How to Make Dabs - The Most Creative Methods Explained

How to make dabs creatively


Creative Ways to Make Dab 


Dabbing is one the most popular ways to smoke these days. It may feel a little new age and can be confusing even for the most experienced smokers. Dabbing is a pretty simple process despite how confusing it might seem. In order to dab, you’ll need a dab rig. A dab rig is a pretty simple glass piece that is very similar to a bong. There are a few important parts of a dab rig which include the nail, downstem, chamber, and mouthpiece. In order to take dabs you heat up the nail of the dab rig and once it is at your desired temperature, you put the concentrate in and inhale the vapor it creates. Dabbing is one of the most efficient ways to smoke and THC concentrate is much more potent than the regular flower you are used to smoking. Dabbing can be a fun new way for experienced smokers to get high and can bring new fond memories of smoking with your friends. 

Types of Marijuana Dabs 

  1. Cannabis Shatter 

Cannabis shatter is one of the lesser-known types of cannabis concentrate and comes in a glass-like substance. The glass-like substance will melt and liquify at a certain temperature. Once you heat your dab nail high enough, the shatter will vaporize and provide you with a great high. Although shatter can be intimidating because of its glass-like substance, it is just as safe and potent as any other kind of THC concentrate. 

  1. Cannabis Crumble 

Cannabis crumble is almost exclusively used for vaping but it can also be added to joints and bowls to make those hits that much harder. Crumble falls apart easily so users have complained that it can be hard to handle. Its consistency is akin to brown sugar or kinetic sand. The benefits of cannabis crumble are that it is highly potent and extremely flavorful which is why people deal with the annoying consistency 

  1. Cannabis Budder 

Cannabis budder is mainly used for making edibles. If you’ve ever had a delicious pot brownie or cookies, it was probably made with cannabis budder. Cannabis budder can be used for smoking or vaping but it's usually less efficient and doesn’t get you as high. Just remember that cannabis budder and cannabutter (butter made using marijuana) are two very different things. Cannabis budder is THC concentrate and is far more potent than regular butter made with marijuana. 

  1. Wax Dab 

Wax dabs are almost the same as some of the other things mentioned but they have a waxy consistency. These are very common and usually come in a bright golden color which can be used in wax vapes as well as in your dab rig. 

  1. Dab Weed

Dab weed is essentially any of these materials that you add to a blunt, bong, or spliff. Be careful if you’re using dab weed in your smoke sessions because these are very potent and if you’re not an experienced smoker then these can get you a bit too high. 

  1. Cannabis Oil 

Cannabis like everything else can be morphed into an oil in the manufacturing process. Cannabis oil is mainly used for vape pens. Vape pens have pre-filled cartridges which are filled with this cannabis oil and then the pen heats up the oil and you vape the vapor the heating process makes. 7. Live Resin 

Live resin is a syrup or molasses type material that can be used for any dabbing needs. It is made by freezing a cannabis plant after it is picked. Freezing it keeps all the good stuff in the plant so it doesn’t lose any potency. 

  1. Rosin 

Rosin is like a DIY project, you can take your hash and use a hair straightener to heat it up. When you put it through a hair straightener, a little honey-like oil will come out. This is the good stuff, this is the THC concentrate that you will then take dabs with. 

How to Make Dabs at Home With Butane 

Making dabs with butane can seem really intimidating but it's actually a pretty simple process. You need to make sure you have N-Butane which can be found at gas stations or from gas supply companies. Once you have the butane you need to pack some weed into an extraction tube, make sure not to pack it too tight or else the butane can’t do its job. Then you just attach a screen to the bottom of the tube and let the butane flow into the tube and let the liquid drip into the dish below. Once you have all the liquid concentrate that has dripped onto your dish, you need to heat it up so you can get rid of the butane. Make sure to not heat it up past 125 degrees Fahrenheit or else it will destroy your concentrate. Also always make sure to keep the butane away from flames because it is very flammable and can be extremely dangerous. 

How to Make Rosin Dabs from Cannabis 

Making rosin dabs from cannabis is one of the easiest ways to make dabs and you might already have the materials needed around your home. The first step is to turn on the hair straightener at its lowest setting which needs to be under 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Then take a piece of parchment paper and fold it in half. Then you place whatever material you have on the parchment paper and heat it with the hair straightener and apply gentle pressure. Once you hear some sizzling that means the process is done and you can stop heating and collect your material from the paper. 

How to Make Dabs with Alcohol Extraction 

In order to make dabs with alcohol, you first break up your bud and place in the oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Then you put the isopropyl alcohol and weed into the freezer for a few hours. Then drain the weed by putting it through some kind of mesh screen. Put it in a warm water bath and then scrape the wax out of the box once the alcohol evaporates.

How to Dab With a Blunt, Joint, and Spliff 

Using dabs in a blunt, joint, or a spliff is very easy. You don’t change how to make them in any way except for the fact that you can sprinkle some concentrate into the rolls before you seal them and smoke them. Concentration can be very potent and can be a little bit stronger than you might expect especially if you aren’t a very experienced smoker. If you’re going to sprinkle some concentrate in, make sure to be careful and not take too many drags. 


Dabbing is becoming wildly popular and if you hang out in stoner circles or if you read blogs online you’ll know it’s become the go-to choice for many smokers. Dabbing is pretty vague and there are many different kinds of concentrates you can use when taking dabs. There is no best or worst option is all just out of personal preference so get on out there and try some different things out and find which one is best for you!


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