How much weed comes from one plant?

Do Weed Plants Create A Lot Of Weed? 


Growing and harvesting weed can be quite confusing. Whether you’re looking to get into the growing business or you’re just curious about the process, this article will break down how much weed you can get from one plant and how to grow the best plant. There are many different extraneous factors when it comes to growing weed and keeping all of them at bay can be a difficult task. If you’re knowledgeable enough, keeping all these things in mind won’t be too difficult and you won't have to worry about them ruining your precious plants. And never forget, that you are going to want a quality bong to match your beautiful plant! Just like anything else, growing a weed plant takes care and love as well as a lot of information on how to keep it alive and thriving. 

What is Yield? (wet vs dry yield) 

Just like any other crop or plant you can grow like wheat, corn, or even fruit, marijuana plants have certain seasonal yields. Each yield will vary because of the different sizes of plants as well as how many buds there are on each plant. Simply put, the yield is how much dried bud you harvest from your marijuana plant. If you need to weigh it, don't forget to pick up a scale. There is also wet yield but this isn’t entirely accurate because buds will lose a lot of weight in the trimming and drying process. Say you have one full ounce of wet yield from your plant than by the time you trim and dry it then you’re looking at about ¼ ounce of dry yield. Make sure to keep this in mind because you smoke the dry yield so don’t get too excited if your wet yield is really high. 

Yield vs Potency 

Another big factor in your weed growing is the potency. Yield is very important because each plant only gets one yield before it dies and you have to plant again but the potency is just as important. Potency is essentially the strength of your weed based on the cannabinoids in the trichomes of the bud. You can have a really high yield but it could be low potency bud making it less valuable or vice versa. Potency is just as important as yield because it determines how valuable and how good your yield really is. 

What to do to Increase your Weed Plants Yield? 

There is a myriad of factors that go into a weed plant's growing success. In order to increase your weed plant’s yield, you have to balance these factors well. You have to balance how much to water them without watering them too much as well as keep the temperature in your growing area temperate. These are pretty obvious but a helpful tip is not packing your weed plants too close to each other because this will restrict how much they can expand. Another helpful tip is to not harvest too early. A lot of weed growers want to harvest as soon as possible because they’re excited about smoking or selling the weed. The key is to be patient and wait until the perfect time to harvest to get the maximum harvest yield per plant. 

Increase Light to Increase Weed Plant High Yield 

How much light your weed plant gets can dramatically change how much it is yielding at harvesting time. Sunlight is a go-to option for many weed growers in warm areas because it's free and is a very powerful light source. However, if you live in a colder area or areas where the sun may be covered by clouds or rain then outdoor growing might not be the best option. Lack of sunlight due to cloudiness as well as freezing cold temperatures can hurt or even kill your weed plant which would lead to little or no yield. If you’re going to grow weed indoors we recommend using LED lights. LED lights are better than incandescent lights or even HPS lights because they’re cheaper to run and they have a low likelihood of burning your plants from too much heat. Whichever you end up choosing make sure your plants are getting plenty of light because a lack of light can hurt your yield. 

Grow Less Cannabis Plants to Get More Weed 

As previously mentioned it is always optimal to just throw as many seeds in a pot as you want. When planting more than one seed per pot, the two plants will share nutrients and one or both plants will eventually be stifled in their growth. This will waste your money on buying seeds and reduce your yield. It is important to give each plant plenty of room to grow or else they won’t grow to their maximum height and yield. Growing fewer plants in a good spatial structure will not only lead to better yields but also save you time because you have fewer plants to worry about. It will also alleviate some of the stress that goes into growing weeds because you won’t be constantly worrying about plants competing for nutrients. 

Best Grow Mediums to Maximize Harvest 

There are multiple different mediums you can use to grow your weed which can affect the yield of each plant. The most popular system is a hydroponic system because it is a very effective way to feed the plants and you can provide the nutrients directly instead of the plant getting it from the soil. These systems can be fairly expensive and can take time to figure out exactly when the plant needs what nutrients most. The other option is soil which can also bring great yields depending on the quality of the soil. The problem is that soil can vary in quality without you knowing what’s good or not. Whichever you choose, make sure you can make the investment in the hydroponic system because of its hefty price tag. 

Choose the Right Weed Strains for High Yield 

Whether you decide to grow your marijuana outdoors or indoors, choosing the right strain can be very important. Do some research on what exact genetic strains are best for your lighting, temperature, and indoor vs outdoor system. There is a wide variety of strains and some grow better in certain conditions than others. The most important thing to remember is that you should choose the strain primarily on what will grow best and not necessarily on what you want to smoke. It can be the best strain in the world but if it doesn’t grow well then it will be a waste. 


Growing weed can be really confusing and seem like a tall task. If you really care about the process and you’re not in it for a quick payout then you will be fine. Every plant needs loving care from its grower and as long as you have that you’ll figure out the rest. If you do everything right then one plant can produce up to a pound of dried weed! Now get out there and grow some weed so you can provide yourself and your friends with some great highs!


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