DIY Filtration Systems for Pipes and Bongs
DIY Filtration Systems for Pipes and Bongs

You may have experienced a cough several times during your smoking sessions. This could be due to the rough and hot smoke coming from the blazing marijuana or particles like ash and cannabis residue in your pipe or bong.

Filtering the smoke in your pipe is imperative for your health and reduces clogging of your smoking apparatus. Filters restrict the passage of ash, cannabis residue, and any other debris that may be harmful to your lungs. They also elevate comfortability in your smoking sessions since they mitigate throat agitation.

You need to replace your pipe filters regularly to make sure that you’re getting full and smooth hits. Rather than purchasing a new one, you can make a DIY filtering system using some locally available materials. Read on to discover the different ways in which you can make a functional filtration system for your bong or pipe at home.

What Materials Should You Use to Make a Functional Filtration System?

Different materials such as metal mesh, steel, aluminum, and paper can be used to make a filter. You should consider the size of your bong/pipe and make sure that the filter works effectively while allowing a seamless airflow. Read on to find out how you can make a functional filter at home using different locally available materials.

Aluminum Foil

Cannabis users have taken full advantage of aluminum foils in making pipe and bong screens. It’s a simple and pocket-friendly innovation since aluminum is readily available at home. However, there are some speculations on whether it has negative effects on respiratory health.

To make a filter using aluminum foil, you should shape it in such a way that it will fit the bowl. Use a toothpick or any other material that can poke holes through the foil. Ensure that the holes are not too big to let in debris. Alternatively, you can fold the foil into a ball and fit it in the pipe in a way that will allow airflow.

Paper Clip

There are times when you are in the house and feel the urge to smoke the herb. However, your pipe filter may need replacement due to clogging or damage. You can fold a paper clip into a spiral shape and fit it over the bowl’s hole. Though it does not offer permanent solutions, you can use it to solve urgent needs.

Paper Clip

A Thin Wet Cloth

This is one of the oldest methods used to smoke out of a hookah. Take a thin cloth and soak it in cold water. Wring it and place it over the mouthpiece of your pipe and inhale the smoke to experience smoother and cooler hits. Make sure your cloth is thin enough to let the smoke through.


It seems crazy, but this is an ideal option to inhibit debris passage into your smoke. Walk around your backyard and collect several small stones or pebbles. Ensure that the stones you use give enough space for a smooth flow of smoke and block off the passage of materials. You should conduct a heat test on the stone you intend to use, as some stones may explode when exposed to high temperatures.

Cannabis Stems

Most stoners associate cannabis stems with low-quality bud. You might think they’re nothing but headache. However, they’re good options for pipe screen materials. So don’t toss them away the next time you find them in your ganja.

Stick some stems into your pipe/bong during your smoking sessions for smooth hits. They are organic materials, meaning they have fewer health effects. However, they require frequent replacements as they are prone to drying out or even burning.

Fresh Leaf

A bowl-sized leaf makes a simple but effective pipe screen. It’s readily available and can help when other options are out of reach. Shape the leaf and fit it into the bottom of your bowl. Then use a pin or toothpick to make small holes where filtered smoke will pass through.

Fresh leaves are recommended in DIY filtration systems as dry ones can break when you’re trying to fit them in. The freshness also makes the smoke cooler, and you can use it in several smoking sessions before you discard it. And most importantly, it does not affect the taste and has zero effects on your respiratory health.

Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is prominent for its adsorbent properties that help eradicate toxicants during smoking. It has been used since the mid-20th century, which proves its effectiveness in filtering out debris. To make a pipe/bong filter, you must have a good hunk of activated charcoal that can cover the gaping hole. It has double functions as it also improves the taste of your smoke. Charcoal is also environmentally friendly.

Activated Charcoal

Toilet Roll

This is a common utility in every household that can switch roles to function as a pipe filter. You need a pair of scissors and a string to make a filter out of a toilet roll.

Cut and fold several pieces and use them to cover the mouthpiece, then use a string to fix it firmly. Avoid using more than four pieces as they may turn out to be extra thick and block the passage of smoke. You can now light up and enjoy your session. Nonetheless, this is a temporary option as toilet rolls are highly susceptible to damage.

The Bottom Line

Cannabis legalization is spreading super-fast around the globe. And as people overindulge in the herb, they forget that scorching their throats with dirty smoke isn’t a requirement to smoking. You can purchase pipe screens from trusted online dealers to filter any debris and toxicants off your smoke. DIY filtration systems have also proven to work well.

There are countless materials that you can use to make filtering systems for your bong/glass. DIY pipe filters require simple materials that you can find locally. You don’t have to spend money on new filters, especially if you smoke regularly. Just remember to use a material that will impose less risk to your respiratory health.

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