the best smoke spots out there are private but not super claustrophobic. If you can find a nice open area to smoke where you know you or your group won’t be bothered then you are good to go. 

Ask Around 

It can be tough to find local smoke spots near you because it's not easy to google. The best way to find good local smoke spots is to ask around. In order to find the best smoke spots ask your friends or family for a good idea, you can trust them and you’ll know they aren’t just giving out your smoke spot to anyone and everyone. Finding a good smoke spot can be difficult but asking seasoned veterans in your area can be an easy and fun way to get good ideas. If you ask around you might even find some new smoking buddies who can join you at your new spot. Wherever you find, if the seasoned veteran smokers in your area smoke there then you'll be guaranteed to have a good time with some privacy. 

Look in Nature 

If you live somewhere warm or if it's summertime then smoking outside in nature can be a great idea. Smoking in nature brings you closer to the earth and can give you a great high experience. Finding a cool park near you can be a great smoke spot for all of your smoking needs. Making sure wherever you are, you have some privacy because certain parents with their kids might not be fond of seeing you smoke. Like you might not be able to bring one of these massive heavy hitting bongs. But you could use something a little smaller like one of our mini bongs. Going on a hike is another great way to smoke in nature and give you a fun reward after a workout. Also smoking at the top of a mountain can be a great experience because of the beautiful view. 

Make it a Competition 

Making finding a smoke spot a competition between you and your friends can be one of the best and most fun ways to find a new spot. If you grab a few friends and give everyone a week to find a new smoke spot then you’ll have a few new ideas. Once you visit everyone's idea of a great smoke pot then you get together and vote on the best one. That will be your new smoke spot for you and your friends. If you’re up for it then you can add a competitive wrinkle and say that whoever gets the least amount of votes has to smoke out everyone else in the group the first time you visit the new smoke spot. Just be sure to not forget the papers.


As previously mentioned, privacy is key. One of the most important factors in finding a good place to smoke is making sure it's private. The last thing you need when you’re looking for a relaxing high is people walking past you and checking out what you’re doing. For smokers who

deal with anxiety or paranoia, making sure your spot is private is imperative. Make sure wherever you choose, you can have a nice private experience without any wandering eyes. 

Write it Down 

You can find a good smoke spot anywhere in the world. When you’re walking around anywhere make sure you’re on the lookout for a great smoke spot. In order to make sure you’re remembering every good spot you see, start a list. Whether it’s a paper and pencil notebook or just a note in your phone, writing down a list of good smoke spots can lead you to finding a good spot. The biggest thing to remember is to keep an open mind. You never know where you’ll find a good spot so keeping a list of any good spots you see will give you a better chance of finding your perfect spot. 

Build It 

Everyone loves a fun DIY project. If you really can’t find any good local smoke spots then building your own can be a fun project and can give you a great spot. You can always start with a back deck or porch so you have the great benefits of smoking outside. You can build a little shed or something with some great decor and lights to give you the good vibes when you smoke. You can add a bluetooth speaker or a TV to provide some entertainment through music and movies. The best part about building it yourself is that you can customize it to make it whatever you want. This might be a bit more work but it will give you the perfect smoke spot just for you. 

How to Smoke Outside Without Anyone Noticing? 

  1. Smoking in the Woods 

Smoking in the woods is a timeless classic for every stoner. Smoking in the woods gives you those great outdoor vibes while still being private enough so nobody will bother you. Grabbing a few friends and going into the woods will take you back to those 90s days where all you got is good weed and good friends 

  1. Smoking On The Roof Of A Building 

Another great place to smoke is on the top of a roof. If you’ve ever been at a boring event, you know sneaking to the roof to get a good smoke sesh in is one of the best moves you can make. Smoking on top of a roof is very fun because you get fresh air while smoking while also most likely getting a nice view. Smoking on top of a roof in a city is beautiful as you’re getting high and hearing the bustling city below you. 

  1. Smoking In Your Car 

Smoking in your car is another timeless classic. Every stoner out there has gone to an abandoned parking lot with some buddies to get high and chill out for a while. Make sure you choose a parking lot that doesn’t have too many people around so you can make sure you won’t be bothered while you smoke. Also always remember that if you’re going to drive soon after you smoke that whoever is driving can’t be high. Start a designated driver rotation to make sure it's fair and you don’t start any fights between friends. 

  1. Smoking In An Automatic Car Wash 

Smoking while going through a car wash is one of the most fun things you can do. Watching all the cleaning through the window while you go through the car wash will entertain you while you

get high. Remember that you don’t have too much time while you go through the carwash to make sure to smoke quickly. Once again remember that whoever is driving the car can’t be high or else you risk hurting yourself, your friends, or anyone else driving. 

  1. Smoking on a Bridge 

Smoking on a bridge is like smoking on a roof. It’s a fun way to smoke outdoors with some privacy while getting a pretty cool view. Getting high and watching the car go under you or past you can be one of the coolest experiences you can have. 


Finding a good smoke spot can be difficult and finding the perfect smoke spot can be near impossible. Going with one of the classics like the car or roof will always serve you well but finding a cool unique local smoke location can really enhance your smoking experience.


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